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    WTB: Head Speed MP 18x20

    email sent
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    Wanted: Wilson Blade 98 18x20 4 3/8 2015

    i have one for sale if you are still looking in a 4 3/8 grip
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    Wilson Ultra Tour (Monfils)

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    Wanted head speed mp

    i have a Head Speed Youtek IG with a 3 grip size message me if interested
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    Novak Djokovic's actual racquet

    I thought the consensus was that it was a Liquidmetal Radical mold without the ridges. Are all three models the same mold?
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    New Nike AJ3/RF Vapors

    I can see that. In my opinion they lost their best retail tenant.
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    WTB: Babola Aeropro Drive 2013 4 1/4

    I have two. email me at
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    Original Babolat Pure Strike 18x20 Racquet Black/Red

    Will you be restocking the original Babolat Pure Strike 18x20 Racquet Black/Red?
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    If you could have chosen one match in history to watch in person..

    Roland Garros: 1999 Final - Agassi def Medvedev 1-6, 2-6, 6-4, 6-3, 6-4
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    Looking for a used good condition Head Liquidmetal Instinct MidPlus 18X19 Made In Austria in any grip size. Email me at Thanks.
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    Agassi playing with Babolat Aeropro at WTT!!!

    Sorry but I am not familiar with Babolat.. Exactly which Babolat did Andre play with in this exhibition? Thanks.
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    UC ligament split tear in the wrist - who operates (Norcal Bay Area)

    I underwent this surgery a little over two years ago.. My experience: Back on court (mini tennis) - 6 months Tennis from the baseline - 9 months Tennis back at full strength - 18 months It's a slow and painful recovery but if the injury is getting in the way of your passion its worth it.
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    Thank you Monica Puig and Delpo

    I too really enjoyed this event.
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    What tennis events have you attended?

    Australian Open: 2010, 2012 Roland Garros: 2004, 2012 Wimbledon: 1999, 2013 US Open: 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2015 World Tour Finals (Houston): 2003, 2004 Davis Cup: 2008 Great Britain vs Austria at Wimbledon, 2011 USA vs Spain in Austin, Texas Indian Wells: 2006, 2014 US Mens...
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    Looking for a Prince Original Graphite Oversize 4 Stripe version made in Taiwan in excellent condition. Any grip size will do. Post here or email me directly if you have any to sell. Thanks.
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    Agassi using a blacked out POG?

    Can you tell me what to look for in the paint difference between the Tour Graphite from the 90s and the newer Tour Graphite that was available as recently as 2014 here on TW? The racket Agassi has been using thats says Prince and Tour on it looks just like the one available here last year.
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    Prince Original Graphite ( POG ) Mid and OS versions

    Can someone tell me approximately what year the Prince Tour Graphite also known as POG 6 was introduced? Thanks.
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    Agassi using a blacked out POG?

    How can I tell the difference between an original and a re-issue? What should I look for to verify that its an original?
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    Agassi using a blacked out POG?

    Approximately what year is this Prince Tour Graphite from? Or what year was it originally released? I want to buy the original and not mistakenly purchase a re-issued version with original cosmetics.
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    Agassi using a blacked out POG?

    jonestim and PaulC thanks for the explanation on the differences between 4-strpes. Much appreciated.
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    Agassi using a blacked out POG?

    Do you mean Taiwan? My 4-stripe says Taiwan.
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    Agassi frame for sale on TW

    He later switched to a Head Graphene Prestige vs Mark Philippoussis
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    Roger's Darth Vader outfit 2015

    Are the shoes also for the WTF? They look very similar to the ones available now for presale on TW..
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    Wtb: 2013 Us Open Nike Federer Shorts (night Session)

    Hi, Looking for Federer shorts from last years US Open. NIKE MEN'S ALL COURT TENNIS SHORT COLOR: DARK ARMORY BLUE SIZE: LARGE Email me at Thanks.
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    2014 US open Nike exclusive items

    Some of the exclusive Nike US Open NYC tshirts are up on ndc..
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    Racquet Return

    Hi, I purchased a racquet on January 30th and shortly after had wrist surgery. I am still in a brace and not sure when I will be playing again. Racquet was never used.. Can it be returned for a refund or store credit? Thanks.
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    Head Pro Stock Racquets at TW

    What racquets have gone up for sale?
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    Babolat Pro Player Racket Specs

    Fernando Gonzalez: Racquet Model, Weight, Balance, Swingweight, Racquet Length, Grip Size, & String Pattern. Thanks!