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  1. Jaitock1991

    For the ones of us that are sick of the Fedalian warfare.

    Just thought I'd share the highlights from one of many great matches from the infamous weak era. These guys sure knew how to play, and watching these matches(in their entirety, not just highlights), I must admit that I find it really sad how they are being looked upon as mugs. The level of...
  2. Jaitock1991

    Thiem-Dimitrov court level

    Great footage. Amazing athletes.
  3. Jaitock1991

    And they say you can't make it in today's game without a great serve!!!

    Sorry if this has been posted before, but LOOOOOOOL... No problem understanding that it might be extremely uncomfortable to play against due to the unorthodox tactical approach you probably have to make on the return, but COME ON. An underhand server? :D In the words of the king himself; "Nuff...
  4. Jaitock1991

    Who can relate?

  5. Jaitock1991

    Awesome footage

    Great filming angle that makes you appreciate just how good these guys really are.
  6. Jaitock1991

    Mind-blowing statistics!!!

    I took a little bit of time to create this, so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong on anything. The base of it still remains, though. It's frightening to see how few players that have been able to break through at SLAM LEVEL over the last decade: List of players entering semi finals of slams...
  7. Jaitock1991

    How would Federer of 2006 do vs Nadal 2016?

    This is a question I've thoght about a lot. Say they were to play 10 matches on each surface(fast hard, slow hard, clay, grass and indoors). How would their H2H look like on each surface? I personally can't see Rafa trouble Roger too much on any surface but clay tbh. Fast hard: Fed 9-1 Slow...
  8. Jaitock1991

    Should Raonic retire?

    At 25, he lost to Djokovic, so is there really a reason for him to continue playing?
  9. Jaitock1991

    Better first serve: Novak Djokovic or Ivo Karlovic?

    What do you guys think? Would Ivo do better or worse in his career had he swapped his current 1st serve for Novak's? Side note: Obviously Djovak's 2nd serve is miles ahead of Dr. Ivo's, but this is about first serve.
  10. Jaitock1991

    Best baseliners in the world...

    Okay.For simplicity, let's say we remove the serve from the equation for a while, and pretend that every single point of the match starts from a 100% neutral baseline position. Who would be the 10 best ranked players in the world among currently active players? My pick(in no particular order)...
  11. Jaitock1991


    This guy has done more for tennis than any of us could ever dream about. He's down a rough path, yes, but the only thing that's emberassing about it is the way people react to it. Please stop. Please.
  12. Jaitock1991

    Since US Open 2009, only 9 out 100 semifinalists have been first-timers.

    On the men's side, obviously. 9/100! What does this tell us?
  13. Jaitock1991

    Just a question

    Do you guys think that Jo Wilfred Tsonga's serve is better than Novak Djokovic's? I'm talking now only as a stand alone shot, 1st serve and 2nd serve combined.
  14. Jaitock1991

    The bull

    Don't know if this great video has been shared already, but I thought I'd just share it anyway. As a Federer fan, I NEVER thought I'd say it. But I want bull back. I want him to come back and prove once and for all that he belongs at the very top of the history of this sport. VAMOS!
  15. Jaitock1991

    Could this make Rafa a real force again?

    This is just crazy to watch. We're used to see him spinning it with not too much ballspeed. But if he uses that rediculous racket head speed to create ballspeed rather than spin, this is how it looks like. The last shot of the video is insane. If Rafa could somehow make this kind of play a...
  16. Jaitock1991

    Federer-Djokovic, ratings

    Just want to know how you guys would rate their form these two weeks relative to each other? I'm thinking something like we take every department of their games, and rate them from 1 to 10. They will both end up with a total score, and the highest is obviously the favourite. Here's mine(feel...
  17. Jaitock1991

    I can't believe what I just saw!!! Anyone else saw it???

    Eurosport. A build-up-commercial to the women's final tomorrow. Something like "Serena is on the brink of making history, only one woman can stop her; Flavia Penneta. Women's US Open final, tomorrow live from...." This is crazy!!!! Says a lot about how sensational this defeat was. This...
  18. Jaitock1991

    On a scale from 1(worst) to 10(best); how would you rate this?
  19. Jaitock1991

    Reverse serve Just wondering. Do any of you guys know why this serve isn't used more often among the pro players? You'd think that it would be a great serve to throw in every now and then. You can see how Ferrer is just caught completely of guard. So why isn't it...
  20. Jaitock1991

    Nadal-Rosol rematch?

    If Lukas Rosol goes past Marcos Baghdatis in their first round encounter, we're up for another one. Should be interesting! Does anyone in here know how fast Stuttgart is played? Faster, slower or similar to Halle?
  21. Jaitock1991


    Just lol.. One can say a lot about this guy, and how frustratingly little he's probably made of his talent. But he sure as f**k is an entertaining guy to watch!!! Enjoy...
  22. Jaitock1991


    Purely hypotetically. How many slams do you think Fed would have won from 2003-2007 if we were to put the 2015-version of him back there instead?
  23. Jaitock1991

    Interview with Robin Söderling Man, I miss him. His game was just awesome to watch. He's probably never entering into the top 10 again, but still. Really great to hear him say that he's still aiming for a comeback :-)
  24. Jaitock1991

    Just sick..

    This seriously has got to be the fastest shot I've ever seen!! Nothing else even comes close to it. Mid split step after serving and it's by him. Does anyone in here have a way of calculating a near exact velocity of the shot?
  25. Jaitock1991

    Federer-Seppi, AO 2009

    I know this is all in the past by now, but still. I find it really funny. 2009(title in video is wrong, this was 2009), the very same court. Who would have thought that Seppi would ever come back and do what he did to Roger this year when watching a match like this? It's not like Seppi was a...
  26. Jaitock1991

    Federer's short slice

    Okay, haters, lovers and neutrals. Another thread about the GOAT. I know there was a thread on it a while back where this very topic was discussed. But I still just don't quite understand it. Why did Federer abandon the shot that, particularily on grass and hard courts, were one of his most...
  27. Jaitock1991

    How good is this?

    Okay, guys. I want an answer. Just how high is the level of tennis that he produces in this match(and in general during this period of his career)? To my subjective eyes(all though it's just a highlight video, I also saw this live, back in the "old days"), this is clearly the highest level that...
  28. Jaitock1991

    Darth Federer returns!

    Amazing :-D Back in black for the US Open! Best outfit he's ever had by far! #18 here we come :-D