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  1. akybo

    FS/T: Wilson, Head, Prince, TF clearout

    Hello!I have a Wilson BLX Six.One Tour 90 for trading with a prestige mp;it is not the pro staff version.
  2. akybo

    FT Yonex RDS001mid/Fischer MProNo1

    I have for trade: 1)Yonex RDS001 90 Mid,grip 4 1/2,condition I say 6/10; 2)Fischer M Pro No.1 (295g),grip 4 3/8,condition 9/10. I am looking for trades.Let me know,my email is akybo_san @ Thank you!
  3. akybo

    A lot of different rackets, some classics

    "14. 3x Wilson K Six.One Tour 90 gripsize L3 4 3/8 condition 6-7/10 (signs of use due to playing on clay)". Interested,what's your email?
  4. akybo

    A lot of different rackets, some classics

    I am interested in 3x Wilson K six one Tour 90. What's your email?
  5. akybo

    FT 2x Head Youtek Prestige Pro!

    Both racquets are in 4 3/8 grip,condition 8/10. I am looking for 2 for 2 trade with lighter racquets. My email : akybo_san @ Pics:
  6. akybo

    FS: 3x Babolat Pure Storm in 4 3/8

    email? mine is akybo_san @
  7. akybo

    Pure Storm Tour GT Club

    I've played for about a week with a youtek prestige pro vs pure storm gt tour and we have exactly the same thought. Besides the lower sw of prestige pro,I have more racquet head speed with the PSTGT.
  8. akybo

    A+ to airdupont !

    I bought some prestiges pro from airdupont.We had a verry good comunication,fast with pictures,fast with shipping and the rackets were looking better then he describe. I will certenally buy or trade with him if it will be the case.
  9. akybo

    Volkl Bio Sensor on Fischer raquet!

    A few years ago I added a fischer pallet on a racquet then a lot of leadtape on the head,I remember I liked that custom made racquet and I want to build one alike. I cant find fischer pallets on tw,that's why I was looking into volkl.
  10. akybo

    Volkl Bio Sensor on Fischer raquet!

    I have a Fischer Pro1 racquet wich I want to add a Volkl Pallet. Is there any difference between Volkl Bio Sensor "R" "S" or "C" ? Is there a specific type of these pallets wich is better for the shape of the fischer handle?
  11. akybo

    FT: 2x Yonex RDS001 MP

    I have 2x Yonex RDS 001 MP,(black and yellow),grip 4 3/8,condition 8/10. I want to trade them for 2x racquets in the weight 295-300g. my email: akybo_san @
  12. akybo

    FT: 2x Yonex RDS001 MP

    I have 2x Yonex RDS 001 MP,black&yellow version,grip 4 3/8,condition 8/10. I want to trade them for a pair of racquets with the weight in 295-300g. my email : akybo_san @
  13. akybo

    Wanted: Babolats Aeropro Controls !

    Regular size,grip from L2 to L4. my email : akybo_san @
  14. akybo

    FT: 2x Tecnifibre T-Fight 320 (18x20) for VO2 models

    I have for trade 2x Tfight 320 (non VO2 model) 18x20,grip 4 3/8 in 8+/10 condition. I want to trade them only for 2x Tfights 320 VO2 max,grip 4 3/8,arround the same condition. my email : akybo_san @
  15. akybo

    which head size racquet do you prefer and why?

    The "control" thing is in my mind for sure,it's a matter of perception but the frame shots I really feel it's from the smaller head. Look in this movie how do I hold the racquet face(it is "looking" at the ground),I didnt realised that until I made it;to get some help here on the forum.(it is...
  16. akybo

    which head size racquet do you prefer and why?

    95-97 sq I tried 90'' but I have to open the racquet face a bit more that I'm used,if I dont I get frame shots. I tried 100'' but seems too big and I feel I loose a bit of control.
  17. akybo

    The TFight 320 18x20

    Maybe that is the problem with Tecnifibre;even if the majority on the forum sais the so called technologies on the racquets are just marketing,when a new line appear they need a motivation to buy it.It is not enough to see a new racquet from the same mold. The VO2 models I see it grows on...
  18. akybo

    The TFight 320 18x20

    I dont know but I've seen good reviews about the 18x20. Too bad many people dont look more often to Tecnifibre;they have good quality,one of the best on the market I think.
  19. akybo

    The TFight 320 18x20

    A few days ago I was planning to buy 2 racquets of the same type and dont look back even if they will feel that were not for me;I was tired in buying-selling-trading racquets and when I had a match,instead on focusing the game,to think I dont have the right tool. Not beeing able to demo,I start...
  20. akybo

    FS/FT: Tecnifibre T-Fight 320 V02 Max

    Do you still have one? I am interested. my email is akybo_san @
  21. akybo

    Genuine BLX Six one Tour? HELP!!

    I am no expert but it has 4 string holes on the PWS area,the handle is foam filled-looks genuine
  22. akybo

    excellent trade with dannyt !

    Good comunication and fast shipping! I recommend dannyt for any trade.
  23. akybo

    Federer's racquet and retail

    :D I'm sorry,now as I read it again,I have to really focus to understand what I've said. The short story: Federer's racquet is a little lighter than retail,becouse if you add 8g on the head to a retail K90 the result will be something in the 370g area(with overgrip);not a big deal if you ask...
  24. akybo

    When will TW Cease "Reviewing" the Same Player Rackets??

    When I first try a KPS88 I was disapointed.I've read so many reviews speaking of the power of that racquet but I couldnt do anything good with it. I felt the ballance was not for me(not the weight).I've added a few gramms of lead tape at 3&9,replaced the leatgher grip with a syntethic one and...
  25. akybo

    Federer's racquet and retail

    It is quite easy to see.In the video is easier if it's not seeing from angles. LE: cant be sure in the video if it's bigger size though
  26. akybo

    Federer's racquet and retail

    Yes,the strung weight was with overgrip so without og (-8g ;-10g) thats the same weight as the retail. What I didnt knew was the swingweight,I thought it is the same as the retail too. R1CKSO,what's the swingweight of your racquet now?
  27. akybo

    Wanted: Tecnifibre T-Fight 295 (non-VO2 model)

    I want one or two TFight 295,the model before VO2, with 4 3/8 grip if possible. contact me at akybo_san @
  28. akybo

    Federer's racquet and retail

    :D this was ironic But my question is not the mold of fed's and retail,but the specs only. Does all I wrote above have a good logic or not?
  29. akybo

    Huge news about Federer's racket!!!

    Pros use old racquets only becouse they are playing with what they were used to play when they became pros. I know an ex pro from my town who is still playing with a Fischer Pro 98 ft(295 g but with lots of leadtape) only becouse...
  30. akybo

    Federer's racquet and retail

    I have a question that I dont think it was answered yet, We all know Federer's racquet specs are the same(or verry close) to the retail racquet but...his sticks have lead tape on the head and I assume they have silicone in the handle too. The retail racquet has foam filled handle so I will argue...