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  1. Ross K

    F/S: Graphene MP and Speed 99s

    For sale: Graphene Speed MP (latest version, 16/19) - 9/10 condition... g2... Shipped total: £75 Steam 99s - 9/10 condition... g2... Shipped total: £75 PM me for more details, pics etc. UK Only
  2. Ross K

    Graphene Speed MP v IG Speed (315) MP

    Had the Graphene MP for a while now but haven't played loads with it and was so-so initially (something in the balance). Must say though, it is growing on me. Surprisingly APD-ish with it's high trajectory and slightly polarised sensation. Loads of spin here. Hits a deep heavy ball consistently...
  3. Ross K

    Various frames to go!

    Selling these. Postage: UK only definitely preferred. Graphene Speed MP (latest version, 16/19) - 9/10 condition... g3... Shipped total: £80 Blade 98 (black latest version, open pattern)- 9/10 condition... g3... Shipped total: £75 Gold/black Blade 98 X 2... 8.5/10 condition - 1 x g3...
  4. Ross K

    Tfight 295

    Anyone at all played with this care to share their thoughts... I've been surprised and impressed with the lighter 280 model but can't help wondering about the 295 as it carries a bit more weight. With the 280 I'm liking the 16/20, the 100" hoop-size (just can't quite get on with the...
  5. Ross K

    Pacific rackets - share your experiences

    The only one I know a bit is the X Force Pro (a fantastic frame I unfortunately let go a little too quickly... wish I'd experimented with strings/tensions.) But as for Pacific's other frames, I know very little indeed. So I'm interested in how the Pacific range differ from one-and-other...
  6. Ross K

    QSN re new Speeds, other Head frames from Blade 98 user

    Just wondering if someone could help me out here... Have been playing the latest Blade 98 (16x19) and just love that particular solid, lush, plow-through-the-ball impact feel. It is this that I most like about the Blade. However, I've had a few issues and TBH find it a little bit demanding at...
  7. Ross K

    Blade 98 - Pros who actually play these (all versions)

    Yes, pro-wise, who does actually play with a real Blade 98, be it the new Black Blades, gold/black, K Blade, etc, etc? Just curious. TIA
  8. Ross K

    What is there NOT to like about the Blade?

    Recently started playing the 16x19 Blade, and that's impressed me so much I've also not only looked at the gold/black 18x20 (which has automatically shot to being one of my fave closed pattern frames ever - and I'm usually totally an open pattern fan), but even an old K Blade too. Anyhow, I...
  9. Ross K

    F/S: various

    Selling these. Postage UK only. 1 X AG 200 4D Tour... CONDITION: 9/10... GRIP: 2 ... SHIPPED TOTAL PRICE: £55 ... 1 X Juice 100... CONDITION: 9/10... GRIP: 3 ... SHIPPED TOTAL PRICE: £60 ... 1 X APD Original... CONDITION: 8/10... GRIP 3: ... SHIPPED TOTAL PRICE: £60 ... 1 X...
  10. Ross K

    kissmyace is fantastic seller

    Just completed a transaction with kissmyace (Adam) and I 100% recommend him. Great communication. Speedy shipping. Fantastic seller! R
  11. Ross K

    juuso85 is excellent seller!

    Would 100% recommend juuso85. A perfect transaction. R.
  12. Ross K

    FS (T): various frames

    Selling these. Postage UK only. 1 X PD 2012... CONDITION: 9/10... GRIP: 3 ... SHIPPED TOTAL PRICE: £75 ... 1 X AG 200 4D Tour... CONDITION: 9/10... GRIP: 2 ... SHIPPED TOTAL PRICE: £55 ... 1 X Juice 100... CONDITION: 9/10... GRIP: 3 ... SHIPPED TOTAL PRICE: £60 ... 1 X APD...
  13. Ross K

    For the attention of Hankenstein

    Hankenstein, I've noticed lately that most times I'm checking out threads on the very latest up-coming frames that we are all drooling over in eager anticipation haha :), you seem to have played these racs well in advance of most of us. IIRC you test frames and write for a Scandinavian...
  14. Ross K

    Extreme 2.0 Pro and Extreme 2.0 MP

    Interested to hear from those who've played the MP or Pro or both. Basically, the Pro is beginning to interest me but I have one major worry: the possibility of getting one that specs out at more than advertised. I've read a number of reports where discrepancies in QC, excess weight, etc, has...
  15. Ross K

    Juice 100 V PD 2012

    Anyone have any thoughts on how these 2 contrast or whatever, experiences, thoughts? For me, I'm having the hardest time choosing between them. Yes, they are very alike, but there are differences, be them slight. Initially the J100 won out as the feel is better, the ball it hit was a tad...
  16. Ross K

    QSN for JackB1

    Hi Jack, I've noticed you have experience with a lot of frames, many of which interest me. Just curious how you'd rank all the below specifically on serve... which has most pop?... best for kick and spin?... best control?... etc... any particular one or two frames clearly your "serving frame...
  17. Ross K

    Tour Bite hybrid... what cross string?

