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  1. Taxvictim

    Annoying chit-chat during changeovers...

    Our club had a "Try Tennis" event, and a girl literally was wearing Beats headphones on the court. When the other players tried to tell her what to do ("It's your serve..."), she would say "What? I can't hear you."
  2. Taxvictim

    New warmup tool, the Snauwaert racquet!

    A friend brought this goofy racquet to the club this weekend. It used to be legal for play, and Vitas Gerulaitis supposedly used it until it was made illegal. Anyway, I asked to hit with it to see what it was like. It was heavy. You hold it with the oblong part pointing down. Wow, I was...
  3. Taxvictim

    The Mixed Up Warm-Up

    It was in Winning Ugly where Gilbert said you should go ahead and return your opponent's warm up serves.
  4. Taxvictim

    New Trick: hit Opponent with Lob

    Doesn't matter if you hit them with a lob or a line drive: the opponent is 100% in.
  5. Taxvictim

    Custom paintjob to match racquet to car.

    Five years later and the racquet is all chipped up. Don't sand the original frame, just paint over it. Sanding weakens the tough finish the racquet had from the factory.
  6. Taxvictim

    Doubles: switch if you didn't break 'em?

    If you're playing doubles and you don't break the serve of the other team at all in the first set, do you automatically switch receiving sides for the second set? Seems to me you have nothing to lose, but sometimes I have a partner who doesn't want to anyway.
  7. Taxvictim

    Fognini says USO is the worst of the Slams

    Hey, how about that Fognini! In the match against Gabshvili, a line judge made a call that Fogs disagreed with. The chair backed the line judge and would not overturn the call. No Hawkeye on that court. At a change over, Fognini took off the line judge's sunglasses and put them up on the...
  8. Taxvictim

    Most annoying players at your club

    Great idea! But there are anti-theft cables from the stand through the handles on the round coolers that limit movement. Still, I'm going to try that next time.
  9. Taxvictim

    Most annoying players at your club

    Here's something to get us back on track, one of the most annoying players at the club!: Water-cooler crotch guy! We have those big cylindrical Igloo water dispensers between every other court. They sit on a stand about waist high. When we change ends in doubles, there is always one guy who...
  10. Taxvictim

    What is the ruling or the USTA code on this unique issue?

    Tennis Magazine had an article a few years ago that advised stomping your feet when doing a fake poach.
  11. Taxvictim

    What I think I look like, vs

    Yeah, don't ever watch a video of yourself playing. It's scary.
  12. Taxvictim

    String damper coming out...Is it a let?

    If you call a let the first time, she'll probably stop doing it. For that reason, no let.
  13. Taxvictim

    String damper coming out...Is it a let?

    Q. The opponent hits the ball and in so doing her racquet goes flying off to the side, making a large noise and distracting me as I am about to hit an easy ball at the net. I want to call a hindrance. Can I? A. Losing your racket accidentally in an attempt to play a shot is considered part of...
  14. Taxvictim

    Spinning racket to see who serves first

    Yes, but if you win the toss you can also defer, in which case the other side MUST pick either side or serve, but not both. The only time deferral is the best option is in doubles (usually Mixed) where the stronger server on the other team is opposite handed from the stronger server on your own...
  15. Taxvictim

    Spinning racket to see who serves first

    Good point. In a state final combo match on a BRIGHT SUNNY day, the other team won the toss and said, "We'll serve from that side." I immediately said, "No, if you choose serve, we get to pick sides." They argued a little (they really knew the rule, I think), and I wanted to make their power...
  16. Taxvictim

    The tennis 'touch' rule

    Sometimes an opponent just can't get out of the way of a ball you hit, even if it is clearly going out. If s/he catches it or blocks it, it's your point. The rules require your opponent to have the athleticism to avoid the ball before it bounces outside the court. If they fail, it's your...
  17. Taxvictim

    Spinning racket to see who serves first

    THIS!! I like sticky overgrips and play on clay. The last thing I want before a match is to get a bunch of dusty clay stuck to my new overgrip. The hand spin has always worked without complaint.
  18. Taxvictim

    Uniqueness of tennis as a sport

    11. Tennis players will argue online about anything.
  19. Taxvictim

    Uh Oh. Was I Out of Line?

    This whole discussion reminds me of something in the "Court of Appeals" section of Tennis magazine. It was several years ago. It was the only time the people who write the answers in the column could not agree on the right answer. The question was something like this: "In a doubles match...
  20. Taxvictim

    Decline in 3.5 entries in USTA tournaments

    My partner and I signed up for a 3.5 doubles tournament and we got put in 4.0 because only one other team signed up for 3.5. No consolation flight, so we opted to get our $39 entry fee back instead of getting killed in the first round by the number one 4.0 team. This was 2 months ago.
  21. Taxvictim

    USTA match, my teammates' bad calls...

    I do that, too, including on match point at State Finals. My partner was the team captain, and I overruled his out call, thus losing us the match. It was a very clear mistake, and the other team started to complain about it until they saw me go talk to my partner. ETA: The Code actually...
  22. Taxvictim

    USTA match, my teammates' bad calls...

    Yikes, there was some drama on one of our courts this weekend. The opposing player kept questioning my teammates' line calls. I saw some of the shots, and they were close enough to go either way. But in the match tiebreak, my teammate swung at a baseline shot, flubbed it, then yelled BACK, IT...
  23. Taxvictim

    Mixed Doubles

    There was a case like that submitted to the Court of Appeals in Tennis magazine. The weaker player didn't even stay on the court, except to receive serve and serve her own game. All legal...
  24. Taxvictim

    Mixed Doubles

    My wife and I played USTA mixed against a male player who had a terrific serve, but he took it easy on my wife. We won the first set and got up a break in the second set. I told the guy on a changeover, "This is USTA, it's okay to play to win and serve big against my wife." He just shrugged...
  25. Taxvictim

    Calling a Foot Fault

    Which is probably why this 4.5 player thinks he can get away with cheating. The fact that there are three threads about it here shows it's something that bothers people, but nobody wants to make the call. I did warn a player once, but it was because he started his serving motion with his...
  26. Taxvictim

    Paging Woodrow: Drop shot bounces back over net--what to do?

    Even if the ball spins back to the opponent's court, you must touch it in order not to lose the point. Yes, you are allowed to reach over the net, but you can't touch it. Hitting the ball toward the net is legal, as is hitting it anywhere else in your opponent's court. If they magically get a...
  27. Taxvictim

    Get off the courts!

    Then I think you handled the situation alright, and were okay to start playing on the empty court. I'm actually kind of surprised by how many people disagree with what you did.
  28. Taxvictim

    Get off the courts!

    If the story is true, and if the Coach had no genuine reservation, then I side more with the OP than with the coach. By now, OP has had a chance to call Winnipeg Parks and Rec to find out if someone can reserve public courts, or if Parks and Rec has their own lesson program. Well?
  29. Taxvictim

    Anyone in Raleigh?

    You should check out the ladders at Millbrook Tennis Park. It's a great way to get a lot of matches with new people.
  30. Taxvictim

    Poor Jelena Jankovic... can't even get a racquet sponsor?

    I agree she is very cute up close. Here's a pic I took in Charleston years ago. I guess the rest of you are right that she must not have a racquet contract offer she likes.