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    2019 Wilson Blade

    Got to hit with the new Wilson Blades! No countervail so you can actually feel the ball now!
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    Wilson Blacked out Racquet?

    Does anyone know what the black Wilson stick some pros are using? I know Madison Keys, Gael Monfils, and some others are using it. Any information would be greatly appreciated!
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    Racquet Thoughts

    Hello all, I am reaching out to get a few opinions, has anyone found a little bit lighter and more powerful prestige mp replacement? I have been playing with blades 18x20 for couple of years now but just want to get more thoughts. Let me know what you are thinking! Best, TennisCounrty
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    2017 Babolat Pure Strike 18x20

    Hello all, I just got done hitting with the new Babolat PS 18x20. I have only got to hit with it for about an hour but here are some things I noticed right away. The new PS 18x20 still has the pop compared to the other PS sticks which I enjoy very much just offers more control. Almost seems...