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    Genesis Zero Gravity synthetic gut

    Has anyone tried this string? From the description, it seems like they created this with the poly/syngut hybrid in mind and I'm curious to see how it has performed for those that played with it. At $29 a reel it seems like a great bargain if it plays well, but at least one person I know said...
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    Throat grommets - how worn do they get?

    A little bit of context into my dilemma. I'm looking at getting the Yonex Ezone 98 gold edition for my wife who is a big Naomi Osaka fan and liked the racquet after demoing the blue version. However, the grommets for the Ezone 98 is such that the lime and blue versions have corresponding colors...
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    Yonex Ezone 98 Gold LE grommets

    Hello, I noticed the Yonex Ezone 98's have separate grommet sets for the green and blue frames, so I was wondering if the Gold edition requires its own grommet (which does not seem available on the TW grommets section), or if another grommet set will be compatible?
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    String movement on gut/poly hybrid in 14x18 pattern

    Hi, I've been trying out a gut/poly hybrid on my Prince Phantom 93P 14x18 and I'm noticing a significant amount of string movement, but I'm not sure if this is enough to a point where snapback is being negatively affected, or if it's in the normal range of movement you might expect from an open...
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    Inconsistent pitch from first two mains on Gamma X-2

    Hi, I've been noticing an issue when I string mains with my Gamma X-2 using a starting clamp - so the process is similar to what others have explained: -Put starting clamp on right center main outside frame -Pull tension on left center main -Clamp both center mains close as possible to tension...
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    Ball machine etiquette?

    Ordered my silent partner ball machine! But something I'd like to ask. Is it considered bad etiquette if you practice with the ball machine in a public court with adjacent courts that have no physical barrier (e.g. fence) between courts? The court in my community has 3 courts side by side...
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    New Uniqlo Dry-Ex T-shirts

    From my previous post about Airism shirts, it turned out those were not the type of shirts I would wear as stanadlone, but it looks like they released an updated version of the Dry-Ex crew shirts. Anyone tried any past iterations of this shirt? It looks like it's a 100% polyester shirt with some...
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    Full bed cream

    Seems like cream is used mostly in various hybrid setups, but I'm curious about how full bed plays, and why there aren't too many people who use it in full bed - is it because if you want to go full poly or full arm friendly, there are better options?
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    What to expect in 40 & over 4.0 singles

    Hi all, in preparation for the winter season and being a first time league player, I just wanted to get a general sense of the kind of tennis and caliber of players that play in the 40 and over, 4.0 level. I'm aware that this is one of those "it depends" types of questions, but if there's any...
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    Orthopedic(?) slippers

    Been struggling with a little bit of achilles heel pain and my hardwood floors at home don't seem to do any favors to my recovery because of the constant impact when I walk around. Any recommendations for slippers I can wear at home that provides good cushioning and support? Also comfortable...
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    Uniqlo airism shirts

    I went to the local Uniqlo store and was very impressed with their products, arguably comparable to lululemon at a much better price point. Bought a few items for the winter season, but unfortunately the store did not carry any of the airism shirts - can anyone who is familiar with Uniqlo shirts...
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    Recording stats of my gameplay

    Going to try recording the portions of my sessions with my teaching pro where we play points, whether it be regular games, tiebreakers, service/return games to 10 to assess my form and technique, as well as keep a record of how I won/lost each point to hopefully get a more helpful measure of my...
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    Ideal distribution of energy?

    One way for me to try and gauge what I need to work on is when I start to notice that certain aspects of my game feels inefficient in the sense that it feels like I’m working harder than I should. For example, if my forearms or shoulders feel disproportionately sore after a match compared to my...
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    Tennis book recommendations

    Looking to purchase a new book to read on my phone during my metro commute and thought maybe there's some good tennis books out there. I'm looking for something that's like a "Moneyball" type of book for tennis. So more or less a nerdy/analytical way of looking at the game without causing the...
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    New to tournaments - Goal setting

    Hi, I have been dedicating much of my time in the past year getting back into tennis after a 10+ year hiatus and I am starting to feel more or less comfortable enough to venture out into tournaments. I am also turning 40 next year, and my initial thought is to dive in at 40-45 age bracket, and...
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    Parnell knot - Is this correct?

