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    Nike socks

    Will we ever see better socks again? The Grip socks are like an orgasm on my feet. The current line is like your first time... Always disappointing.
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    Nike shorts CJ0539-x vs 934437-x vs 887515-x

    **Also posted on Niketalk** Nike shorts... Can anyone compare the 9" CJ0539-xxx vs 934437-xxx material quality? The latter feels like junk. They look the same in pics, but I only just noticed today that the code was different. I also like the 887515-xxx. My only complaint (and it might...
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    About Nike socks

    From my perspective (everyone is different), which obviously goes by price lower to higher: OK- SX6913 NikeCourt Essentials Crew Good - SX4935 NikeCourt Elite Crew Best! - SX5666 NikeGrip Elite Crew The material in the Essentials Crew just feels wrong, while the Grip Elite Crew feels so good...
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    New Nike socks #sx6913-013

    New Nike socks that I'm only seeing available in Europe: sx6913-013 (black with "pink"). Anyone seen these in the US or Canada?