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  1. TheIntrovert

    RF97 2015 Grip 3?

    Anyone. I’m in the Uk btw
  2. TheIntrovert

    Any shoes similar to Vapor 9/9.5s?

    Need to get some new pairs soon. Looked around. There’s a couple on the bay but I’d rather not for peace of minds sake. Any similar models around right now? I’m not heavy on my shoes. I guess the Vapor X is the obvious choice, but I like the split sole of the 9s, hence why I’m hesitant. Is there...
  3. TheIntrovert

    Does this mean I need a deader poly?

    Strung my RF97 with ALU power cross @52 and X1 mains @54. So I had string issues where the stringbed felt like a cannon initially. Then the next hitting session, and multiple onwards, felt really dead and unpredictable. Couldn’t get a full confident swing in. Now ~12 hours of playtime in, its...
  4. TheIntrovert

    American or Fila sizing?

    I ordered a fila jacket in a Small and on the label it says Canada US Small, Uk France medium. I have never noticed this with other clothes. Is this a universal rule? Or only with fila? im now looking at This and it says small (US). Am I going to encounter the same issue and this will be a UK...
  5. TheIntrovert

    I have no idea what string and tension would fit me best.

    I’m still having string issues. So. Last time I got my RF97 strung was 3 years ago, with X1 in mains at 50 and ALU crosses at 50. After getting it strung, I stopped playing tennis. So that strung bed hadn’t been played with for 3 years, until I started playing the sport again a couple of months...
  6. TheIntrovert

    What would be the difference between these setups?

    I’ve been using a x one biphase mains and ALU Power crosses hybrid. It lasts for about 20 hours of playtime before the multifilament breaks. And loses tension quite a lot. I’m thinking about other strings to maybe try and unsure about how each would play and differ from my current setup. I’m...
  7. TheIntrovert

    Best way to acquire rackets no longer in production?

    I’m looking to get more pro staff 95s (2014). What’s the best way to acquire such frames apart from ****?
  8. TheIntrovert

    Dealing with blisters?

    So I recently started playing tennis again after a 3 year hiatus and ended up getting hotspots on my hands, which was expected due to not playing for so long and my hands no longer being used to it. I have gotten blisters once before when I tried a new racket, applied a plaster, but it didn’t...
  9. TheIntrovert

    Thiem offers to play mixed doubles with Serena at either Wimbledon or US Open

    As an action to show there’s no hard feelings. Here’s the article in German. Not fluent so can’t translate myself, apologies.
  10. TheIntrovert

    Nadal has now won a title for 16 consecutive seasons

    Overtakes Feds record of 15, which ended in 2016. Not bad for a player who some thought would retire early through injuries.
  11. TheIntrovert

    How much do you pay to play tennis?

    Are you part of a club? Do you play on free courts? What surface are the courts?
  12. TheIntrovert

    2014 pro staff 95

    Anyone know anywhere I may be able to pick a couple of these up apart from e-bay ?
  13. TheIntrovert

    The first ever triple threat

    History being made here at the Monte Carlo Masters
  14. TheIntrovert

    Vapor 9.5 vs X

    What’s the main differences between the two? Debating between picking one these two up. Currently use the 9.5s. I’m not hard on my shoes so durability isn’t an issue. It takes me about a year to get through the 9.5s
  15. TheIntrovert

    We need to clone this linesman

    No need for Hawkeye anymore. And his reaction is perfect
  16. TheIntrovert

    Unpopular Opinions

    Ketchup is horrific and ruins every single thing.
  17. TheIntrovert

    Need Book Suggestions

    Anyone got any books they might have read that they can recommend. I typicacally preferthe non fictional path, but from time to time do appreciate the fictional genre. Looking for something dark and fictional, but wouldn’t mind non fictional at all. Any suggestions?
  18. TheIntrovert

    IW projected draws

    Rojer: R1: Bye R2: Seppi / Gojowczyk R3: Wawrinka / Fucsovics R4: Fognini / Edmund / Tiafoe QF: Nishikori / Cilic / Shapovalov / Pouille SF: Nadal / Isner / Medvedev / Khachanov F: Djokovic / A.Zverev / Anderson Brick wall: R1: Bye R2: Qualifier R3: Kyrgios / Herbert / Kohlschreiber R4: Monfils...
  19. TheIntrovert

    Is this the highest peak we’ve seen?

    Rheasilvia is an impact crater on the asteroid Vesta, and the peak at the centre of the crater stands at an incredible 14 miles tall, which is about 2.5 times the height of Everest.
  20. TheIntrovert

    Djokovic should have 50 slams by now

    Everyone knows long hair in tennis gives you superpowers. So it’s incrdible the Novak has managed to get 15 with his catastrophic hair. Imagine how many he could have had if he had long hair. We’re lucky he doesn’t have the luscious locks needed for tennis
  21. TheIntrovert

    Cows being serenaded

    Deserves its own thread
  22. TheIntrovert

    Best Colour to paint a wall

    What’s your go to colour to paint a wall? Im a big fan of cream.