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  1. ReturnAndVolley

    Zverev officially joins the big servers

    His serve has improved a lot. Yesterday : 18 aces to Isner's 10. If you think that's because Isner isn't a good returner, Zverev's first serve had more average speed too. Today : 7 aces to Federer's 3. 134mph average speed. I think he is there. Isner Karlovic Raonic Zverev
  2. ReturnAndVolley

    Nishikori not looking good

    Currently getting schooled by Anderson. Not moving well. Can't make a first serve. Lots of UEs. Loses the first set 6-0 and down 4-0 in the 2nd. TBH he wasn't so good vs Federer but Federer was worse, Anderson is in peak form.
  3. ReturnAndVolley

    Tsitsipas' backhand...

    Stefanos Tsitsipas is a talented player. He has a very good forehand, he moves well, volleys well and has a habit of playing really great on the big points. However, one area lacking in his game is his backhand. He often does nothing with this shot, just returns balls with it and hardly gets...
  4. ReturnAndVolley

    Tsitsipas - Zverev. A new rivalry begins !

    Zverev has won more Masters titles than Federer did at his age. Tsitsipas just became the youngest player to get three top 10 wins (Thiem, Djokovic, Zverev) at a single tournament since a 19-year-old Rafael Nadal at Monte Carlo in 2006. After Zverev's post match comments where he said of...
  5. ReturnAndVolley

    How does Diego Schwartzman hit his first serves?

    I often hear that if you are below 5'8, you should spin your first serves for the high percentage. But I watched some of his serves and it seemed to me he just hit squarely behind the ball. I am wondering about the angles here, he isn't very tall and he has a decent first serve. Does he hit...
  6. ReturnAndVolley

    Thiem or A. Zverev, who wins a slam first?

    Both of these guys will win a grand slam sometime in the next 4 years, possibly sooner. So who do you think wins one first? I go with Thiem winning RG before Zverev wins his first slam (USO). Give your opinions.