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  1. fedex27

    Air Oscillate fit

    how do the air oscillates fit in the forefoot? are they narrow or towards the wider side? thanks
  2. fedex27

    2012 olympics

    does anyone know the 5 cities that were seeking the 2012 olympics? also which one got it?
  3. fedex27

    Tommy Mauresmo

    has anyone else noticed that tommy haas and mauresmo are the same person? same hair, body, sexuality, bh, racquet. theyre the same
  4. fedex27

    Woman's finals

    when are the women's finals schedule?
  5. fedex27

    The mystical egg serve

    I have a freind who is obsessed with getting enough spin on his kick serve that the ball turns to the shape of an egg. is there anything to do that will help?
  6. fedex27

    Best arch support?

    what shoe has the best arch support? my diadora rebound ace are killing my arches. the barricades say they have high arch support but what is the best? orthodicts are not an option at this point
  7. fedex27

    o3 tour-plastic grommet at throat

    has anyone tried to string/played with the o3 tour without the plastic grommet thing at the throat?
  8. fedex27

    Guga missing buttcap?

    why would he not have a buttcap?
  9. fedex27

    wise string gripper

    my wise's string gripper is flattening my string, which direction do i turn the screw, counter/ clockwise? from what view of the head?
  10. fedex27

    Lux close to gut? is this stuff for real?
  11. fedex27


    does anyone know what guage safin uses when he uses his ballistic on clay?
  12. fedex27

    larger sweetspot for ps 6.0 85

    i am having trouble constantly hitting the small sweetspot of the 6.0 85. is there anyway to raise/ largen the sweetspot of this racquet or do i need a new one
  13. fedex27

    car washing

    i have to wash my dads car and we dont have any turtle wax or anything so is there something i could use instead
  14. fedex27

    F. Gonzalez forehand

    i heard today on wimby that he has been clocked at 120mph on that fh. is that true? how do you do that?
  15. fedex27

    cheap standing crank

    is there any, non eagnas, standing crank machine for about $500?
  16. fedex27

    eagnas smart 600

    a freind of mine wants to know if he should buy the eagnas smart 600, eagnas top of the line electric machine for $999. what do you think of it?
  17. fedex27

    federer and guga's one hander

    what grips do federer and did guga use on there 1 handers? i am not familer with the names of grip on the one hander so if there is a link or some way to describe it so i understand or just the name would be great.
  18. fedex27

    My hyrbrid

    i amtrying a klip hybrid of kboom 17 and execellerator 16. i was wondering if i should use 18 17 or 16 gauge kboom in it becuase of the 85 sq head (ps 6.0)
  19. fedex27

    Rod Laver

    i have heard only good things, but i am too young to have seem laver play. can anyone describe his game, strokes? does anyone have sites or videos? thanks
  20. fedex27

    Federer's workout

    does any one know what federer does for a workout? i remember seeing in an old tennis magazine that showed it. anyone know? cant be much in there for arms
  21. fedex27

    Playing players who are worse than you

    i just lost to a player who i so much better than. he challanged me and i lost. i get nervous playing players who i know i am better than and im the only one that has something to lose. i start trying not to lose instead of trying to win. how can i change my focus?
  22. fedex27

    federer forehand setup

    can someone describe how federer sets up his feet and his takeback on his forehand? i got the actuall swing but not the feet understood. thanks
  23. fedex27

    demo return adress

    where do i send the demoes back? i lost the shipping label.
  24. fedex27

    Safin switch back to straight gut

    looks like safin went back to all gut, no clue on tension though.
  25. fedex27

    cant convert game points

    i was playing a kid today that was about my level maybe a little less and i won the first game, second game i go up 40-15 and lose. 3rd im winning 40-0 and lose. the rest of the the games i had atleast 1 or 2 chances to win the game, and i blew all but 3! lost 6-3. i have trouble clsing out games
  26. fedex27

    Restringing the demos

    i just got a wilson ps 6.0 85 demo and the strings look like theyre gunna snap and are wicked loose. is it ok if i string it myself and then send it back to you then with the string i choose? thanks
  27. fedex27


    how do i get the picture to be small enough to fit the picture?
  28. fedex27

    PS original 95

    does this frame has the same box frame as the 85? gaines i know you have one, do you know?
  29. fedex27

    Do we really know what racquet guga is using?

    i think its the pt 280 but he has the full bumber, but the racquet has dips at the throat which the pc doesnt have. is it a pt 280 with prestige mp grommets? also no cap. does the pt 280 have bumber grommets?
  30. fedex27

    PC 600 vs PT 280

    how do these two compare?