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  1. beast of mallorca

    The SuperHeroes of the 2017 AO Championships

    1st and foremost is our Mighty Tennis player Roger Federer for winning his super 18th GS tournament. Coming from a 6 month layoff, you were able to win that elusive 18th GS in a wondrous fashion. Kudos to you Mighty Feddy !! 2nd is the runner-up winner, Rafa Nadal. You were soooo close Mr Rafa...
  2. beast of mallorca

    Would you want a Nishikori vs Berdych, Raonic vs Ferrer semi-finals this OZ Open 2016 ?

    I know that the Fed fans want the 18TH GS. The Djokester Fans want the 6th AO trophy, and that the Muzza fans want the lone AO Championship win to add to his other 2 GS. One of these three winning it this year would be historic, esp for the 1st 2 Legends of our game, but as a tennis fan, will...
  3. beast of mallorca

    Poor destroyed again!!!

    This is a tribute to the ever smugface Kyrgios. Beaten again for the 3rd consecutive time this year by Gasquet. When Kyrgios' name was called, he's received boos and jeers from the crowd. How long will this kind of reception from the public will last ? Poor guy. Well deserved, or not ?
  4. beast of mallorca

    Rafa fans: Who are you rooting for to win the US Open 2014 ?

    With Rafa out of the US Open, who do you want to win this year's USO ? Don't mind for Djoker or Murray to win, but my favorite non Slam winner is the Tennis Ninja, Kei Nishikori . What say you Rafa fans ?
  5. beast of mallorca

    Will Nadal maintain the year end ranking for 2014 ?

    Will Nadal maintain the year end number 1 ranking for 2014 ? Simple yes or no question. See how the votes tally and we'll revisit this next dec 2014, and see who got it right. Nadal does not have to remain the world's number 1 for the whole of 2014, but at the year's end, if he'll hold the...
  6. beast of mallorca

    Monfils, Verdasco and Gulbis : Who will have a renaissance in 2014 ?

    All 3 are capable of beating at least 3 of the Big 4 when playing great. Gulbis 1:2 against Fed, 0:6 against Rafa, 1:4 vs Djoko, 1:5 vs Murray Verdasco 0:5 vs Fed, 1:13 vs Nadal, 4:6 against Djoker, 1:9 vs Murray 2:6 vs Fed, 2:8 vs Nadal, 0:9 against...
  7. beast of mallorca

    Hoping to see Federer in the Asian tour.

    Federer is only playing in the Shanghai Masters. Is there any chance of him getting a wild card either from Tokyo or Beijing ATP 500 tournaments ? With Fed being out of the top 4, the Big tournaments appear to be lopside. I know he's on a slump, but surely he can get out of it. He can surely...
  8. beast of mallorca

    If Nadal draws Ferrer, Berdych and Gasquet this USO 2013..........

    In the next several hours, the draw will be revealed for the US Open 2013, and the bottom half of the draw might look like this : Nadal vs Gasquet, Ferrer vs Berdych. And the top half might pit Djoker against Fed ; Murray against Delpo. Will TTW run amuck if this happens ? Or Will TTW...
  9. beast of mallorca

    Who wants Rafa vs Fed to meet this Wimbledon 2013 in the quarterfinals ?

    With the draw coming out this friday, and with Rafael Nadal being seeded 5th, who wants Nadal to meet Federer in the quarterfinals ? They already met this year on hc and clay, now let's move on to grass. Maybe Fed will fare better against the Spaniard since it is his best surface, or maybe it...
  10. beast of mallorca

    Who will go far among these possible dark horses (not top 10)this Wimbledon 2013 ?

    Who among these players will cause an upset or 2 in thE 2013 Wimbledon ? Who is your favorite to go far in the draw ? Do you think any one of these will be the winner? FYI: top 10 not included in the discussion.
  11. beast of mallorca

    Who can comeback to their former glory and more ?

    Who among Monfils, Verdasco, Haas and Robredo can achieve greater heights this 2013 ? Each one has been a consistent top 20, and is trying to crawl back to the top. Each one has either a mental obstacle, or an injury or old age blocking their path. But nevertheless, each of these players have...
  12. beast of mallorca

    US Men's Clay Championships in Houston - General Discussion Thread

    It appears that Houston is loaded with very good clay courters this time around. Very seldom you'll see this tournament with star players. Obviously, the Big 4 are not here nor are the rest of the top 10. But youll still see big names for a mere 250 clay court tournamen in the USA. I'm actually...
  13. beast of mallorca

    Will Djoker, Murray, Roger and Rafa win all the GS and MS 1000 this 2013 ?

    So far Djoker has won the 1st GS, and Rafa and Murray has taken the 1st 2 MS 1000 of the year. Heck, even the 1st three MS 500 were taken by one of the Big 4 (Dubai by Djoker and Acapulco by Nadal). The lone exception being Rotterdam which was won by Delpo. Will 2013 GS and Masters 1000 be...
  14. beast of mallorca

    Who wants Nole, Roger and Rafa to be in the same half of the draw in French Open ?

    With Nadal defending so many points from the clay court swing, he will most probably be rank number 5 by FO, with Ferrer holding the number 4 spot. Murray does not have much to defend, losing last year in the Quarters of Monte Carlo and Barcelona, and losing in the 4th round of Rome Masters...
  15. beast of mallorca

    Who is TW's favorite among the QF to win Miami Open 2013 ?

