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  1. Dragan

    A top running-shoe expert says sneaker brands are selling a myth about how to prevent injuries
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    A good (and pretty objective) article about Novak
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    Volley practice ;)

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    Del Potro: 'Not winning Majors because of Roger Federer doesn't sadden me'

    https://www.**************.org/tennis/news/Roger_Federer/60214/del-potro-not-winning-majors-because-of-roger-federer-doesn-t-sadden-me-/ Plese put tenn1sworldusa instead of asterisks, I don't know why it cannot be pasted...
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    Anybody tried this Chinese Tenis Sensor?

    The price is pretty attractive:
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    The Telegraph: The 'Big Four' has become the 'Big One'
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    Yonex Sony Smart Sensor butt caps

    Hello, When this item will be available in Europe? Thanks, Dragan
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    Replacing grip pallets on Volkl Power Bridge 10 Mid?

    I purchased a Volkl Power Bridge 10 Mid in almost mint condition a while ago, however it comes with the grip size L5 and leather grip installed, which makes the handle really big. With my standard 0.6mm Technifibre Pro Contact overgrip, it becomes even bigger (I prefer L3 or L4). I know that...
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    The worst tennis crowd

    Tough call... ;)
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    Installing leather grip on Yonex EZONE Ai 98

    I just installed Babolat leather grips on my two Yonex Ai 98 sticks, so I'm sharing my experience... Why I did it? I am using natural gut in hybrid with poly, which adds considerable mass to the string bed. Since I play mostly on clay, I use racquet saver tape to protect grommets from dirt...
  11. Dragan

    ESPN: Djoker talks weird training, why he started playing
  12. Dragan

    23.07.2006. Amersfoort - Novak's First ATP Title in Career

    Historic video - Novak wins his first ATP title in Amersfoort, almost nine years ago:
  13. Dragan - String of the Year 2014 Survey Results

    I just noticed that the survey is closed. Here are the 2014 results:
  14. Dragan

    Global Gut - is 27kg tension too high?

    Just received 5 packs of Global Gut from India and I want to test them while my other racquets are still freshly strung with Wilson nautral gut, so I can directly compare them and not rely on my memory how other string plays. However, I strung Wilson gut @27kg, so I am slightly concerned...
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    Prestige Tour 600 with rectangular head shape?

    Very strange racquet, I have never seen HEAD racquet with rectangular head shape. Any more info? Is it rare/valuable?
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    Andy Murray to be Best Man at Novak Djokovic's wedding?

    Interesting rumor: We'll soon see whether it's true or not... ;)
  17. Dragan

    Novak Djokovic appoints Boris Becker as new head coach

    Recent news...
  18. Dragan

    Novak imitates Rafa in an Exo match with him, in Argentina :)
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    How I Beat Novak Djokovic: Rafael Nadal Shares His Tactic

    Interesting blog...
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    Daily Mail: How broken Nadal was rebuilt with the help of blood spinning
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    Interesting excerpt from an interview with Srdjan Djokovic (Novak's father)

    Srdjan Djokovic gave a multi-part interview for a Serbian newspaper. These are some interesting excerpts from the first one: ♦ How difficult was it to sacrifice your entire family for the success of one of its members? - That was a difficult and risky decision taken by my wife and me, since...
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    How expensive is playing tennis in your town?

    I am curious how expensive is playing tennis around the world... :) I invite all to provide information on how much these categories costs in the cities where you live in: 1) Tennis court hourly fees (or yearly/seasonal club membership) 2) Stringing services 3) Tennis pros (trainers)...
  23. Dragan

    Recommended tension for a classic wooden racquet

    I recently purchased inexpensive but well preserved wooden racquet (Tretorn Court King, please see the image below), and would like to playtest it, since I never hit with a wooden racquet before. I plan to string it with a premium multifilament string (X-One Biphase 17 or Signum Pro...
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    Anyone knows the specs for vintage HEAD Atlantis 660?

    I should have asked this question here, but since I already posted the images, please see the following thread and help me if you know the answer! Thanks!
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    Anyone knows the specs for vintage HEAD Atlantis 660?

    Does anybody know the specs for this racquet (weight and balance mostly): It's Head Atlantis 660, made in Austrila, probably in early '90s, but the seller does not know anything racquet specs as those are not printed anywhere on the frame. It looks cool, but I don't know anything...
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    Novak Djokovic vs Guga Kuerten

    Great one handed backhands by Novak... ;))
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    Novak Djokovic parodies Serena Williams :)

    Filmed couple of days ago, in an exhibition match against Martin Klizan in Bratislava, Slovakia :)
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    Luxilon packaging – strange country of origin

    I have several unopened sets of Luxilon strings, all purchased in Serbia (from a reputable vendor, authorized Wilson distributor in Serbia). However, I spotted some suspicious details on the packaging of my Luxilon string sets, so I would appreciate your help in figuring out whether these...