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  1. AiRFederer

    Just feels right...

    How many times has Novak denied Federer in the biggest of moments and matches? Sure AO12 happened, but that was about it. This Wimbledon was sweet full circle for everyone in the Tennis world. Fed may have lost his grip on Wimbledon forever and Novak finally made the other fanbase cry. No hate...
  2. AiRFederer

    Federer fans

    You better not disappear. Let us have fun eating crow together. On to the next. :cool: PS. This stings. :( but im ready for the memes
  3. AiRFederer

    Kyrgios: Big 3 still the faves to win Wimbledon

    Well, hope he doesn't really mean this so he can make some noise this year. Kyrgios vs Nishikori 3rd round is very interesting too. Nick should win but we all know him.
  4. AiRFederer

    Would you rather have

    Surveying for research purposes
  5. AiRFederer

    Federer vs Thiem FO 2018 Final

    Say Nads got upset and Fed played. The two guys get to the final. Now we are under the assumption that Thiem is arguably the 2nd best clay courter right now. And Fed's level, though unknown,must be pretty ****e on clay. Who wins the final? Does Thiem still crap the bed in Chatrier?
  6. AiRFederer

    When will Z win his first slam?

    And indicate the Slam.
  7. AiRFederer

    Not overreacting but

    I think Isner sweeps the clay season. Discuss
  8. AiRFederer

    Darth Fedr vs Earth's Mightiest IW Final

    Draw is out boys. Hope Novak gets to Rogi. Dear Fathr, show the world that it is better ruled under your darkness. Brute force is temporary (2011-2015), dark times is forever. :cool:
  9. AiRFederer

    Nadal withdraws from Sunshine Double

    Didnt see the thread. Kill me
  10. AiRFederer

    Journalist stroking Fedr's chest before an interview

    Well, I haven't seen this yet. Please delete if there's already a thread for this.
  11. AiRFederer

    Borg Vs McEnroe the movie

    Have this been discussed in the forum? I just watched it lately, and I thought it was pretty interesting. The casting is especially on point IMHO. Borg looked like Borg and Shia did Johnny Mac a lot of justice. The cinematography was also very good for me, the ambiance, the difference between...
  12. AiRFederer

    Nadal vs Djokovic FO 2011

    Say Federer didn't beat the Djoke at the Semis, does the ClayGoat stop Djokovic's win streak?
  13. AiRFederer

    How important is DCGS?

    So after a lot of threads here and posts that talk about it, it surprised me that DCGS is given so much value by tennis fans. But for the life of me I dont remember reading it in auto/biographies on legends like Sampras, Agassi, Federer, Nadal, Serena and Connors (not sure about the last one)...
  14. AiRFederer

    Was the men's game always this top-heavy tbh?

    So this era has basically been dominated by nadal federer djokovic with slams here and there from stan, and murray. 1 slam for cilic and delpotro and that is basically it. I want to ask you long-time tennis fans from the 80s upto now if it was always like this or was it even more top heavy before?
  15. AiRFederer


    Well, 19 and already has two atp titles. This guy is something special, and he needs to save tennis after Fed and Nadal retire and djokovic declines.