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    Who do ATP players think the best looking player? Federer's answer surprises.

    TTW has been posting similar thread very often but I think this is the first one posting about ATP players view point about best looking players among themselves. I was surprised by Federer's answer. I think you will be too.
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    Happy Thanks Giving

    Happy Thanks Giving everyone. I'd like to write as " Thanks Giving" instead of " Thanksgiving". We should all appreciate what our parents did for us all their life- providing clothes, food, place to sleep. When we were sick they took care of us, watching over us day and night. They worried that...
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    Is dog wiser than all the animals on earth?

    I stumbled upon a video clip and I was shocked. A dog was trying to save fish on the ground by splashing water. How does it know that fish need water to live? Who gave it the wisdom? How did it get such compassion? Some of fishes are alive. I was touched by this dog.
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    Samsung finally unveiled Foldable cell phone

    I have been waiting for this phone for a while, and there have been many rumors about this foldable phone for long time. Finally Samsung showed it in San Francisco today. It looks amazing. They didn't show details yet because there are so many copy cats in the world and they try to beat Samsung...
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    This new update has aweful emoji

    I think everyone will agree that new update has bad emojis. Even previous emojis were a lot better than this one. If they cannot install real fantastic emojis, just restore to previous version. Can someone tell the mod to re-update this emojis?
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    Which tennis bag has best zipper?

    I have been using Babolat Aero for 2 years and the zipper is flimsy so it is almost on the verge of breakdown. I owned other bag ( I can't remember the brand) and it had also weak zipper, so zipper was broken. Now I am frustrated with tennis bag with weak zippers. Does anyone know a tennis bag...
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    Three Angels singing Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah

    I have watched so many people singing "Hallelujah" but these 3 girls are singing it so beautifully except one girl. It is so funny to see a judge's reaction but the two girls are singing like angels. They are singing it in three different languages ( Russian, English and Arabic)
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    My neigbor already lighted up Christmas decoration

    My neighbor hired Christmas decoration company and lighted up trees and his house few days ago. All of sudden I felt like holiday mood, and same time I became nostalgic and somewhat saddened because I felt like 2018 has gone already. How do you feel when you see Christmas decoration a little early.
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    The Atlantic ocean has a big problem

    It allegedly started by some irresponsible people who love fishes as pet released Lionfish into Atlantic ocean after they got tired of looking at the fishes. The problem is that there is no natural predator for Lionfish in Atlantic ocean because Lionfish live in Indian ocean. And they reproduce...
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    Do you belive aliens exist?

    There is an interesting news in the Washington Post. It said "A solar observatory in New Mexico is evacuated for a week and the FBI is investigating. No one will say why" Since it is in New Mexico people immediately thought maybe aliens are involved with this story even though an authority...
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    One of the funniest ...

    I saw many Youtube pranks but this one was very well done and hilarious.
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    Funny thing people do

    People will do anything.. One of the funniest videos I saw in youtube.
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    Is anyone enjoying VR ? What kind of headset are you using?

    When Virtual Reality was introduced years ago I was very excited. It came a long way to develop current headsets and it is getting better. I can see from Youtube that VR headsets have been much improved and people are really enjoying games via VR. I am thinking to purchase one of those good VR...
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    Wanted: Volkl V sense V1 pro, grip 1/8

    I am looking for Volkl V sense V1 Pro. Grip size 4 1/8. Please let me know if you want to sell yours.
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    The Voice

    Is anyone watching this tv show? It is now season 14. I like this season better than the others with new power coaches have to block other coaches. If you are following it who do you think will be the winner for this season?
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    Which poly string is arm friendly?

    I'd like to ask about arm friendly poly strings to string experts. Which poly is arm friendly?
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    Andrea Bocelli singing Ed Sheeran's Perfect

    It is so refreshing and amazing.
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    The Magicians VS. The Gifted

    Which one do you like more? I like both shows but I felt the Magicians are more darker so I stopped watching. The gifted is more like X-Men and I am enjoying the shows. What do you think about those shows?
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    Which car paint sealant is the best?

    I was thinking to wax my car, then I found out car paint sealant last much longer. So, I'd like to buy the best sealant for my car. I am thinking one of these two; Klasse High Gloss Sealant Glaze 33 oz. Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant. Has anyone ever used one of these car paint sealants...
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    Has anyone had sports car and raised up its height?

    I recently purchased a sport car. It is really low to ground. I used to drive SUV and I never worried about scraping bottom of the car. But now I worry every single bump on the road. I actually had to change bottom engine cover of my new car after the first day of driving. It was hit and scraped...
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    Anyone bought a car from Copart Auction? Or knows a Broker?

    I am planning to buy a car from auction. I found a Copart and IAAH. Most the Copart items are for brokers or dealers and few of them are for basic members. I am wondering anyone bought a car from Copart. Or if you know a broker I'd like to get connected with a broker. Thanks
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    How to watch region blocked TV show? Any Tech?

    I'd like to watch Amazing Race from other countries. The show I want to see is blocked for American. It said " The content is not available in your country":oops: Someone said in internet to have DNS server, so I got free account in DYNU DNS service but still I cannot see the show. I have small...
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    Amazing Race and Survivor Fan Club

    Hello Amazing Race and Survivor fans, I'd like to introduce the very first TTW Amazing Race and Survivor fan club. I watched all episode of Amazing Race from Season 1 - Season 28. I like to binge watching so I am waiting for current Amazing Race Season 29 to be finished. I watched not only...
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    Internet is buzzing about Elha Nympa singing Chandelier

    I was stumbled onto this young girl's amazing singing voice. There are so many people's reaction about her raw talent.
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    Happy New Year!

    Are you kidding me no one said "Happy New Year" in this forum? I am the first one:p Happy New Year all. I hope you get blessing from God from the very start and finish with great achievements this year.
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    What was your wish when you were young and what is now?

    When I was young I wished to live forever. I was so afraid of dying. I didn't even like to see funeral procession which was dramatic in our village. The family of dead persons have to mourn loud to show how much they loved the deceased family member. The funeral procession goes around the whole...
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    Please Tell Me About Volkl V Sense 10 325G

    I am very interested in this racquet. The specs are just right for me. Did anyone play with or test this racquet? Please let us know your reviews.
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    What is (are) the most difficult song(s) to sing beautifully?

    There are songs even talented singers struggle to sing beautifully. Last night I was watching the Voice and I noticed that even talented singers having difficult time to sing Sia's " Chandelier" I think that is cool song to listen yet many talented singers cannot hit the high note. So they...
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    Planet X Nibiru, Why wouldn't NASA disclose about it ?

    I am wondering why credible source NASA doesn't speak about Planet X NIbiru while many people are talking about it? Is it just conspiracy theory or is it really exist? Don't you want to know about it if it is really exist and coming to earth?
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    Pokemon Go, What did you catch so far?

    Pokémon Go became so popular that even registering is difficult. If you are lucky enough to register and started to catch Pokemon, what did you catch so far?