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  1. AustinTx24

    Djokovic vs. Monfils US Open Semi-Finals

    Here's to hoping this match goes the distance!
  2. AustinTx24


    I'll admit I may not be Djokovic biggest fan but this amount of ranking points is unbelievable. I respect what he's accomplished. I have doubts that this number will ever be reached again.
  3. AustinTx24

    No More Drug Test!!!

    Funny clip about athletes. Enjoy!
  4. AustinTx24

    Race to 100 Million

    Looks like Federer is at 97M and Djokovic is at 94M. Who's going to get there first?
  5. AustinTx24

    Next Big 4 Slam Let Down

    We have witness amazing dominance at the slams from the Big 4 in the last 10+ years. If my memory is correct besides 2014 US Open, the Australian Open in 2005 was the last time we had a final without a member of the big 4 (and actually big 3 but we'll keep Murray in the conversation). So my...