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    Match Stats/Report - Djokovic vs Federer, Wimbledon final 2014

    Would hardly say it was one sided. Federer was basically one break point conversion away from winning the match at 3-3 in the 5th set. No arguments with Djoko winning though. He was just entering that crazy good phase that would last 2 years. I thought Federer played a great final really. Just...
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    Federer - 56 Career Grand Slam quarterfinals - from winning 16 Championships of 28 to 4 of 28

    Less to do with competition and more to do with it being tougher past the age of 30.
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    What is it that Stanimal has over Djokovic which Roger and Rafa don’t have?

    Yes but some context is missing from those numbers. Nadal was about 5-0 or 6-0 ahead (or something) at the start of their careers. Djokovic eventually got good enough to at least match or better Nadal across the surfaces. Wawrinka 4-4 is notable because Nadal and Federer have generally both...
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    Nadal vs Federer U.S Open 2019 G.O.A.T MATCH

    You've written 3 false statements in there and 3 other things that are completely irrelevant to to the GOAT debate. That's some going for 2 paragraphs.
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    Roger is the easy favorite for the title right now

    50/50 definitely. Nadal is strolling through this summer like it's 2013.
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    Roger Federer has never retired in his career

    Federer's record is to be commended but he's slightly lucky he's never had anything to take him out of a match whether he liked it or not (like Becker's wrist snap at Wimbledon). I wonder whether he might have retired against Raonic had he not already had 2 sets on the board and thought he...
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    Djokovic Matches Federer On 'Big Titles' Leaderboard

    Is this a thing now? I think we should also have a list that includes 500's.
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    At this moment, would you put Djokovic ahead of Nadal?

    Still Nadal but maybe not for longer than another 12/18 months or so.
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    No one is talking about choking Nadal :)

    It's called a percentage play. He made the approach, hit a mediocre one (not great accuracy but it had pace), and Djokovic found the line. More times than not Federer probably wins that point, even against Djokovic. Not a choke. Just bad luck. Everybody gets broken at some point. From 7-7 both...
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    What was it about the TBs

    I'm not sure they think in terms of 'overturning' the rivalry. More..what I can do to maybe win the next big match against him?
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    What was it about the TBs

    Ok fair enough. It was a match full of weird anomalies. Djokovic in the tie breaks was one of them.
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    No one is talking about choking Nadal :)

    Octorok thinks it's Virtua Tennis. You know, just press X, smack it down the line. Job done.
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    No one is talking about choking Nadal :)

    Friday just proves what garbage h2h is. Fed gets one over Nadal in a major and what silverware does he get out of it? F-all.
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    No one is talking about choking Nadal :)

    Correct (for a change).
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    No one is talking about choking Nadal :)

    His standard was ace-ace, then missed by an inch, then was passed by an inch. There's no choke there except in trollsville.
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    Next player to win a slam not named Federer, Djokovic, Nadal

    No idea. But I bet at least 2 of the big 3 are retired.
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    What was it about the TBs

    22-26 is mental issues? So Djokovic is such a poor tennis player that if you don't have a winning h2h against him, you have mental issues? Could it not just be that Djokovic is very very good at what he does?
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    No one is talking about choking Nadal :)

    Spoken like someone who has never played the game in his life. If those are your standards for choking, you're doing a disservice to a lot of pros who play at a very high level week in week out.
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    No one is talking about choking Nadal :)

    Choking is missing an open court or easy put away or something a little ridiculous where your nerves clearly left you. Nothing like that happened in the 8-7 game on Sunday. It just wasn't his day.
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    What was it about the TBs

    Hats off to Djokovic, that's it. Before this, Federer was 8-3 against Djokovic and Nadal in Wimby tie breaks so just had a bad day with them (although Djokovic not missing a ball was more crucial).
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    A Choker can still have a great career...

    They all have their strengths and weaknesses, Bgod. Funnily enough, Federer played a better game at 8-7 than against Nadal to clinch the match on Friday. He did nothing as bad as that overhead against Djokovic. Just got unlucky.
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    In A Perfect World -20 slams each

    I don't know anyone who had Federer favourite for the final. I was shocked by how well he played and shocked by the MP losses. He shocked me in bad and good ways on the same day.
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    Djokovic should feel quite confident now over the Neo Federer challenge!

    Enough about Muller already. It's been 2 years now.
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    In A Perfect World -20 slams each

    Didn't see that one, although my own call for the Nadal match was very much 50/50.
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    What Is The Best Match Federer Has Played and Lost?

    This one for me (although Rome 06 is a good shout). I just couldn't believe his level. And against Nadal on Friday too. Who would have thought a few years back we would ever see Federer come within 1 point of beating Nadal and Djokovic in back to back grand slam matches?
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    In A Perfect World -20 slams each

    First sensible post I've seen you make this week.
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    When the hate towards djokovic began

    Seriously, in reality, the amount of people out there who genuinely 'hate' Djokovic are so few it's really not worth making thread out of it.
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    Novak celebration

    Am I the only person who turns the TV over on match point so I never have to see the opposing player celebrate the win? I don't think I've even seen Nadal or Djokovic celebrate beating Fed lol
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    Better/greater player-Federer in Wimbledon vs Djokovic in AO

    That's extremely incorrect. A run to the final is worth a lot more than anything less. In many ways.