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  1. dlk

    Why did you join TTW?

    I was new to tennis, so I wanted to learn as much as I could, without actually playing tennis. I’ve been playing 6 years now; still as ****ty as I was then.
  2. dlk

    Music Game

    I am the Highway - Audioslave
  3. dlk

    What did you last eat?

    Leftover Kung Po chicken around 8am this AM
  4. dlk

    Music Game

    Starboy - The Weeknd
  5. dlk

    Remember AO 2018 ? Stop writing off young players

    Right. But I recall when everyone was providing glowing predictions of DY Interesting tidbit; In 2016, Medvedev was disqualified from a challenger match against DY. Bjorn Fratangelo beat Jared Donaldson for that title
  6. dlk

    Music Game

    So I Need You - 3 Doors Down
  7. dlk

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Mule - it was decent.
  8. dlk

    Music Game

    So Far Away - Staind
  9. dlk

    If given the choice which GS and masters you might attend ?

    Only been to Cincy. Wimbledon & Rome.
  10. dlk

    How far do you drive in order to play?

    2 courts, in my housing addition, 3 minute walk. Indoor facilities/clinics/leagues/matches around 30-45 minute drive.
  11. dlk

    Music Game

    Something to Remind You - Staind
  12. dlk

    What is big news in your city !??

    My city, Indy, same ole...shootings in apartment complexes; usually teens in gangs. Also had a home explode d/t natural gas, southern city in my state.
  13. dlk

    Your favourite TV shows?

    Andy Griffith Twilight Zone Family Guy
  14. dlk

    Music Game

    You’re Crazy G n R
  15. dlk

    Sunglasses ... Yes, No & Which?

    Forgot to mention, I used to wear glasses prior to PRK. So lots of experience with glasses.
  16. dlk

    Sunglasses ... Yes, No & Which?

    Was a bandana guy. Now use a hat for sweat soak and to shadow Sun. I don’t like how glasses get slick/foggy/move etc...
  17. dlk

    Music Game

    Lights - Ellie Goulding
  18. dlk

    Depeche Mode

  19. dlk

    Music Game

    The Thing That Should Not Be - Metallica
  20. dlk

    What are you listening to RIGHT NOW?

    Men At Work - Overkill
  21. dlk

    Music Game

    With or Without You - U2
  22. dlk

    Name your top 10 fav music albums

    STP-Core AIC-Dirt Incubus-Make Yourself Staind-Staind Live-Secret Samadhi Nirvana-In Utero Bush-SixteenStone Nirvana-Unplugged Radiohead-OK Computer Audioslave-Audioslave
  23. dlk

    Music Game

    Somebody to Shove - Soul Asylum
  24. dlk

    Music Game

    TURN! TURN! TURN! - The Byrds
  25. dlk

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Split. MNS is awesome!
  26. dlk

    GOAT Travolta Role

    Boy in the Plastic Bubble
  27. dlk

    Put Dimitrov in the Final Already

    It must be nice for his fans, given his ballyhooed projections. This is the time/opportunity to break-thru.
  28. dlk

    Goffin Flying Under The Radar?

    Nope it was Halle; or AUSY open; prolly z French.