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  1. hipolymer

    is there anything more annoying than

    rafa doing a swift turn around while punching the air in frustration or fed doing a fake surprised monkey gasp
  2. hipolymer

    Do you enjoy the Laver Cup?

    I enjoy it as much as Patrick McEnroe is here: That is, keeping my eyes off the travesty
  3. hipolymer

    Can anyone explain how are the players chosen into the Laver Cup teams?

    It's chosen by the metric of who's most appealing to 40-70 year-old cougars
  4. hipolymer

    When Fed's Slam record will be TRULY safe?

    Fake names for fake people
  5. hipolymer

    When Fed's Slam record will be TRULY safe?

    It is so amazing to see Fehdahls's fake media-manufactured friendship flourish in this latter stage of their careers, even with Nadal edging ever closer to Fehd's goat-tally One has to wonder just how many more fake smiles and hugs Fehd can conjure up, while his eternal-friend Rafuh genuinely...
  6. hipolymer

    Great article about Rod Laver

    dayum , ROD's sugar-daddy game on point
  7. hipolymer

    Do you believe the Laver Cup matches are scripted?

    what really want to know is why Jim Courier is ballboy in this year's edition
  8. hipolymer

    Alexander Zverev is a lot taller than I remembered.

    where is your moral barometer
  9. hipolymer

    Fred gives Fog advice

    Fred is cringe personified For all the hubub that Djokovic wants to be liked, it's Fred that comes off as attention-starved a lot more
  10. hipolymer

    Rojer and Roger

    where is OP's moral barometer ?
  11. hipolymer

    Rafa’s ultimate quest: defeating Djoker at the Australian Open

    First he needs to beat 38 yo Fed in an AO semi, but we all know he'll keep getting AO and USO cakewakes like he did this year Medvedev will be placed into Nole's half
  12. hipolymer

    Fed hinting at retiring after Wimby 2020?

    Doesn't make sense; why would he skip Olympics? And then after Olympics, why would he not go to ATP Basel one last time? And if he does that, why not try your hand at another World Tour Finals? My guess is that Fed will keep playing until he's out of the top 8 and hasn't reached a slam...
  13. hipolymer

    Federer 'won't be destroyed' if Nadal beats his grand slam record

    the important question : will he be finnish ?
  14. hipolymer

    Fed hinting at retiring after Wimby 2020?

    imagine being still on tour while someone is breaking your records yikes
  15. hipolymer

    Closest current equivalent to James Blake?

    his head shape is Anunaki-tier
  16. hipolymer

    Why nobody returns serve like that anymore?

    The one thing all those points in your vid have in common is that it was a crappy second serve Players are serving better than ever these days, because they have to
  17. hipolymer

    Closest current equivalent to James Blake?

    Probably Shapovalov? Big forehand, one-handed backhand, but a ballbasher with no plan-B
  18. hipolymer

    How has Nadal passed Sampras?

    3 years--2017,2018,2019 2015-2016 he was injured :(
  19. hipolymer

    Decade of the 2010's is almost over. A look back at domination of Djokovic and Big3 of tennis.

    who cares who dominated what decade; it's all arbitrary numbers
  20. hipolymer

    Rafa's grunt length: Did I imagine this?

    It's no secret that 'Dal and Djok' extend their grunts during key pressure moments, even delay their grunts so they reach right when the ball reaches the opponent's side I did a thread showing multiple instances of this, but it got deleted
  21. hipolymer

    Remember: 4 sets in 6 tries, +15 years

    2004-2008 don't count as real hardcourt slam titles. He was beating up on injury-prone headcases and babies
  22. hipolymer

    Is Grigor Dimitrov good looking?

    This is a good picture of the genetic history of Europe (although there are some guesstimations in how each peoples looked, it is close enough with the genetic reconstructions that we've accomplished within the last decade) The "basal" groups are WHG (western hunter gatherer), ENF (early...
  23. hipolymer

    Djokovic's Final Slam Count

    1 more Wimby perhaps 1 more RG it'll have to happen next year that's it