    Just want to do a quick check to see if my parnell knot attempts were done correctly - please let me know if it looks off. First two pics are one side of the racquet at different angles and the last two are the other side of the racquet. Thanks!
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    Which is continental grip?

    Please help me figure out which is the correct continental grip. I've worked with two coaches in the past year and I got two different instructions on holding the continental grip. I'm focusing on improving my serves and volleys, and I'd hate to get the grip wrong and perpetuate bad technique...
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    Shots during match vs practice

    Would like to get some perspectives about how you hit during a match versus hitting when practicing or non-match settings. Back when I played for my school team, almost none of us played matches like the way we practiced, as in during practice we're always going for winners and playing...
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    Ball machine practice - having a dedicated racquet/string for it?

    I wanted to get some thoughts on people who use ball machines regularly to practice/play, and how you feel about using up your string durability on ball machine practice. If your preferred setup is on the pricier end, like gut/poly, do you still play with gut/poly when you play on the ball...
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    Asics Gel Court FF - support near toe/front area

    I just bought a pair of Gel Court FF's and they really are amazing shoes. However, it turns out my true size (10.5) leaves quite a bit of room at the front of the shoe when you press down on the tip, and when I tried on size 10, it was way too tight so I went with the 10.5 size. I just came back...
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    Problem with stringing Yonex Duel G 97 on Gamma X-2 and possible workaround

    Please let me know if this is a viable solution! Problem - Yonex VCore Duel G 97's top most cross is very close to the top of the frame, where a flying clamp that comes with the Gamma X-2 will not fit due to the rubber sections and support. The tie-off location also makes it impossible to use a...
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    Yonex Vcore SV 98 QC

    Hi TW staff, I have a Yonex Vcore SV 98 order incoming, and I was wondering if you could comment on your impressions of the quality control for this specific racquet? In particular, I know that Yonex has a history of good qc with their racquets, so I'd like to get a sense of how extensive I'd...
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    my attempt at stringing Monogut ZX (with screenshots, welcome any feedback)

    Hi, so after doing a lot of research and reading up on almost every discussion on this board about the string, I decided to give the Ashaway Monogut ZX a try, with the ZX 16 main at 60 lbs and gamma TNT ocho 16 crosses at 57 lbs. I am a novice when it comes to stringing and use the basic Gamma...
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    Yonex EZONE DR series

    Hi, I didn't realize this subforum existed and asked this question on the racquet forum, but I think I could get a better response here, so apologies for the repetition: Since the new EZONE series recently came out, does this mean the EZONE DR racquets will be phasing out soon? I'd like to get...
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    How long will the Yonex EZONE DR 98 stay around?

    Hi, with the new green EZONE racquets out, I'm wondering if this means that the EZONE DR racquets will get transitioned out of stores - I'm not sure how the racquet sale process works with new products, so I'd like to get a sense of how much time it may take before the EZONE DR 98 gets...
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    Stringing and Tension recommendations for Babolat Origin/Kirschbaum Pro Line Hybrid

    Hello, I've been away from the game for a while but I used to be a pretty big tennis enthusiast during my high school and college days. For context, I'm coming from a world where the only strings I used was a prince synthetic gut that I just strung up myself. So when I recently purchased my...
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    Modifying my Yonex EZONE DR 98 (285g)

    Hello, not too long ago I picked up the 285g verson of the EZONE DR 98 because I was away from the game for quite a while and felt that the 310g was a bit uncomfortable, but after some time playing I feel my technique and strokes are coming back, and I feel I am improving my physical...
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    hurricane and tension

    Hello, I was wondering if the tension setup of the Babolat Hurricane should be treated as same as any other poly string (10% less than your normal tension), or some other? Thank you.
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    wrist/racquet position to prepare for 2H BH

    Hello, I was wondering if there were any different dynamics to how people position their wrists and racquet in hitting a 2-handed backhand. What I mean by that is, I noticed that certain players like to make like a stiff, cocking-like position, forming sort of a "L" with their arms and racquet...
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    help with backhand fundamentals

    hello, i am a 4.0 player with a 2-handed backhand and recently my backhand has been completely out of sync for some reason (i can't make clean contact and i feel very awkward when i hit it so it either miss-hits, goes too long or short) and i am sure that i am missing some fundamental basic in...