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  1. Mustard

    Rate the 2019 Slams

    French Open.
  2. Mustard

    Medvedev - "I like best-of-three more. I just don't like best-of-five, it's so long, it's so physically demanding."

    Jimmy Connors, aged 66, would show more fight in best of 5 sets at the US Open than this.
  3. Mustard

    Tennis is literally dying. Average age of TV viewers of ATP matches was 61 years

    The tennis tour had more variety decades ago. Becker vs. Sampras in the 1996 YEC final in Hanover felt as big as a major final. Post-US Open today is generally not very interesting.
  4. Mustard

    Nadal v Fogini gets almost physical

    Flavia Pennetta has often had to act as a peacemaker for her husband Fabio Fognini and her childhood friend Rafael Nadal.
  5. Mustard

    Which tournaments were considered "Big" prior to 90's?

    Miami in the late 1980s had a 128 man draw and best of 5 sets every round.
  6. Mustard

    Lendl Leaves Zverev

    Hardly surprising after Zverev's recent public rant.
  7. Mustard

    If offered, do you think Nadal would agree to trade a couple of his RG titles for a couple more HC/Grass titles?

    No. Rafa wouldn't trade away any of his French Open titles. Winning 12 French Opens is his greatest legacy to date.
  8. Mustard

    It would have been nice if Federer had won

    Perhaps Djokovic is in their heads like Nadal was in the past? Those tiebreaks were poor by Federer. In the open era, only Coria in the 2004 French Open final and now Federer in the 2019 Wimbledon final have lost a men's singles major final after holding a championship point.
  9. Mustard

    It would have been nice if Federer had won

    Nadal used to be the master at winning the biggest matches on the biggest stages against his biggest rivals. He's not as good at it in recent years though, but up to the 2014 French Open final the master.
  10. Mustard

    Zverev settles his account with Lendl

    Ivan Lendl talked a lot about golf even during the height of his own tennis career. Lendl was a great coach for Murray because Murray already did most of the professional stuff correct, but needed that extra bit of mentality and calmness to get over the line in major finals. Zverev has a lot...
  11. Mustard

    Who do you rank higher between Pancho Gonzalez? Ken Rosewall? Novak Djokovic

    Pancho Gonzales died of stomach cancer in 1995. He was watching Wimbledon while at the hospital. He had been diagnosed with this cancer during the 1994 US Open, after he felt ill while watching Agassi vs. Chang in the quarter finals. Incidentally, Gonzales died exactly 1 year to the day after...
  12. Mustard

    Which player is mentally the strongest?

    Anyone has to fight extra hard to be mentally strong if they are physically weaker or unfit. Lendl himself said that if you're physically fit, it's easier to be mentally strong.
  13. Mustard

    Which player is mentally the strongest?

    Thomas Muster was very good at winning matches after being down match points.
  14. Mustard

    Ever witnessed Borg or Sampras choke clearly away a championship ?

    In the 1976 US Open final on green clay at Forest Hills, Borg had 4 set points in the third set tiebreak, but lost the set and the match in 4 sets to Connors. Borg apparently trashed his hotel room afterwards, saying it was the most angry he had ever been after a loss. In the 1981 Wimbledon...
  15. Mustard

    Roger Federer= The Establishment and Djokovic= The Outsider

    I see it more as: Federer: The Emperor, loved by the purists in particular Nadal: The Gladiator, loved by the rebels in particular Djokovic: A state bureaucrat who does a lot of the dirty work in society, and feels unappreciated.
  16. Mustard

    Federer will BEAT Nadal in the Semi Final of Wimbledon 2019

    And Djokovic is the reigning champion of 3 majors, unlike going through a 2 year major drought as he was this time last year.
  17. Mustard

    Are Nadal's Wimbledon dark ages officially over?

    Rosol and Kyrgios played out of their skins to beat Nadal. Muller is an awkward matchup on grass.
  18. Mustard

    Federer will BEAT Nadal in the Semi Final of Wimbledon 2019

    How would it? Last year was last year. Djokovic hadn't won a major in over 2 years and got confidence back enough to win 3 majors in a row because of that semi last year. The dynamic is not the same should Nadal and Djokovic meet in the final this year.
  19. Mustard

    All the men's Wimbledon QF players are 28 or older

    Like McEnroe said, Berrettini looked like he was 50 out there today.
  20. Mustard

    Should/will Berrettini be fined like Tomic?

    The rule about not giving effort only applies to first round matches, I believe.
  21. Mustard

    Nadal’s brilliant answer to a journalist when asked why Ashleigh Barty was on court 2

    Cristiano Ronaldo was fond of saying "polemics" or "polemic", too.
  22. Mustard

    None of the No1's on CC

    This Court 2 isn't the old graveyard Court 2.
  23. Mustard

    Do you want the Big 3 Era to end?

    I'm not a fan of tennis because I'm a fan of Nadal instead of worshipping Federer? Whatever, dude.
  24. Mustard

    Do you want the Big 3 Era to end?

    I want Nadal to win for as long as possible. It's up to the younger guys to topple the big 3, and they're not up to it thus far. Djokovic joked that they'd still be winning majors in 20 years.
  25. Mustard

    Zverev: Grass is not my favourite surface

    Indeed, but not 8 majors at age 19 like Seles, though. Rather contrasts with the lost generation, and the new generation who have had a poor 2019 Wimbledon.
  26. Mustard

    Zverev: Grass is not my favourite surface

    Sanchez Vicario. The French Open women's singles broke the youngest champion record with Sanchez Vicario in 1989, and then Seles in 1990. And of course, Capriati was 13 when she started on the tour in early 1990. Fast forward a few years and she was seen as a 17-year-old has been.
  27. Mustard

    Zverev: Grass is not my favourite surface

    Monica Seles was 19 when she won her 8th major, and seemed unstoppable from winning lots more.
  28. Mustard

    The infamous middle Sunday

    The worst was in 2007. Nadal vs. Soderling failed to finish their R32 match on the Saturday. The weather forecast for Sunday was dry all day, while Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday had a lot of scattered showers forecast over London. Wimbledon decided not to play on the middle Sunday, and Nadal vs...
  29. Mustard

    The infamous middle Sunday

    I also prefer the French Open rule of two men's and two women's quarter final matches each on the second Tuesday and Wednesday, rather than all women's on Tuesday and all men's on Wednesday.
  30. Mustard

    Wimbledon "traditions" as marketing gimmicks

    Remember the old rule of players having to bow or courtsey to the Royal Box on Centre Court at the beginning and end of matches? That rule was abolished before 2003 Wimbledon began. The all-white dress code should go the same way. The world didn't end when they stopped the bowing and...