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  1. raph6

    The Shape Of Things To Come: Denis Shapovalov!

    Verdasco withdrew from Stockholm and is replaced by Stebe, that’s a big opportunity for Denis now !
  2. raph6

    The Shape Of Things To Come: Denis Shapovalov!

    I hope he can win this one. Verdasco will be a tough QF though as Denis struggles with lefties
  3. raph6

    The Shape Of Things To Come: Denis Shapovalov!

    Offensive players take more time to mature because offense is more complicated than defense. Tsitsipas was also in his 20 last year when he won his first title (at Stockholm by the way). I think Shapovalov is improving currently, let’s see where these improvements will take him
  4. raph6

    Who will replace each of the Big3?

    No one will replace no one and there will not be a new Big 3 or Big 4. Big 4 was Federer+Nadal+Djokovic+Murray, even if 4 players become as consistant as them, they will be something else with another name. IMO tennis will have multiple GS winners in the future like it is in WTA at the moment...
  5. raph6

    Federer never recovered after 2017

    *never recovered of Wimbledon 2019 final and never will unfortunately.
  6. raph6

    The Shape Of Things To Come: Denis Shapovalov!

    I feel like Denis was just trying to be consistent against Novak today, it’s a long term improvement.
  7. raph6

    The Shape Of Things To Come: Denis Shapovalov!

    I watched the match and thought that Denis played well. His slice has improved a lot, and he is way more patient. It’s disappointing that it didn’t pay off today but really, he is on the right track and I hope this defeat won’t affect his confidence. Had he put the forehand attack at 5/4 0-30...
  8. raph6

    Realistically - Who will win the following slams? Fill in the blanks

    AO 2020: Medvedev FO 2020: Thiem Wimbledon 2020: Nadal US Open 2020: Djokovic AO 2021: Tsitsipas FO 2021: Nadal Wimbledon 2021: Federer US Open 2021: Auger Aliassime Djokovic 17 at the end of 2021 Nadal 21 at the end of 2021 Federer 21 at the end of 2021
  9. raph6

    Predict when Nadal wins #21?

    Let’s take a risk and say Wimbledon 2020.
  10. raph6

    Medvedev News 6.0

    Yes but be careful of the injuries with so few days to recover from his incredible summer
  11. raph6

    Roger Federer admits he cried after losing to Novak Djokovic in the 2019 Wimbledon final

    I’m still mad about it and I’m not even the biggest Federer fan in the World. So I can’t imagine what it is for hardcore Fedfans and for Roger himself.
  12. raph6

    2020 Grand Slam winners predictions

    Wish : AO: Medvedev d. Tsitsipas RG: Thiem d. Nadal WB: Federer d. Djokovic US: Shapovalov d. Djokovic Reality : AO: Nadal RG: Nadal WB: Djokovic US: Djokovic
  13. raph6

    Medvedev will be a threat at Wim2020

    I know he didn’t went further than R3 for the moment at Wimbledon but believe me, this player is gonna be a tough opponent on grass in the years to come. Excellent serve, flat and low bouncy shots, amazing return, good movement. Actually he himself says that grass is his favorite surface and it...
  14. raph6

    Rate the 2019 Slams

    I think Wimbledon was the best, because of the best final (5 setters between 2 of the big3, number 1 and 2 seeds, almost 100 winners from Federer, end at the 5th set tie break, drama etc...) and also other quality matches (Nadal/Kyrgios, Djokovic/Hurkacz, Goffin/Medvedev, Nadal/Federer). Then I...
  15. raph6

    US Open 2019 Prediction League (13th in series, Season 11)

    127. [5] Daniil Medvedev (RUS) vs. [2] Rafael Nadal (ESP) : Nadal in 3, 32 games
  16. raph6

    Federer is the best not because he wins but because he put on a show.

    Federer is the most pleasant to watch but I think Nadal has been involved in more epic matches due to his incredible defense
  17. raph6

    Predictions for upcoming 5 slams.

    FAIL (except 7) Well done
  18. raph6

    2020 grand slam predictions. Join in guys almost time to think of 2020.

    For the Big3, I think 2020 will mark the great decline of Federer. I also think Nadal will push hard early to reach the GS record as soon as he can but will damage badly his body in this project. And I think Novak will be the gatekeeper but an inconsistant gatekeeper, especially in BO3. For the...
  19. raph6

    Who will win most slams?

    IMO at this point : Federer : 20 or 21 (maybe 1 Wimbledon if the stars are aligned) Nadal : 22 (This US Open, 2 more RG and 1 Wimbledon) Djokovic : 19 or 20 (2 more AO, 1 Wimbledon and maybe 1 US Open) I think Novak will struggle the most as his favorite surface is the most accessible for the...
  20. raph6

    Rank the slams this year by enjoyment

    Agree with what you said. And concerning the M1000 so far : 1. Rome 2. Madrid 3. Indian Wells 4. Monte Carlo 5. Miami 6. Cincinnatti 7. Montreal
  21. raph6

    US Open 2019 Prediction League (13th in series, Season 11)

    125. [5] Daniil Medvedev (RUS) vs. Grigor Dimitrov (BUL) Medvedev in 4, 44 games 126. [24] Matteo Berrettini (ITA) vs. [2] Rafael Nadal (ESP) Nadal in 3, 33 games
  22. raph6

    We've Seen Better US Opens

    It’s been a while the US Open hasn’t been great. 2018 was not that bad though.
  23. raph6

    US Open 2019 Prediction League (13th in series, Season 11)

    Totally wrong for the moment, will Nadal also fail to qualify ?
  24. raph6

    Dinosaur in the room - The Monfils Choke

    I have never seen a match as weak mentally as this one. On both sides. Man, tennis is in real trouble.
  25. raph6

    We want new faces but not these faces

    I would have like Tsitsipas, Thiem, Khachanov, Rublev, Shapovalov, FAA to be there instead
  26. raph6

    We want new faces but not these faces

    Him, Nadal and Djokovic are not great for tennis. But you are right, I would have liked him to win. As I would like Nadal to win since I put 30€ on him before the tournament began. That doesn’t change my point
  27. raph6

    First-timer you want to see win this US Open the most

    Medvedev so that a young player win a GS or Monfils because I’m french and it’s been 35 years without a male GS champion for us
  28. raph6

    We want new faces but not these faces

    Almost everyone asks for change in tennis and I agree. But I don’t think most of the players (not talking of Rafa since he is part of the Big3) that still are in contention for the US Open are good for the future of tennis. Dimitrov is 28, Monfils is 34, Schwartzman is 27. Only Medvedev and...
  29. raph6

    US Open 2019 Prediction League (13th in series, Season 11)

    Games in quote for remaining matches
  30. raph6

    US Open 2019 Prediction League (13th in series, Season 11)

    US Open Quarterfinals 121. [23] Stan Wawrinka (SUI) vs. [5] Daniil Medvedev (RUS) Wawrinka in 4 122. [3] Roger Federer (SUI) vs. Grigor Dimitrov (BUL) Federer in 3 123. [24] Matteo Berrettini (ITA) vs. [13] Gael Monfils (FRA) Monfils in 4 124. [20] Diego Schwartzman (ARG) vs. [2] Rafael Nadal...