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    customize grip size?

    have you guys done customization of your grip? i have a racquet and would like to give it to my nephew who has a bigger grip size than me. is it possible to customize a racquet grip? if so, what tools do i need? are there any tutorials or guides? thanks in advance! ps
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    Caption This!
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    RSS Feeds?

    what's the best tennis RSS Feeds? thanks in advance!!!
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    how to beat a hard hitting player?

    how do you beat a player who likes hitting the ball hard? we have a club player who's that type and would like to play him sometime. what do you think is the best stratery to beat him. here's what i observed about his style: -hits hard on every ball(mostly serve and forehand) -doesn't have...
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    your club webpage?

    do you guys have your own club web site? our club is planning to make one and want to get an idea of what to include. thanks!
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    your picture...

    just for fun. post a picture of you while playing tennis or other sports, or just a plain picture of you. me (close to the net). maybe i'll look for a good pic but this is the one i have access for now. this was taken when i went to australia.
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    sharapova retires...

    ... and becomes a laker!
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    SereNOT again!

    serena's taking injury time out 'coz she's down 2-5 second set. she won the first set 6-4 and now that sharapova's leading and winning 4 straight points, serena called for a trainer. looks like an ab problem but who knows, she's just letting sharapova lose her rhythm.
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    shoes with warranty?

    are there any shoes with at least one time warranty? i heard from some tennis friends that some new balance shoes have one time warranty? is this true? thanks in advance!
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    Funny Tennis Pictures

    Ok, just for fun. Post any funny tennis pictures. not really funny but i'll post it anyway :)
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    Tennis Pro Look-A-Like

    are there any tennis pro's look-a-likes? celebrity, cartoon, etc... look-a-likes. post some pictures if you can... there was one posted a while ago, stepanek and homer simpson. that was pretty funny :lol:
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    moya chokes again!

    what's up with this guy? he doesn't seem to be "hungy" anymore. i saw him played at u.s. open and he wasn't as hungry as he was before. well, at least he gave us 5 setter :)
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    How ‘Wimbledon’ actors look like tennis pros Despite playing a character ranked number one in the world, Dunst was happy leaving all her shots to electronic trickery. “As long as we do it without the ball I’m fine,” the ‘Spiderman’ star smiled. ========= hmmm... invisible ball? technology...
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    safin = one hit wonder, big time choker

    what's up with this guy? he's good but his head isn't. he's a nice guy but not on court. focus, focus, focus! will we ever see him again in a slam final or win another one?
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    is the milk?

    what's your caption on this picture? she lost again, not a surprise anymore. got milk?
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    Ask Jim Courier

    An Interview With Jim Courier:
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    u r so annoying...

    wow! did you see the federer-santoro match. that was the first time i saw federer smash his racquet; santoro really annoyed him. the score was close 7-5, 6-4! i wanted to see it go to 3rd set but federer beat him in straight. did sampras smashed his racquet too when he played santoro. just...
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    is it worth it? let me work it. i put my thong down...

    ....flip it and reverse it :) is it worth it to get a tennis channel? how much will the monthly cost? thanks!
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    what a joke!

    i was reading the profiles of serena and sharapova at bbc sports and noticed that their weight are listed the same, 130lbs.? are they blind? sharapova: serena...
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    henman wins!

    haha! not really..... this is a spoiler so stop reading this if you're one of the spoiler whiners! i feel sorry for great britain. ancic took him to school and beat him in straight sets. 7-6, 6-4, 6-2
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    if henman wins against coria...

    ...mcenroe will stand on his head for the entire first set match at wimbledon. i hope henman wins!!! can't wait to see mcenroe's face turn into red...hahaha :lol:
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    Safin hits drop shots and drops short

    mooning the crowd: anyone have a clips of this? ...funny.
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    what's your caption? serena: (soft, flirting voice) hey lineman, look at my big butt. lineman: (frightened) what's that an earthquake that i just felt? :lol:
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    moya's pic, funny... "i'll touch my breast to see if it feels real" :) what's your caption?
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    lower back

    my lower back just started to hurt after playing tennis. what should i do to avoid it? it hurts after i follow through my serve. what's the best thing to do to avoid this kind of injury? what exercise do i need to make my back feel better. Peter Samprer
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    Nike Commercial

    have you guys seen the new nike commercial with agassi and serena on it. the first time i saw it was "hey that baseball player looks like agassi". then after showing the other athletes, i got the point. cool commercial
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    California Tennis Resort?

    hi! my tennis buddies and i are looking for a tennis resort in california that has different types of surface (grass, clay, and hard). what's the best resort in california to go with these surfaces? thanks in advance! PS