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    Ankle brace

    After a repeat ankle sprain just jogging towards a ball, I think it's time to try an ankle brace again. I had previously used one, but it made my ankle way too stiff, and I ended up rolling my ankle still. Currently looking at the Donjoy POD. Any one using this?
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    Windshield wiper still taught?

    I took a topspin clinic since I was looking to get more topspin on as my flat shots are sailing long, and the coach kept noting that my wrist was flicking too much. She did say that if I wanted to continue flicking my wrist, I need to wait longer. I took a search through the forum here, and it...
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    Siz-Up handle enlarger

    Any chance TW in the US can get these?
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    Smaller grips leading to wrist pain?

    Whenever I play with a racquet 4 3/8, I find that I always get some ulnar sided wrist pain on the forehand side. I built up my RF97 to 4 1/2, and the pain seemed to have gone away. I suspect if I do the same with my Yonex VC98+, it too will go away, but it may be related to the extended length...
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    Free shipping on tennis balls rotate?

    Does the free shipping on cases deal rotate between the different brand/models? I hesitated and missed out on the Dunlop ATP Championship, but I wouldn't mind picking up a case of Pro Penn Marathons if they'll get the free shipping deal at some point.
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    Question for Sean/Troy/Michelle regarding RF97 alternative - Yonex VCP97 or VC95

    I currently play with the RF97, but I find that my wrist is feeling strain when I am playing a lot of tennis (coming off of a wrist injury from snowboarding). I am wanting to get a racquet that'll be somewhat similar but probably with less swing weight? I have always preferred heavier racquets...
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    Hitting more topspin - a gradual process or something just click?

    One of the things I've always disliked about my groundstrokes is my lack of topspin. I've always hit mostly flat. I've spent so much time watching Youtube videos on hitting more topspin, and I just don't see the results. I feel as if it's more technique related then there should be some change...
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    WTB: Tecnifibre Rackpack

    Looking for a Tecnifibre Rackpack. Any colors, any model (except wheeled, and preferably not the XL).
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    Tecnifibre Rackpack Endurance vs ATP Pro vs. Is the only difference the Endurance is 100% tarpaulin? What is the ATP...
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    Long hiatus from tennis, elbow pain during bigger serves

    It's been several years since I played tennis, and I just recently started playing again maybe 6 hours a week with a friend. We tried serving for the first time yesterday, and I discovered that my flat serves were giving me elbow pain within 10-15 tries. I'm sure my form was less than...
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    FS: Adidas Barricade V Mens 9.5

    Item Description (Brand/Model/Year): Adidas Barricade V Size: 9.5 Mens Quantity: 1 Condition: 7 *Specific Time Used (must give specific time, must be over 30 minutes): 20+ hours - see pics *General Description (including any cosmetic blemishes): Replaced laces, plenty of life in the treads. I...
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    Overgrip for sweaty hands

    I used to use tourna grips, but they ahve been absolutely disintegrating on me recently in under an hour. Reading recent reviews on TW, it looks like they might have changed the grip over the past couple of years, and it's not as durable. Any suggestions on another overgrip that can handle sweat...
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    String breaking at grommet - stringer's fault or bad string?

    I just got my new racquet strung with some older MSV Hex in the mains + Gosen Micro in the crosses (57#/54#, I mixed up the numbers...). Anyways, my main string broke right near the grommet in an hour of playing. I haven't played in years so I wasn't crushing the ball or anything, and I've...
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    Wilson RF97A String Tension Hybrid Suggestion

    Hi! It's been a while since I've played tennis, and I just bought an RF97A since my last racquet was a really old Prince O3 Tour. I used to string my O3 Tour with MSV Focus Hex 1.10mm (58#) in the mains and Gosen OG Sheep Micro 18 (62#) in the cross. I don't have my stringing machine anymore...
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    Tension on outermost mains

    Question on tensioning the outermost mains. I've been trying to get these mains to have the same tension as the inner mains, but I simply can't! I've tensioned the main a bit higher than the other mains to compensate for slack when tying off and when I do tie off, there is very little slack...
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    Prince Boomerang Tool

    Where would I go to get one? I've called and emailed prince repeatedly to no avail.
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    How do you know when strings are dead?

    I just got my own stringing machine so I'm looking to swap strings more often now, rather than waiting until they break. But... I have no clue when they're dead versus when they're fresh. I think my strings are dead since I started to get noticeably more shock yesterday than when I normally...
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    Hybrid Gauges

    I plan on getting MSV Focus Hex in 1.10mm and Gosen Micro 17. Would there be any problems at all in the gauges such as one string cutting through the other?
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    Completed First String Job!

    Well, I got my Gamma Progression 1 stringer today and decided to embark on stringing it. Spent about one hour trying to string the racket only to realize I was using the rotational gripper wrong... After than I finished the mains fairly quickly After that, I was watching YuLitle's crosses w/...
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    Wanted: Stringing Tools

    Looking for a starting clamp, maybe a flying clamp.
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    Hybrid Topspin Suggestions

    Hello! About to start stringing rackets on my own and I'm looking to buy some reels... Couple questions: 1) I've always used 18 gauge since I'm not too big of a string breaker. How well will 18 gauge work in a hybrid? 2) What poly is suggested for top spin? I will be putting it in...
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    Gamma Progression Fixed Clamps

    I just picked this up (well, will pick up this weekend) Quite a steal I think. I plan on starting to string rackets very soon just because I believe I will string much more often now that I have exposed myself to the world that is...
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    Storing Reels

    I'm interested in buying a reel now that I've encountered some cheap strings that are actually somewhat decent; however, I do not string my rackets myself. Because of this, I don't string my rackets too frequently and I'm wondering how long a reel of string will last (660')? Is there a...
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    Pain in Lower Back From Serving

    I'm finding that my lower back (primarily right side) is getting very sore after I serve. Is it something that will go away over time or is my form improper? I don't remember ever having this pain before (I took about a 1-2 year hiatus and I'm starting again). I am right handed so the only thing...
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    smithy173 GREAT SELLER!

    Quick communication through emails, shipped extremely fast! I would not hesitate to deal with him again!
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    Tecnifibre Strings

    Hello! I've moved from buying strings at my local Sports Authority to buying strings from TW hoping to find a much better deal and I recently found Tecnifibre NRG2 G18 strings which have been absolutely wonderful! I still want to try out more strings and I'm looking for recommendations. No...
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    WTB: 4 1/2 Prince O3 Tour/ Ozone Pro Tour

    In any condition cosmetically as long as there is no structural damage. Email at with pictures and price
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    Prince Exo3 Graphite 100 vs Ozone Pro Tour

    I'm looking to get a replacement racquet for my O3 Speedport Tour since I've managed to break the frame on the Speedport three times in a year. My original racquet, an O3 Tour, has served me well and I continue to play with it. I'm wondering if I should go with the newer exo3 graphite 100...
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    WTB: 4 1/2 Prince Ozone Pro Tour

    Looking for a Prince Ozone Pro Tour in ANY condition as long as the frame is intact and tehre are no major chips. Basically, it can be in horrible cosmetic condition so long as it still functions. I have a 4 1/2 Prince Speedport Tour to trade or possibly cash. Email me at