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  1. Towny

    Towny's thoughts on the Final

    Medvedev has been by far the most interesting thing about tennis this summer. I must admit, I didn't get all the hype around him earlier in the year but he's shown the talent that he has and how far he's come. Going from losing 6-3 6-0 to Nadal at Montreal, to taking him to 5 in a slam final is...
  2. Towny

    Is this really Peak Djokovic?

    Before I get in to it, I'm aware that a good number of Novak fans on here do not believe that he has been at his peak over the past 12 months. However, there are a vocal portion that do so I would like to address those posters My contention is that although Novak is playing at a high level...
  3. Towny

    Will Federer win another Slam?

    Fed may well be capable of winning another slam, but will he actually get the job done? Will the stars align at Wimbledon or a future slam, or will he continue to come up short? He's a few months shy of 38 now and winning a slam at this age would make him the oldest champion in the Open Era...
  4. Towny

    The magnitude of Nadal's achievement

    First off congratulations to Nadal for his 12th RG and 18th slam! We have witnessed quite unreal dominance being continued today. Nadal has now won 50% more titles at RG than the next highest total at any of the other slams in men's tennis (Federer's 8 Wimbledons). He has won double the next...
  5. Towny

    Fed fans: let's console ourselves with this

    Given there are already spoiler threads on GPPD, I figure this is ok In spite of what happened today, Federer did better than almost all of us expected. He got to the SF at RG, his best result since 2012. I expected a QF or 4R. He gained 1080 points over the course of the clay season. A great...
  6. Towny

    A new grass masters: Halle or Queen's?

    Inspired by a recent thread. If the ATP were to upgrade one of these two to become a Masters 1000 tournament, which would be the better pick? Use whatever reasoning you want (logistics, location, prestige, personal preference etc).
  7. Towny

    Fed fans: how important to you would a RG win for Fed be?

    We know it's basically not happening. I have the old man's chances at less than 1%. But if he did somehow pull it off, how important would it be to you? Would it be more or less significant than a Wimbledon or USO win? Would it depend on who he beats to win it?
  8. Towny

    What can we realistically expect from the NextGen on clay?

    Excluding Thiem and Zverev. They've already shown what they're capable of. Do you think any of the others will have some deep runs/cause some upsets this clay season?
  9. Towny

    Thiem vs Zverev: this year's clay masters

    I think most of us see Thiem going further than Zverev at RG, given Thiem has made 2 SFs and a Final, compared to 1 QF for Zverev. But what about the masters? Who do you think will have the better season? For point of reference, here are their performances in the last 2 seasons: Zverev 2017...
  10. Towny

    The problem with long-term Big 3 predictions

    We love our predictions here on TTW. It gets everyone talking and it's fun to speculate. However, it's becoming increasingly apparent to me just how problematic any long-term predictions involving the Big 3 are. They're all in their thirties, which means that at any time, they could suffer...
  11. Towny

    Nadal vs Borg on hard courts

    A discussion on the Former pro player forum has brought up the comparison of Nadal vs Borg on hard courts. I'm of the opinion that Nadal is clearly superior to Borg on hard courts, although Borg was obviously no slouch and had only a very limited number of hard court slams to work with. Some...
  12. Towny

    Wawrinka AO 2014 vs RG 2015: Which was the higher level?

    I think most of us view his US Open win as the least impressive of his 3 slams. But what about the other 2? At which slam did he play at a higher level? I personally think his AO14 run was underrated. He took out the AO GOAT in his prime and I think Djokovic played better there than in RG the...
  13. Towny

    Your favourite non-Big 3 player

    Way too much Big 3 posting drama at the moment and all the fanbases seem to be at each other's throats. So let's leave them out of this thread. Who's your favourite player who's not in the Big 3? And why do you like them? For me, it's Del Potro (the avatar gives it away lol). I've always...
  14. Towny

    How unlucky has Berdych been at the Australian Open?

    It struck me this year at the AO that the annual 'Berdych beat down' had become all too familiar. He's only made 2 SF in this time, but it struck me how unlucky he'd been in the opponents he faced: 2011 - Djokovic (winner) QF 2012 - Nadal (finalist) QF 2013 - Djokovic (winner) QF 2014 -...
  15. Towny

    ATP players build the perfect tennis player

    I know this crops up from time to time on this forum but it's interesting to see the players themselves actually do it: Some of the choices are a bit left field
  16. Towny

    The joys of ELO

    Elo seems to be one of the more popular ratings systems used on this board, especially by certain Novak apologists. It has been used to determine not only peak level but also the level of competition faced by a given player. While I'm not saying the system is total garbage, I thought it'd be...
  17. Towny

    Nadal 04-09 vs Nadal 11-16

    Inspired by a debate on a recent thread from our dear friend Lew, I was wondering in which period did people think Nadal was better? Here are some stats to compare the two periods: Slam wins: Nadal 04-09 - 6 (from 8 total finals and 11 total SFs) Nadal 11-16 - 5 (from 9 total finals and 9 total...
  18. Towny

    McEnroe vs Lendl at US open

    Inspired by a thread in GPPD, I'm curious as to who people think was better/greater at the US Open. Mac obviously having the extra title but also having fewer finals and generally being less consistent. So who do you think was better at the US open?
  19. Towny

    Rank Nadal's level in Wimbledon finals

    I'm interested in the performance in the final specifically, not necessarily the whole tournament. I'm fully aware this has been done to the death, but I wanted to have an updated survey. I'm most interested in what Nadal fans have to say as I expect they'll be less biased than the Djokovic and...
  20. Towny

    Federer vs Nadal hypothetical: Who would have had the better career?

    I think most of us would put Federer ahead in the GOAT debate at present or at least have the two about level (vocal minority would have Nadal ahead). However, had Federer retired after his terrible 2013 season and if Nadal had retired after this season, who would you have considered to have the...
  21. Towny

    Most impressive achievements of the Big 3

    At a time when every other thread seems to be about denigrating the career of one of the Big 3 or other, I thought we could instead recognise their achievements. What would you say is the most impressive achievement, to you, of each of the Big 3? For me: Federer: 11 slams won in 4 years...