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  1. tennisBIEST

    Best Racket For Serve Returns??

    Hands down the best returning racquet I’ve ever used...... Head Radical Tour Trysis 260 OS aka “the Bumblebee!!!”
  2. tennisBIEST

    2019 Wilson Blade

    Hahahahaha!!! I used to hit with a Head Graphene Touch Speed MP that came to me way off at a 340+ SW so I’ve come to love the more even balance high swing weight feel.
  3. tennisBIEST

    2019 Wilson Blade

    2 16x19’s Static 332 grams 3 pt HL balance SW 344 51/49 Pros Pro BlackOut Mains Pros Pro Black Force Crosses
  4. tennisBIEST

    NEW Prestige MP 360

    Now I HAVE to see this!!!
  5. tennisBIEST

    NEW Prestige MP 360

    98si “typical” MP Mold? I thought there was some talk they were updating to an actual 98 si mold no?
  6. tennisBIEST

    Tricking a vintage Blade for more HL effect

    Love the 2013 PJ also! Sounds like you’ll groove nicely with the more HL balance. The 2013 Blade was a boom stick for me! It unfortunately was a tad too stiff for me and now I’m back with the V7 and couldn’t be happier.
  7. tennisBIEST

    NEW Prestige MP 360

    Well that sucks!
  8. tennisBIEST

    NEW Prestige MP 360

    OH SNAP!!!!!
  9. tennisBIEST

    2019 Wilson Blade

    Had a nice hit with the 16x19 V7 today. Strung up with TB 50/48. This is the best feeling feeling racquet I’ve ever hit with. Zero bad vibrations! The stated RA of 62 seems high to me. It feels like mid 50’s. I have the Phantom Pro and have had the exo3 tour 100 so it’s flex feels similar...
  10. tennisBIEST

    Lower Powered Rackets

    Sounds like he’s just trying to sell you a new racquet. The GTSP is absolutely fine! If he wants lowered power crank up tension of current setup or throw in full bed of Rpm Blast or test new lowered powered polys.
  11. tennisBIEST

    2019 Wilson Blade

    I’m just saying.....Not a fan of “Global Playtest” thing. It’s getting very Tennis Expressy:-D:-D
  12. tennisBIEST

    How can every umpire be the worst umpire?

    I was coaching my kids last night and sat them down and we discussed the NK match and his mental dwarfism. I told the kids how disrespectful he was to the chair umpire and how he called him a “potato! among many of things. Next thing l know I hear the kids calling each other potato’s!!
  13. tennisBIEST

    Tennis Warehouse: Head Gravity Pro, MP and S Playtest

    Racquet Received: MP String and tension used for test: Hyper G 52/50 Tennis experience/background: 5.0 Describe your playing style (i.e. serve & volley): baseliner Current racquet/string setups: Head GT Speed MP How many hours did you play with the racquet? 10+ Comments on racquet performance...
  14. tennisBIEST

    Head Gravity

    I only listen to one man when it comes to the supposed “latest and greatest” Head Racquets..... @vsbabolat. I’ll sit back and wait patiently.
  15. tennisBIEST

    Head's retail best racquets

    Yeah I was going to say Radical or Speed as a potential replacement for the Blade. Blade is solid racquet but I can’t shake my Head Graphene Touch Speed MP with TK82 pallet modded to 334SW.
  16. tennisBIEST

    Head Gravity

    The Head Gravity.......Glossy?!:oops::love:(y)(y)
  17. tennisBIEST

    HEAD G360 Extreme

    I have one coming too! I was a huge fan of the OG Graphene Extreme Lite. Great twist weight and flexy in a low static weight ready to mod!
  18. tennisBIEST

    Kei Nishikori’s ‘19 Barcelona shirt.

    Uniqlo seems to think Nishikori looks best in Bert and Ernie clothes from Sesame Street
  19. tennisBIEST

    Shaped poly recommendations...

    Solinco Tour Bite Hyper G Revolution
  20. tennisBIEST

    Best on-court towel

    Always do as Jolly says!
  21. tennisBIEST

    Clip from the Head HQ in Austria (apologies if this is a repost)

    Aaaaannnnd we learned nothing
  22. tennisBIEST

    Wilson ultra tour Vs Head MG radical...

    I’ve been reading comments and suggestions and I’d like to weigh in on this having played with most of your top picks. It’s hard for me to believe that with you playing with gut/poly in the MG Rad that you’ll need anything else. The gut mains will obviously add some power that the MG Rad lacks...
  23. tennisBIEST

    Sampras using Head racquet now?

    Not trying to be hyper critical of Sampras but he played really poorly in the exhibition.
  24. tennisBIEST

    Prince Textreme Tour O3 100

  25. tennisBIEST

    Prince Textreme Tour O3 100 release

    TW, Any information on this Racquet? Specs, release date etc. Thanks in advance.
  26. tennisBIEST

    Jolly's Polys

    All Hail The King Jolly King of TTW!