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  1. astronautzor

    Intense USO so far!

    And i like it! Nadal saving a child from a manic crowd, Djokovic going Liam Nesson on hecklers, Federer saying "I´ve heard this **** to often", Kyrgios starting early with his outbursts, Medvedev going all in on USO crowd Djokovics crazy draw, possible Kyrg Nadal match, A Djo-Fed rematch.. all...
  2. astronautzor

    Did Federer meet or exceed your expectations on clay?

    Asking Fedfans, how would you rate his Clay performance?
  3. astronautzor

    who's worse at slams, Kyrgios or Zverev?

    Both are stinking bad, I give it to Kyrgios even though he has 1 more QF, he only got a winning record in 2 out of 4 slams:laughing::laughing::-D:-Do_Oo_O and a slightly lower WIN%
  4. astronautzor

    Big 4 H2H chart through the years

    Federer Longest positive run 2014-2015, Longest negative run 2008-2009, Highest net gain 2017 +4, Highest net loss 2013 -7 Djokovic Longest positive run 2013-2016, Longest negative run 2006-2010, Highest net gain 2015 +11 Highest net loss 2010 -5 Nadal Longest positive run 2006-2010...
  5. astronautzor

    2015 was in no way a weak era

    2014 GS winners Cilic Wawrinka Djokovic Nadal So the GS winners of 2014 become relevant in the 2015 season, so if they miss or don´t play = 2015 becomes weaker But all of them played problemless, except Nadal. But then you have Federer who played way better than in 2014, so that evens out...
  6. astronautzor

    Lets talk "Age"

    Some decline in their 20s, some peak at 30+.. some retire early, some retire late. Whatever you lose entering your 30s, you can gain so much more, Tactical play, Anticipation, Mentality, Accuracy Sure,you decline in a 100m sprint from when you are 25 to when you are 35. But a lot of other...
  7. astronautzor

    Fed 1-7 Djodal in GS-HC matches since 2010.

    Any reasons for this? Please do not mention age, it´s not like Federer went from 28-29 to mid 30s by himself, Djokovic/Nadal aged older too... Besides the only reason it´s not 0-7, is because Federer won Nadal as a 35 year old. Discuss
  8. astronautzor

    Djokovic 8 Wimbledon titles?

    Could he go on a massive win streak in Wimbledon? It´s not crazy to think he could win the next 4 out of 5 (Just turning 36 when winning his 8th in this scenario) Djokovic got a great serve very consistent one, also GOAT returns.. something that is very effective on the grass courts. Besides...
  9. astronautzor

    When did Federer officially become old?

    The number one keyword for most search results would probably be "Federer xx age" This is often brought up when discussing H2H.. somehow Federers matches vs Djokovic when he was 18-19.. in early rounds COUNT in the H2H.. Also the breathing problem years before 2011.. they also count in the h2h...
  10. astronautzor

    Grand Slam W/L Trivia (BIG 3)

    Average Opponent Rank of all (LOSSES)in GS matches Federer: 18.4 Nadal: 27,2 Djokovic: 18,4 You should be able to outsmart and figure out lower ranked players even on a bad day, to get the win.. Nadal tends to lose no matter the rank if not playing good. % Opponents ranked outside of top 10 of...
  11. astronautzor

    So is Federer just playing Clay for a good seeding come Wimbledon?

    Obviously just for the points, not because he missed clay in my opinion. I actually think he has a good shot at making finals on a clay masters 1000s, i wouldnt be surprised if Federer makes deep runs in both Masters and RG (He is not playing MC, ive heard?) Madrid - SF Rome - SF RG -SF Is my...
  12. astronautzor

    small possibility of age reverting invetions in the next 15-20 years

    Was reading some articles about it, NASA trying out some back in 2017 etc.. And my first thought didn't go to me, or my family.. a no life as i am i immediately thought of endless big 3 battles for grand slams :D Call me a dreamer, but you never know! Look at Andy, he is already half human...
  13. astronautzor

    If Djokovic went out early, would Fed win Tsitsi?