    Now that Djoker was beaten, this is Murray's tournament to lose (in theory).Among the quarter finalists who is your favourite to win the Miami Open 2013 ?
  16. beast of mallorca

    Halle vs Queens, which will be better in 2013 ?

    I was checking which tournaments Rafa will play this grass court season, and chance upon Halle. It appears that Roger and Rafa will be playing there this 2013, along with Raonic, Haas and Nishikori. The big names who have committed to Queens are Murray, for obvious reasons, Delpotro and Berdych...
  17. beast of mallorca

    Should Nadal skip Miami Masters 1000 ?

    Nadal is still in the official entry list of The Sony Ericsson Open. He has not made any official announcement yet. Regardless if he wins or loses in IW, if you are on his team, what would be your take on that decision ? Should he play the Sony Ericsson Open ? As a fan or as a hater or as...
  18. beast of mallorca

    Rafa Nadal vs Ryan Harrison, IW 2013 2nd round Match

    Is Rafa going to slaughter the young upstart, or as Rafa's 1st match on hardcourt be a factor and Harrison will take advantage ? Is Rafa gonna be Rosoled by Ryan Harrison or Rafa will show the arrogant youngster the wway out ? Discuss.
  19. beast of mallorca

    Which quarterdo you want to fall under in IW 2013 ?

    Which quarter do you want Nadal to fall under in IW 2013 ? The draw will probably come out tomorrow, tues (03-05-13). And Rafa informs that he'll be playing. I know that there's no guarantee that he will, or if he'll even make it to the quarters. He's still rusty, and he'll be playing many...
  20. beast of mallorca

    Will 2013 be the best year of Djokovic ?

    It appears that his 2011 form is back. And with Rafa not into form; Delpo,Tsonga and Berdych being owned by him; PinkFeddy aging, it appears that the Juggernaut that is Djoker will have a 2011 yet again, probably better. Murray might be the only obstacle in the horizon. Djoker is scary good...
  21. beast of mallorca

    Azarenka and Federer, 2 peas in a pod

    Both are great champions of the game we love. But sadly, in their utmost desire to win, they have shown their offensive nature to the public, probably their true colors. One is a cheater, the other a sore loser. What a shame !!
  22. beast of mallorca

    Australian Open 2013 Round 4: Tsonga (7) vs Gasquet (9)

    Who do you think will win ? I want either of them to win a Slam. But, they will probabbly need to beat Fed then Murray then Djoko to win this the AO 2013. Almost impossible to do. But between the 2, Tsonga has a better chance to do it. What do you think ?
  23. beast of mallorca

    Among the pigeons of Djoker, Fed and Rafa, namely Tipsy, Stan and Verdasco respective

    1. Who do you think is the most accomplished so far ? 2. Who will have a better 2013 ? 3. Who has the most potential to achieve even greater heights ? 4. At the end of their careers, who will end up as the most successful ? (No disrespect to the fans of the above for the term "pigeons"...
  24. beast of mallorca

    Among the Top 4, Who is likely to turn the numbers around this 2013 ?

    With Rafa Nadal's time off from injury, Federer's age catching up on him, Djokovic's slight dip in performance this 2012, will Murray take advantage and turn the numbers around against dJOKER and Rafa ? Or will Fed step-up his game to turn the tide around and close the gap or even overturn...
  25. beast of mallorca

    Will Murray ever be in the 100 Greatest of All Time

    Just watching the The 100 Greatest Of All Time show presented by the Tennis Channel, and got me thinking if ( once everything is said and done and Murray calls it adieu,sayounara) Murray will ever be relegated in that elite group. I know he will have to earn it by winning more Slams, which he...
  26. beast of mallorca

    Poll: Nishikori vs Raonic - Tokyo Open Final 2012, Who's Your Pick ?

    Raonic did a great job in beating the US Open GS Champion Andy Murray. Nishikori is playing his best game right now, beating Berdych in QF and Baghman in SF. One is 21, the other 22. It's their first meeting? Two of the uprising stars of our game. Nishikori is the local favourite, Raonic...
  27. beast of mallorca

    For The Genuine Rafa fans : US Open 2012 Champion ?

    Who are you rooting for to win the US Open 2012 ? i was gonna put in no trolls allowed, but hey who am i kiddin ? :twisted:
  28. beast of mallorca

    Ferrer or Murray or Kei?

    If the top 3 are not going to win the AO 2012, who would you rather hoist the Championship trophy ? Ferrer : Who is probably at the last stages of his career. A dogged fighter with great determination and perseverance, who has, for the most part, been overshadowed by his countryman but...
  29. beast of mallorca

    Nicolas Almagro vs Stanislas Wawrinka ?

    The pigeon of Nadal vs the pigeon of Federer. Both have wonderful one handed backhand and have been to top 10 at some point. And both will always be second tier top players. Who will advance ? I like both players myself. They are fun to watch.
  30. beast of mallorca

    Who's going to win the bidding wars ?

    At present, Roger and Rafa are tied with $14,100 each. Djokovic is a distant 3rd at $ 3,261. I wonder who's buying these stuff. Anybody in this forum who made a bid ? If I have one, I'll probably sell them afterwards, lol