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    FT: Head Youtek IG Radical Mid for Wilson Blade 104

    Hi All, I have an a excellent condition (I rate it @ 9+) frame I'd like to trade for a 2013 version Wilson Blade 104 in 4 3/8. For Trade: my 9+ rated condition Head Youtek IG MidPlus MP with 4 3/8 grip. The frame is currently strung with 17g Performaxx gut mains at 53lbs and Luxilon 17g ALU...
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    FS - Head Youtek Redical MP - 9/10, strung

    Hello All, I have one Head Youtek Radical MP Racquet For Sale. For me the condition is a 9 out of 10. The grip is 4 3/8. I played with the frame through one string job/grip (about 4-6 weeks). I restrung the frame with my standard set-up: Hybrid of Babolat VS Team 17G natural gut in the...
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    FS: Head Youtek Radical MP 3/8-new str/grp

    Hi All, thanks for looking at my post. I have 3 Head Youtek Radical MP racquets for sale. All have 4 3/8 grips - see below for details on each frame. I will be happy to send high resolution pictures upon request. Just let me know what you want to see. All are in very decent condition but...
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    WANTED: Head Youtek Radical MP 4 3/8 qty 2+

    Hi All, I am looking foir a few of these. Must be in decent shape, prefer something strung less than 3 times, don't care if currently strung. If you're a 4.0 or less and decided you don't like this frame, that would be good. Make me an offer . . . Email to: lcjtoons at gmail dot com...
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    Looking for some tennis, Jan 4-10, Nueva Vallarta, Mexico - 4.5

    Hi All, I will be in Nueva Vallarta Mexico (just north of Puerto Vallarta) at the Paradise Village Resort, Jan 3-10, 2010 and am hoping to round up a couple morings of tennis. - They have a couple courts at the main resort and also have an excellent full...