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    Comfortable baseliners racquet

    Hi guys, I play mostly on clay and I'm a baseline guy, I never go to the net. I love those 100" 16x19 tweener racquets. They are powerfull and very fun to play with. Unfortunately they are stiff and latel I have some shoulder issues so I'm looking for a comfortable tweener. Is there such a...
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    Yonex Ai series in Europe

    Hi guys, I was just wondering, is there some shop in Europe that still has Yonex Ai series. I was hoping to get some Ai 98 310g, or Ai 100 300g. Many thanks in advance!
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    Strings for AeroPro Drive 2013

    Hi guys, I bought few days ago AeroPro Drive 2013 and put Yonex Poly Tour Pro 125 at 23/22kg. I'm not quite satified with it. It feels very muted. I would like softer and livlier string. Also I don't like textured strings and I don't want hybrid. I'm open to any suggestions. Many thanks in...
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    Replacement grip for Yonex Vcore Tour 97

    Hi guys, I'm playing with Vcore Tour 97 310g in stock form and really like it the way it is. I have ordered one size smaller grip so I could put overgrip but I like it the way it is. If I put an overgrip it is to thick for me. So I'm looking for the replacement grip which is similar to...