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  1. StealthGnome

    FS: 2x Babolat Pure Storm Tour, 1x Wilson nCode 6.1 95 16x18

    Going off to college. Sadly, I won't be playing tennis as much. Decided to reduce the number of racquets I have down to one. Need the money too. (2) Babolat Pure Storm Tours 4-3/8 Grip Grips replaced and always used overgrips. One with MSV Hex (17g), the other with TF X-One Biphase(17g)...
  2. StealthGnome

    Pure Storm Tour Grommet/Head Guard

    Edit: Is the 12/9 restock date firm? I searched and couldn't find any. Do you have Pure Storm Tour Grommets/Head Guards?
  3. StealthGnome

    Be Careful with sharpilistik (Condition Problem)

    sharpilistik - Just ask for more details Edit: I opened up the butt cap and there is silicon in the handle. Sharpilistik did not say anything about this. I am bound to the TTW FS/FT Code to post accurate feed back. Pro: Fast...
  4. StealthGnome

    Wanted: Pure Stom Tour 3/8

    Buying one or two Pure Storm Tours 3/8 grip. 8/10+ Conditions E-mail me with some pictures and price. stealthgnome at gmail dot com
  5. StealthGnome

    Where to get big Federer poster?

    I painted my room and there's an empty space. What's a good site to buy a big tennis poster?
  6. StealthGnome

    FS: nSix-One 95 Grip 1/2

    Selling a nSix-one 95 Grip size 1/2 Strung with NXT Tour at mid tension Condition 6/10 (Scratches on side and top expose graphite) $60 plus shipping.
  7. StealthGnome

    Where to get real Asian Spec kFactors in China?

    My mother is going to China later this month and is willing to get me a racquet. I'm not sure which part of China but most likely Beijing will be on route. Does anyone know where she should look? How much in USD would say a AK90 or AK95 be?
  8. StealthGnome

    xz78615zx - Trustable seller, Fast shipper

    PST as described. Shipped very fast. Thank you.
  9. StealthGnome

    Hitting deep balls with a 1-H bh?

    I've been hitting with lower leveled people so I wasn't use to deep shots to my back hand today. Any tips?
  10. StealthGnome

    Extending a pallet?

    I want to extend a Dora the Explorer 26 an inch to full length. :) What were the places that replaces pallets? and how much?
  11. StealthGnome

    WTB: Pure Storm Tour 3/8 Only

    3/8th grip only 8+ Condition Reasonably priced. Send some pics and price to stealthgnome@gmail
  12. StealthGnome

    Cyberflash too soft?

    I got my PST restrung with CF at mid tension. It feels too soft. Any poly recommendations?
  13. StealthGnome

    iPhone... w/o data?! :O

    Does anyone have an iPhone? How about an iPhone w/o a data plan? I know data w/o a plan can run the bill like toilet paper the morning after chilli night. Is there a way to lock the internet, so someone doesn't accidentally access the web on the iPhone?
  14. StealthGnome

    Certain Words That Annoy You

    Procrastinate Debate I don't know why. When someone uses one of those words I look at them like :???:
  15. StealthGnome

    How do the Olympics work?

    Who's playing which country? Does it count for ranking point? If it doesn't, why bother?
  16. StealthGnome

    SoBad's Avatar

    Is that Matt Damon?
  17. StealthGnome

    anthonyxdsays - Is that chocolate? or something else? >.>

    There was a minor delay. Anthony was a little busy so a few days late didn't bother me. Just keep communication up. I received the racquet in said condition. In a big box too. With a lot of packaging peanuts and bubble wrap. Reminded me of cereal with the small prize inside. There's also this...
  18. StealthGnome

    Trigonometry Check.

    Free Cookies ... if you check my work. (1) Given vectors a = <-2,3>, and b = <-1,4> (a) 2a + 3b = <-7,18> (b) -2a*b = -28 (c) (a-b)*(a+b) = -4 (d) Find cos(theta), where (theta) is the angle btwn a and b. 0-180degrees = cos(theta) = 14/root221 (e) comp a = 15/root17 ............b (f)...
  19. StealthGnome

    Wanted: Babolat Pure Storm Ltd. Limited - 3/8 Grip

    Looking to buy a Pure Storm Limited in 3/8 grip Send info and pictures to
  20. StealthGnome

    FS/FT: nSix-One 95 16x19 (Grip too big for me)

    I've been having wrist pains and concluded that the grip size was too big for me. Up for sale/trade: Wilson nSix-One 95 16x18 1/2 Grip Strung with NXT Tour 18g (Strung 5/27, Haven't played much, still in excellent condition) 6/10 Condition - Can send detailed picture. Will only...
  21. StealthGnome

    Where did Federer study tennis?

    Where did he study? World famous academy?
  22. StealthGnome

    Request: Wimbledon Men's Finals Pictures

    I'm looking for pictures to remember this moment in history. Great match. Thank you.
  23. StealthGnome

    Finals commentary...

    Mcenroe won't stop. It's tennis, not baseball.
  24. StealthGnome

    FT: RDS 002 Tour w/ X-One Biphase

    RDS 002 Tour 3/8 Grip 8+/10 Condition X-One Biphase 17g 62/60 lbs (Played for less then 3 hours, no fraying) Always used Overgrip Comes with Case Up for trade! Looking for: nSix-One 95 16x18 kSix-One 95 16x18 Pure Storm Tour Pure Storm Ltd. Open for other offers but...
  25. StealthGnome

    New layout!

    Woo! Prettyyy! :)
  26. StealthGnome

    Thanks Leelord337 - Great Seller

    I bought a Six.One 95 from Leelord. He rated it a 8/10 but I'd rate it a 7. I saw the pictures none the less and it was a great deal. Just look at the pictures. Thanks!
  27. StealthGnome

    Happy B Day DD!

    diredesire (22) WOOT! :)
  28. StealthGnome

    Way more Visitors then Members.

    Currently Active Users: 558 (87 members and 471 guests) Lurk much?
  29. StealthGnome

    FT: Yonex RDS 002 Tour 4 3/8

    I have a RDS 002 Tour 4 3/8 I am looking to trade for 2 nSix-One 95 16x18 in the same, 3/8, grip size. I will add on my part depending on the condition of both sticks. RDS002Tour Freshly strung a week ago with X-One 17 62/60 Always used an overgrip. Condition 8/10, a few chips E-mail me...
  30. StealthGnome

    Wanted: 2x nSix-One 95 16x18

    nvm .