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    Head Prestige Classic 600 and Head Agassi Radical LE

    I have two racquets I'd like to sell as I'll be moving and just don't have space to take these on the flight. 1) Head Agassi Radical LE - Got it from TW when it was first released. Number 0662. Grip size looks to 3/8. I forgot, i'll see if I can dig up the old email. $50 shipped. Strung with...
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    Fs: 2 Head Microgel Prestige Midplus Mg Mp 4 1/4 8.5-9 Out Of 10! Pics!

    I looked for these for the longest time and got a couple on the bay 15 minutes before you posted this ad !!!! Would've preferred to buy it from here.
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    Nike Global Control crew and Generic white polo medium....CHEAP!!!

    I have a Nike Global Control crew shirt, the same as nadal wore in the Aussie's (diff colour and with sleeves)..i think moya wore this colour though. It's size M and a bit too big for me. For that reason , i've only worn this maybe 4-5 times. I'd rate it 9/10! Nikefit. Price: $20shipped...
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    Bosworth Leather Plus + Strings, Shirts : Europe / US

    So, I used to play tennis regularly up to last year and then I suffered a serious injury and had to take a break for a while and I have these remaining I have Bosworth Leather Plus grips. They are replacement grips which are supposed to a feel like leather. I have 6 of them. €10/$15 +...
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    Singapore F1 Grand Prix - night race

    I'm pretty excited for it as well. We'll see how it goes tomorrow. I hope it's a good day for the tifosi.
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    The TT Football Club

    Did anyone watch Watford vs Reading ? What has the refereeing gone to ?
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    has been mentioned about 2011 times on the player resemblance thread.
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    You were playing tennis and you slid sideways. The shoe got destroyed but the good thing is you were okay.
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    Because earlier you had 1 page with most of the stuff, now you have 4 pages in your profile. 1 page = 1/2 ad, 4 pages = 8 ad. So, when you browse someone's profile, earlier if you saw their wall/profile etc you saw 1 ad(on the left side). Now there are 2 ads for each tab, so, when you see...
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    Where I live they show it on TV daily and the news as well. The athletes in the events are amazing.
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    Guys only: best legs and other best female issues

    plus a lot of Photoshop.
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    Someone ****ing Help!!! Barcelona, Spain

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    Mac vs Windows [Merged]

    I'm done here. See ya.
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    Mac vs Windows [Merged]

    Yeah, i know the Macbook Pros are metals but I said Macbooks(the white one, you know), I guess Macbooks don't have the flex protection you were talking about. I won't even go with the trackpad thing anymore.
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    Mac vs Windows [Merged]

    That's what I've been trying to say, he doesn't want to agree.
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    Mac vs Windows [Merged]

    Not the two finger tap, not the two finger touch and right click, just a second button. It's not the different ways you can do it, you maybe able to do it in 15 ways, you said they come with two buttons when they don't. And all the made of metal things, does that apply to Macbooks as well ?
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    Mac vs Windows [Merged]

    I didn't say it couldn't use three fingers. I'm just saying they don't have a 2 button trackpad which you claimed and asked the other user to try again. It's the right clicking function that the 2 button trackpad does(the second button does it , and no i'm not talking about control clicking). If...
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    The TT Football Club

    Beckham is on for the last 10 odd minutes.
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    Mac vs Windows [Merged]

    Two button trackpads, when did they come up with that ? Care for a picture ? Last time I checked , like 1/2 minute ago, they still didn't have that.
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    The TT Football Club

    I know. He looks like the only one right now who wants to play. He comes on and saves Capello the same thing McLaren faced last year. Well by about 6 minutes. And, they dropped Beckham again. He atleast shows heart in an English shirt. Heskey looks happy to play again for England. Anyways, 2...
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    The TT Football Club

    Ok, now it's 2. Both from Cole.
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    The TT Football Club

    Why do they not start Cole (joey)? Show some heart !
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    Roddick on Djokovic

    Totally dude. I agree with you. What a bummer that people are picking on Djokovic. Novak 'Angel' Djokovic never made fun of anyone or imitated anyone. How can they do this to Djokovic? Leave Djokovic alone.
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    Do you think Roddick has a legitimate shot at winning the open?

    Hasn't Roddick beat all 3 this year? nadal , djokovic and federer? Didn't he also beat Djokovic and Nadal in the same tourney? If he's still in the draw, he has a chance. Even Fish has a chance.
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    Djokovich conceded point, gained respect.

    Yeah. I saw that as well. That was nice. The score was 40-0 at that point and maybe he though the point wouldn't do him that good. But still, that was a nice gesture.
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    Your favourite sportsmen/women outside of tennis

    But they're now playing the other spinner, what's his name ? Samit ? with him in ODI and Monty in tests, I don't think England can afford a pure glovesman. England dropping Read and Hoggard has to be 2 of the worst drops ever. They have to sort this thing out. The keeper situation has been...
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    Finally - clinical study proves abstinence works!

    Brilliant. A nation acts on the action of a 17 year old lad. Good god!
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    Roger Federer v. Igor Andreev

    Oh commentators, could you please not talk ? Get over it, it was just a challenge.
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    Weakest ATP number 1.

    He didn't become number 1. I think he got upto 2 or 3. Seriously, Rafter ? Safin ? Muster ?