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  1. mbm0912

    Oafpelka 1st Serve

    How is it even possible to hit so many serves into the net as a seven footer?
  2. mbm0912

    Peak Djokovic Hair?

  3. mbm0912

    Brown's strokes look rec. level

    still manages a win over the World No.5
  4. mbm0912

    Zverev doesn't care about 500s anymore.

    That is all.
  5. mbm0912

    Serve Power - Wrist Snap, Pronation, Or?

    Stumbled across this video promoting a fixed wrist on the serve. Although I could see it helping with ISR and correcting a waiter's tray, I feel like the majority of pros do, in fact, have a "broken wrist" after contact on the serve. ~m
  6. mbm0912

    If Mackie was 6'2"...

    I think Mackenzie McDonald would be on top of the "next gen American men". He's got so much more game than these other duds.
  7. mbm0912

    Do you play topless?

    When it's 90 degrees and 100% humidity?
  8. mbm0912

    It is a crime...

    that the women are getting equal prize money for what they produce in the slams. That is all.
  9. mbm0912

    Novak needs to Eat!

    Honestly, watching him practice at Miami, he is borderline unhealthy looking. I know that tennis isn't about muscle, but I think some of the velocity that he has lost in his strokes, as well as the surgery, is a result of whatever flaky diet he is on. I want to see the old Champ come back and...
  10. mbm0912

    "Laver Cup"

    Kind of funny to see how serious these teams appeared to be taking an exho right? I mean I thought Nadal was going to bust a hemorrhoid the way he was screaming and carrying on. Berdych on the other hand seemed to be forcing some enthusiasm for the camera. I mean Mr. I Don't Care About Anything...
  11. mbm0912

    Fognini's Black Shoes

    anyone know what shoes these are? Solid black/white lace
  12. mbm0912

    As far as raw talent goes...

    Kyrios is it. You heard it here first.
  13. mbm0912

    Vandeweghe Serve

    I've always been a fan of her powerful game and big serves. Notice how early she takes her eye off the ball. She's pretty much looking at the other side of the net by the racquet drop. Maybe you learn to just "toss into your swing" when you hit that many.
  14. mbm0912

    Want to really be humbled?

    On your lunch break, go hit some practice serves at the public courts, with a racquet you're not used to, not fully stretched out, in jeans, while the women's college team is practicing on the adjacent courts. You'll feel really good about yourself... God I hate tennis.
  15. mbm0912

    100+ mph serves in 5min!

    "Analysis without paralysis"
  16. mbm0912

    Serve FLOPstick

    Came across this randomly online. Pretty interesting concept actually.
  17. mbm0912

    Serve Practice

    I like to serve about an hour at a time. Usually, the first 30 min. or so, my motion seems to be the best. Toward the end of the hour, I often experience a breakdown in my motion, overthink everything, and serve horribly. Anyone else find this happening to them? Anything you do to shut down the...
  18. mbm0912

    "Big Four" No More?

    "Novak Djokovic is so far ahead of his rivals that the 'Big Four' has become the 'Big One' Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray are nowhere near the Serb right now - it's time to consign this particular 'Big Four' to the history books" Article...
  19. mbm0912

    Feed Like a Pro

    Don't be that guy who bounces the ball first, and hits a forehand to start the rally. Also, pick up balls like you know what you're doing.
  20. mbm0912

    Tacky US Open Crowd

    Continuously cheering after service faults? Guess money really can't buy you class...Makes the victory even more impressive.
  21. mbm0912

    Feli or Fed?

    Who do you think has a prettier game? Not talking about results, just overall aesthetics. I think Lopez has a better looking game all-around. That serve especially..that backhand..Those slices... Roger's got him on the forehand.
  22. mbm0912

    So Coric is a pretty decent ball striker..

    Huge game for a young buck. I can see him having a promising future, unlike some of the hyped up "next generation greats". Thoughts?
  23. mbm0912

    A Good Service Motion to Observe

    His motion has somewhat evolved over the years, but what a pretty, and technically sound stroke here.
  24. mbm0912

    Kevin Anderson Serve

    Where would you rate the South African's serve on the tour? Did his serve seem better than usual during Wimbledon?
  25. mbm0912

    What stroke are you obsessed with?

    For me, it's the serve. I put so much thought, time and energy into this one aspect of my tennis it's crazy (this probably works against me because I'm overthinking it). I would settle for mediocre groundstrokes all day long for a kick *** reliable serve. Nothing feels better than to crack a...
  26. mbm0912

    Pressureless Balls: Stroke Development & Arm Health

    I've recently been in the habit of buying 12-packs of Tourna Pressureless Balls, and practicing/playing with them to avoid dead balls after a couple of sessions. I feel like these balls are hard at first, but once broken in a bit I like them (feel & sound). These balls feel lighter to me than a...
  27. mbm0912

    Fight Novak Fight Video Clip

    Does anyone have a link to the clip shown on ESPN's coverage of Wimbledon today featuring Novak? I thought that was pretty good.
  28. mbm0912

    Simplifying the Serve

    I've been really working on my serve now for about a year. This is something that I have not been to see an instructor for, as I want to do it on my own. Video analysis has been my tool for instruction. I've experimented with many different aspects dealing with the service motion, as well as...