    Would that motivate him? Discuss
  14. astronautzor

    Nadal fans, Lets join forces against the greater evil!

    You jinx yourselfs and let Djokovic win RG, we will jinx ourselfs come 2020 AO @MichaelNadal
  15. astronautzor

    GOAT Crying moment?

    Whos got the GOAT crying moment? Murray Nadal Djokovic Federer
  16. astronautzor

    Is this the ultimate proof of Strenght of an ERA?

    New GS finalists 2015-2019: 3 2010-14: 5 2005-09: 9 2000-04: 14 1995-99 :12 1990-94: 10 1985-89:6 (stats taken from another forum)
  17. astronautzor

    Federer is 8-9 in GS finals vs Top 5 players

    Fed 8-9 Djo 12-8 Nad 12-6 Discuss
  18. astronautzor

    Where the hell is the Tomic press interview?

    Can´t find it! anyone got a video link?
  19. astronautzor

    Do you think the Big 4 visit the forums?

    Just the thought of the Big 3 going through threads that discuss "GOAT" is hilarious to me I know if i were a top player, especially a grand slam winner..i´d be very curious to read forums about "me"
  20. astronautzor

    Djokovic 24 consecutive Sets won.

    Where will it end? surely Coric will go down 2-0.. My bet is that he wins Paris with the same fashion, and lands him 36+ sets won.. I wonder what the record is? Navratilova has 74, but cant find any information on mens side.. must be something well over 40 i feel.
  21. astronautzor

    Who has the best eating habbits? Nole, Rafa, Fed, or Murray?

    (Based on actual facts) Nadal hates Cheese/Ham/Tomato Murray never skips a day of porridge Federer has been eating Pasta with light sauce for 20 years Djokovic Healthy? Semi-Vegetarian lifestyle (Fish is allowed)
  22. astronautzor

    The Big 3 really care about the GOAT race.

    You guys are really deluded if you think they "kinda-care" about who will become GOAT. I don´t buy that press-interview and commercial persona they give out.. These 3 are so competitive, you cant even imagine. And that means being obsessed with records and trophies.
  23. astronautzor

    Who is more famous, Kobe Bryant or Novak Djokovic?

    USA Excluded.. If you showed a picture of both men, who would be more recognizable for the average joe.
  24. astronautzor

    One thing is for sure, new GOAT by 2021

    Lets not kid ourselves..its inevitable. We tend to focus to much on "The 3+ GS Nadal needs is getting much harder now, Novak is back" Or "Novak wasted 2 years smiling and giving out hearts, +7 is almost impossible" Nadal and Djokovic are going to be main favorites for Grand slams by 2021 in...
  25. astronautzor

    I love A.Murray!

    The match vs Copil, showed true character.. But what got me is the crying at the end of what would be a quick win , applaud the crowd and move on.. He sits down, and starts crying.. a cry that could only be explained as a mix between relief+worry.. How long will the hips hold up? will he be...
  26. astronautzor

    Worst Case/Best Case for the Big 4 until Finnish Citizenship

    Federer Best case: 2 (US18,W19) #22GS Federer Worst case: 0 #20GS Median +1 #21 Nadal Best case: 6(1US,3RG,1W,1AO) #23 Nadal Worst case: 2 (1RG +1Random) #19 Median +4 #21 Djokovic Best case: 10 (3AO,2RG,3W,2US) #23 Djokovic Worst case: 4 (2AO,1US,1W) #17 Median...
  27. astronautzor

    Djo vs Nad 5-5 on clay since 2011 (excl RG)

    They are 5 - 5 H2H on Clay outside of RG since 2011.. Yet Nadal has won 6 out of the 8 RG since then, and Djokovic 1.. Is Nadal stepping up the game? or is Djokovic playing badly? or both? People mention that he should have had more USO titles.. i find the RG worse.. If i could chose 2 GS wins...