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    Tsitsipas road block: parents in the box, father as primary coach

    A Vajda type coach would be perfect for Stef, but unfortunately he will not win multiple slams with his dad as coach. Even though Apostolos may/will stay his main advisor and "dad".
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    "I Am Glad To Witness, Your Greatness"

    Anyone knows who said this to whom? It was barely two days ago, too easy I know, but it resonated very well with me, both Speeches in Madrid after the final, lots of warmth, clarity, and genuine respect. Wawrinka btw has also said that Novak was a great inspiration for him, a number of years...
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    Thiem Up TWO Breaks vs Nadal

    ... and not playing to his max even. As far as cleverness goes. He uses a truckload of energy for every point. This may turn out to be a classic, a defining confrontation. Where is the match thread for this one??
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    And here we see the passing of the baton....

    Borna Coric. There are a few others, but BC is definitely reaping the rewards from blistering effort in training, and the old guard will obviously only be able to hold the fort for that long. Was expecting a break-through from Coric earlier, but this was very determined play.
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    Spectators venting their anger with the Mourier decision

    ... by whistling and booing every other shot. Never seen anything as outrageous as that overrule knocking Goffin out of the ring onto the ground. Nightmare, corrupt, hard to put into words. Never seen an overrule like this before.
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    Can Federer get away with anything?

    Like skipping Masters 1000's on clay at will, skipping RG if he wants to... Mandatory tour events can be ignored if you have a different contract with the ATP and ITF? Does Federer have this type of contract?? I love Fed to death but is he being allowed to occupy a position of very...
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    If You Only Knew That Someone...

    ..recently won a tournament with the scores: 60 64 64 62 62 76 versus Gasquet, Berdych and Cilic respectively, who would you think of first to be able to do that? I'd say Djokovic as the first of a few that come to mind, and knowing it's indoors, pretty fast surface, Federer might as well be...
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    Federer's almost lethargic attitude is driving me nuts...

    And himself also, I would assume, but not so sure there... It just keeps happening and RF isn't capable or willing to really kick himself in the butt, spur himself on. Bit of an exaggeration, but two sets he looked as bland as a lamb on Valium.
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    How come the horror genre in erm hollywood is being rivaled here at TT in terms of moronic, ill-tast

    Know this appears off-topic, but it is ON topic. Tennis in stead of being enjoyed is being torn apart by countless negative attempts to create a meaningless hateful discussion. Tearing at the very fabric of "life" until there is no "thread" left. Despicable. It ought to be, and should be, the...
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    Fed just floated past the Stanimal

    One must conclude that Federer is in stellar form here in New York, fluid movement, talent dripping off him again as he seems free of nerves and is back to playing his most natural game, seemingly effortlessly. As Stan mentioned as well at the pc a few days ago.
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    Thank you Fabio, well done Rafa, but this is it.

    Nadal was like rejuvenated in that Coric match, lost a few hairs on the way, and after Schwartz ran into an inspired Fognini who reignited Nadal's doubts; Rafa hanging his head at times, winners screaming past him left and right, and then he started to miss-time a few FHs, which signalled the...
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    Nadal is done.

    Raf is playing in Hamburg and his forehand and serve are just abysmal -- vs Veseli atm - hard to watch the king of clay from the supposedly greatest era... That ship has sailed; this is just really bad, low level. His fighting attitude and scrambling are of course noted, but this is not tennis...