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    Heart Rate Recovery takes longer

    Eight years ago I took a cardio-tennis course. The instructor would briefly work us to exhaustion so that we would get our heart rate up to 200 minus our age. Then we would check it after two minutes of rest to see the recovery rate. I did fine. However, now at age 63 I have noticed that...
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    Tighten Up at Contact?

    When I was young the importance of keeping a firm wrist was always emphasized. Nowadays teachers emphasize keeping the arm and hand relaxed to be used as a whip. My question: Is there now, or has there ever been, the notion that one should tighten up one's hand and wrist immediately prior to...
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    Left hand forehand (choke grip) vs 2 handed backhand

    I played for a while with one long forehand and one short forehand. Then about six years ago I switched to using double-handled rackets. ( Also, there's someone in Italy who can convert any racket to have two handles, and also has a wider variety of variations in the...
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    Why do orthopedists treat inflammation?

    If the ankle is still swollen after six months, is that caused by a lack of anti-inflammatory drugs, or because maybe it was fractured?
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    Why do orthopedists treat inflammation?

    Yes, and those are immune system disorders. I suppose some immune system disorders are due to genetic mutations, e.g. genes that are helpful if you have one of them but cause disease when you have two of them. Some people speculate that some people's immune systems are ideal for coping with...
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    Why do orthopedists treat inflammation?

    I would want an expert to tell me such things as: Exactly what motion is responsible for the overuse injury. (No need to avoid practice / training that involve motions not responsible.) How long I should expect to need to avoid doing that motion. Any physical therapy I ought to do. (For...
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    Why do orthopedists treat inflammation?

    If I have an overuse injury and want advice on how to recover from it, how do I find a doctor who isn't going to assume that my problem is caused by inflammation? Undesired inflammation is an immune system disorder and I just don't see any reason to believe that bad technique has set my immune...
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    Rightie..Learning Left Handed Forehand - How long?

    Get one of those weird two-handled rackets. I play ambidextrous. I believe that it is easier to learn a weak-handed forehand than to truly master the one-handed topspin backhand.
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    Margaret Court vs Bobby Riggs

    I was speaking of effectiveness. I agree that, to a man, they virtually all use the identical highly unorthodox incorrect technique.
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    Margaret Court vs Bobby Riggs

    Yes, today people are given ridiculously low NTRP ratings, based on what the levels of play that the categories were originally intended to represent. But to keep it honest, one would have to rate today's tournament pros as NTRP 9.0 -- as they play that much better than did the 7.0 players at...
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    "The guy is a damn pusher" is the scarlet letter of a 3.5

    "Dialing back your strokes to keep the ball in" is what I call "pushing." Such people win at all levels. It's just that at higher levels, people can look good and hit pretty good shots while pushing. Non-pushers (i.e. those who apply a lot of muscle to the racket) can't beat anybody, except...
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    If you're serve is not 4.5 caliber, it might as well be 3.0 caliber.

    It seems to me that once you reach a high enough level, any weak shot will be punished, so you need a style of play in which all the shots you rely on are pretty good. Then it becomes a battle to see whose pretty good shots are better. At lower levels of play, everyone has weaknesses. If you...
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    What is the Modern Technique vs. Old School crossover age?

    My experience with that grip is that if I have my arm going nearly vertically downward then the strings are facing the ground in front of me. So to the extent the ball is below my navel, to that extent I must put an extra bend in my knees. Even with the semi-western forehand grip (big knuckle...
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    NTRP grievance, how did this player not get 3 strikes?

    There ought to be a national recalibration to match: 2.5: This player is learning to judge where the ball is going although court coverage is weak. Can sustain a short rally of slow pace with other players of the same...
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    What is the Modern Technique vs. Old School crossover age?

    It seems to me it would be equally difficult for an old guy to hit a one-handed topspin backhand off a low ball using a grip like the pros use today (wrist well behind the handle).
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    What is the Modern Technique vs. Old School crossover age?

    Right, so my question concerns the aging of those who used the full-western grip when young.
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    What is the Modern Technique vs. Old School crossover age?

    I'm sixty-one, and over the past five years I've gone from eastern-towards-continental to full eastern. I tried going further, but I discovered that even with a moderate semi-western I don't have enough practice time to rebuild my reflexes and ability to improvise on awkward shots. And even...
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    Butterfly nets

    If this were a tournament in Germany I would assume it to be a government regulation.
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    Appropriate Coin Toss/ Racquet Flip

    The proper way is for everyone to have that thin plastic red thread woven in at the base of the string bed so that the racket spinner can call "rough of smooth?" Spinning the racket should be no big deal if one is playing real "lawn tennis."
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    All Good Players are Pushers

    Yes, but the "better players that pushers beat" at the 3.0 level don't pull from the butt cap, either. All lower level players push the racket; the ones who are called pushers tend to push it gently, whereas the ones who have more power and topspin (and get beaten by the pushers) push much harder.
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    What is the Modern Technique vs. Old School crossover age?

    Well, I'm asking not so much about shot selection and strategy and more about grips and swings.
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    All Good Players are Pushers

    When new tennis players start to develop the ability to rally, they seem to separate into two mentalities. One type accepts his limited tennis skills and being somewhat athletic, relies on his legs and eyes to win. He holds the racket gently throughout and his shots are sufficiently...
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    What is the Modern Technique vs. Old School crossover age?

    Looking at some matches at national level age-65-and-over tournaments I see mostly "old school" strokes. That makes sense for two reasons: Older players learned the game the old way. The modern technique was designed to make better use of youthful energy, but puts more stress on the body...
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    Need More Satisfaction from Playing Smart

    I'm a supremely untalented athlete (always last picked for the team in school phys. ed.), but after 43 years dedicated to tennis I feel I am finally starting to approach the 3.5 level. I have been viewing online videos and applying them, and in the last couple of weeks I suddenly began...
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    No good books for older tennis players :-(

    I am frustrated by the lack of good instructional material aimed at older tennis players. I have read a number of books with titles like "How to Play Tennis after 50" and every one of them has been a severe disappointment. The typical book of this kind is a mix of: Generic information about...
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    Why was Ivan "The Terrible" Lendl the most hated player in the 80's?

    MacEnroe looked sufficiently OK to marry a movie start. I think he resembled Prince William's younger brother Harry. And he looked good from a distance as he moved. Lendl, in contrast, to me looked awkward and stiff, like a robot or Frankenstein's monster. Or like the Terminator without his...
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    What Makes a Racket vibrate?

    I don't actually know what the trap door is. When I can easily push the string bed in with my fingers, a half-a dozen additional string savers reduce my ability to do that. I admit my strings are comparatively loose, but string savers hold the strings apart a bit, which makes them take a...
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    What Makes a Racket vibrate?

    Aside from changing the strings, I didn't know you could even ask for those things to be done. The frame is a year old. The strings are probably also about that old. I get them about 30-35 pounds, insert string-savers to get it up to about 40 pounds, and then insert more of them every time I...
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    What Makes a Racket vibrate?

    Uh. I meant I hear nothing when I _shake_ the racket.
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    Allergies in Tennis

    I really don't know whether fish oil would affect a fish allergy. It might. If that's the case, you might try flax seed oil.