    It's been my best ever poly for power, control and spin and I want to look at it again following a long break - I've been checking other polys, a few multis/gut/hybrids etc. QSN though: what would ppl cross a TB hybrid with? BTW, the frame I'll be using here is a Juice 100. What I'd like...
  18. Ross K

    Aeropro Drive and the pros

    Okay, question no. 1... Rafa is known to still use the APD "Original", but does anyone know for sure which version Tsonga is using. Querrey too?
  19. Ross K

    FS/FT: X Force Pro, RD7, BLX95, VT BC30, Pro No 1, 200 4D T

    Selling these. Postage UK only. PM me. 1 X X Force Pro - 9/10 condition, grip 4, £55 shipped. 1 X Vantage BC30, 8.5/10 condition, grip 3, £50 shipped. 1 X Dunlop 200 4D Tour, 8.5/10 condition, grip 3, £50 shipped. 1 X BLX 6.1 95, 8.5/10 condition, grip 4, £50 shipped. 1 X Fischer Pro No 1...
  20. Ross K

    And the best tweenerish frame out there that won't shred your arm to pieces is...?

    By tweener I mean something like my APD Original... 100" head-size, lightish, designed for power/spin/baseline play. As well as a tad more control, feel, solidness and build quality, the important aspect for me is frame stiffness, RA. I know the way frames are categorized in this regard can...
  21. Ross K

    Pacific X Force Pro - users/opinions etc

    Firstly, I've come to this frame via the siver/red Fischer Pro No 1 (or VT Pro 98, which is same as the silver/red apparently), and the XFP is in turn I believe the same as the Fischer Black Granite frame. Whatever - I have to say I was blown away by how good a serve frame this was for me...
  22. Ross K

    C10 Pro review - do ppl agree with this?

    I read this yesterday and, having spent some time with the C10 over the years, this really stood out for me in a few respects, and made me think about a few things - and not just about the frame in question (2012 C10 BTW) but also about the generality of reviews and how nice it is to have...
  23. Ross K

    Marcos Baghdatis frame/mods/set up, etc

    I believe it's the general consensus that, beneath the paintjob, Marcos uses the VT 98 Pro, and has done for many, many years. My query relates to his set up (strings, tension), but I'm even more curious to know if anyone has an idea re his mods, lead amounts and it's placement, etc. Anyone...
  24. Ross K

    Stringing recommendations for VT Pro 98/Pro No 1 (silver/red)

    I'm seeking some string recommendations for the VT Pro 98/Pro No 1 (silver/red), and I'm looking to boost the power, but if possible, not taking away from the superb impact feel too much, nor spin capacity (okay, it's all technique I know, but you see where I'm coming from.) In the main though...
  25. Ross K

    N. Bolletierri's Sonic Serve vid...

    What do ppl think of this and what is being discussed and demonstrated? Is this an absolute must for those working on sharpening up their serve technique? Is this "one of the best serve vids ever" as somebody has commented? TIA
  26. Ross K

    WTB/T: PDR 2012 standard & VCore 100

    Wanted to buy or trade: PDR 2012 version standard & VCore 100 Grip 2 or 3 EU ONLY Cheers R
  27. Ross K

    APD mods - ppls thoughts/experiences/fave 'money' set up

    Just curious to hear from ppl re their thoughts - why they opted for whatever particular set ups they did - their experiences and observations - and ultimately... what are your fave 'money' mod sets up with the APD (any version) and why.:) TIA BTW I'm currently at 3g @ 12 and 6g fishing...
  28. Ross K

    TT Film/TV Show/Music/Books (etc) CULTURE CLUB!

    ... and when I say Culture Club, I'm not talking Boy George either (though if that floats your boat, why not?!) Films, TV shows, books, music, plays, shows, whatever... seen/heard/read anything that you'd care to recommend/criticize/post about?
  29. Ross K

    'rlau' is a superb guy!

    Just completed another fantastic transaction with rlau. I would recommend him 100% to anybody. :) R
  30. Ross K

    riau - great guy to do business with!

    Just had a great transaction with riau. Superb communication, speedy delivery, excellent packaging, etc. All in all, I'm very happy here and would highly recommend riau to anyone. R