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  1. Holliman

    Head Velocity

    I use silicon spray when I play with Velocity. It works great to keep the snap back happening.
  2. Holliman

    First Time Using Natural Gut

    53 pounds and no string savers. Yikes - I had to at least try the NGW. Thanks for the heads up.
  3. Holliman

    First Time Using Natural Gut

    Not at all. I loved everything about it. Feel, pocketing, power, even the sound was awesome. I've always heard you have to try a full bed of gut at least once in your life. Now I know why. I used VS Touch 16 BTW but just ordered a set of Natural Gut Wholesale. Hard to resist $23 a pack shipped.
  4. Holliman

    First Time Using Natural Gut

    DR 100
  5. Holliman

    First Time Using Natural Gut

    I went for 53 pounds pre-stretched lightly and it was perfect for me. This was my first time trying full gut and I'm blown away.
  6. Holliman

    Head Velocity

    It's been a while since I checked in. I'm glad you guys are enjoying Velocity. I have a confession to make though. I cheated and strung my DR100 with a full bed of VS Gut yesterday. This is my first time hitting Gut and I like her. A lot.
  7. Holliman

    Is there any point to having kevlar strings for someone who doesn't break strings often?

    You should give Head Velocity a try before you swear off multis. I really enjoy it and the price point is great. I started a thread on it recently. Check it out.
  8. Holliman

    Still looking for that perfect string for DR98

    I really enjoy a full bed of Hyper G 17 strung at 50 pounds. It's low powered and very spinny. The best attribute is the life span. I can get up to 15 hours without significant tension loss. At 15 hours I start losing control and sailing balls long.
  9. Holliman

    [Photo] Babolat Pure Drive GT breaks from Cortex

    I've got a decent condition GT that I'll sale if your looking for a replacement. PM me
  10. Holliman

    Racquet recommedations needed, wrist pain with Babolat Pure Drive

    Yonex DR100. The flex is rated at 69 but it doesn't feel too stiff my sensitive elbow. It's a great racquet. The DR98 might also be a great option.
  11. Holliman

    Head Velocity

    I cut my Velocity out after 15 hours. Hardly any notching, but I spray silicone. It would have lasted many more hours but I just like fresh strings and at the price point it's an easy decision to restring more often.
  12. Holliman

    Head Velocity

    I think you get as much or more life compared to Syn Gut. Happy hitting and let us know what you think. I hope you enjoy it like many of us have.
  13. Holliman

    Head Velocity

    I'm glad it's working for you. I think it's a great string for sure. It's crazy because I grabbed it at my local shop on a whim. I was looking for a comfortable multi and saw that it was $10 compared to Origin at over $20, no brainer. I've never played Origin but I can guarantee it's not twice...
  14. Holliman

    Head Velocity

    All I have tried is black 17 gauge.
  15. Holliman

    Head Velocity

    Must have been a typo. Sorry for the confusion.
  16. Holliman

    String to use on my Yonex DR 98 ?

    I really like Solinco Hyper G in the DR
  17. Holliman

    Head Velocity

    Sorry but I've only tried 17 gauge in black.
  18. Holliman

    Head Velocity

    Yes the strings lost some slickness after around 6 hours of hard play. At that point they started moving and getting stuck. That's what ultimately led me to try spraying. As for control, I believe the spin increased to the point where it offset the lower poundage. I had no issues keeping the...
  19. Holliman

    Head Velocity

    Played last night at lower tensions 50# M and 47# C. I loved it! Increased power and spin very nicely. It's unbelievably comfortable as well. Of course I sprayed a little silicone on before but the SnapBack was excellent and the strings stayed in place for 3 hours. I'm sticking with the lower...
  20. Holliman

    Best stringing machine?

    I bought a used Gamma 5003 and it does everything I need it to do. I saved a ton of cash buying used. Highly recommend
  21. Holliman

    Head Velocity

    I just strung up my new Yonex DR100 with a full bed of Velocity 17 Black. 50 pounds in the mains and 47 pounds in the crosses. This will be my first try at lower poundage. Hoping to get a little more pop on the ball. @HEAD Penn Official - you guys aren't discontinuing this awesome string right?
  22. Holliman

    Jr transition--need similar to Aeropro Drive Jr 26

    My son plays with the PA Jr. and is getting ready to graduate to a full size frame. I'm thinking about getting a Yonex DR100 Lite for him to try.
  23. Holliman

    Favorite Non-Textured Poly?

    I've got experience with Revolve, Silver String, and Outlast. All three were very nice. I'd give the edge to Silver String. Very comfy and provides some excellent spin.
  24. Holliman

    Head Velocity

    Great review @ByeByePoly. I'm pretty certain Velocity has some sort of treatment from the factory because they are very slick out of the package. I hope the strings will pick up some momentum so Head will keep them on the market. It's rare to find a multi with poly qualities. On the TE front, I...
  25. Holliman

    Yonex players - what are you using?

    I play with 2 DR100's bone stock. Hyper G 17 gauge strung at 50 pounds. Great power and stability with a large sweetspot. Pretty forgiving racquet for sub 4.5 players. I'm tinkering with the idea of putting a leather grip on to bump the head light number up a point or two.
  26. Holliman

    Head Velocity

    Strung my wife's Pure Aero with a full bed of Velocity at 55#. She loved it. I'm thinking about trying Velocity as a cross in a hybrid with Hyper G in one racquet and Wilson Syn Gut in the other.
  27. Holliman

    Babolat Team 6 Racquet Bag - Red/Black - Climate Control

    Item Description: Babolat Team 6 Racquet Bag w/ Climate Control Quantity: 1 Condition: 9 out of 10 *Specific Time Used: Used sparingly for 1 year *General Description: Bag is in great shape. No rips or tears. All zippers functional. Has a climate control section for 3 racquets. Needs a wipe down...
  28. Holliman

    Head Velocity

    Good to hear how your Velocity test went. Spray some silicone on the strings before your next hit and they'll stay straight. Spin will increase a bit also.
  29. Holliman

    WTB: Yonex DR100

    Found another one. No longer looking.