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    A top running-shoe expert says sneaker brands are selling a myth about how to prevent injuries
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    Yonex on Tour
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    Has Kyrgios already saved tennis?

    Why do you think I changed my statement about Washington tournament competitive level? I am not saying that Nick played bad, after all. I watched all his matches except the final one, and he indeed served great and played confidently. However, it doesn't change the fact that he could not...
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    Has Kyrgios already saved tennis?

    Novak beat only one top-ten player (Roger Federer) for his 2019 Wimbledon title. However, this is a ridiculous comparison. Novak was the number one seed on the tournament (as he was both previous year Wimbledon champion and top-ranked player on the ATP tour at the moment). In other words, it...
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    Has Kyrgios already saved tennis?

    A guy with indisputable talent and huge charisma. He reminds me of Dennis Rodman, who was also a weird-acting guy, seeking attention, making scandals on-court and off-court, etc. However, Dennis Rodman was not only immensely entertaining weirdo to watch - he also had remarkable achievements...
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    Who saw Kyrgios destroy Medvedev?

    Too bad... I didn’t watch the match live, but the result (7:6, 7:6) doesn’t indicate that he destroyed Medvedev. I am sure that highlights from the match will be spectacular, though ;) EDIT: Just watched the match highligts. As expected, this was a “classic Nick Kyrgios” performance - highly...
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    Federer needs a new racquet!!!
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    How much difference does choice of balls make?

    It's true that French Open made a switch from Dunlop to Babolat balls for the first time in 2011, but I believe the same Babolat balls were used at French Open ever since?
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    What is the correlation of the number of edges in a shaped poly have to do with spin potential?

    OK, instead of drawing conclusions based on a statement like "they look almost the same cross section", let's conduct a more objective experiment... For this experiment we will need: 1) The string itself, in two different gauges (17 and 18) 2) One sharp Swiss Army Knife, which we will use...
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    NoleFam - are we mostly Serbian?

    Well, it depends on several factors: how many days you plan to spend, and whether you prefer big cities, night life or nature? You should spend at least few days in Belgrade particularly if you like great food, spirits, wine and nightlife/clubbing. Novak Djokovic tennis academy is here, with...
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    NoleFam - are we mostly Serbian?

    I am from Serbia, and Nole is definitely enormously popular here. It's not uncommon to see people watch his matches in the cafes or celebrate his titles on the streets/squares. However, it's nowhere near celebrations of soccer or basketball wins/titles (or even water polo titles - tennis is not...
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    What is the correlation of the number of edges in a shaped poly have to do with spin potential?

    An old topic, I have already discussed it with another forum member many years ago. I am really too old to waste my time on trivial topics for the sake of proving that I am right, etc. It is 21st century now, so objective truth is a relative category - advertising information on the website...
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    What is the correlation of the number of edges in a shaped poly have to do with spin potential?

    Actually, Tour Bite is a pentagonal string.
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    Djokovic News

    A great article:
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    A good (and pretty objective) article about Novak
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    Wimbledon 2019 Final: Novak Djokovic [1] vs Roger Federer [2]

    As a Novak fan, I admit that he was outplayed by Roger today, but not outscored when it was important. Roger had the keys to victory in his hands when he was serving for the match with two match points. The crowd was simply counting down seconds to explode in celebration, but instead, he was...
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    Lisicki with Yonex Ezone?

    That's good to know, thanks for sharing that info!
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    Lisicki with Yonex Ezone?

    I have four racquets of each (Ai and DR). After detailed comparison, I am pretty confident that they are absolutely same mold (slightly isometric). However, their grommets/bumpers are not identical, their buttcaps are not identical, and the feel on ball impact is sublimely different. With Ai...
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    2019 Australian Open Men’s Singles Final (1) Novak Djokovic V (2) Rafael Nadal

    Unreal level of tenis by Nole... Wow, wow, wow...
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    Split tension: what is the optimal mains/crosses tension difference?

    In my opinion, too big (extreme) difference between mains and crosses is not sustainable. For example, you want to string mains @27kg and crosses at @18kg. While the racquet is firmly fixed in the stringing machine, everything is fine - racquet head cannot bend in any direction. However, as...
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    I don't know if NGW is the same thing as Global Gut, but I had positive experience with Global Gut 16 in natural color ($10 per set, ordered directly from India). Two-three years ago I went through 6-7 sets of their gut in mains, in hybrid with various poly strings (typically 25/24kg), and only...
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    Prettiest serve motion?

    1) Sampras 2) Federer 3) Verdasco 4) Wawrinka ...
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    RPM and VS hybird review

    VS in mains or crosses?
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    2018 ATP Finals Final: (1.) Novak Djokovic vs. (3.) Alexander Zverev

    “Whatever comes out of these gates, we've got a better chance of survival if we work together. Do you understand? If we stay together we survive!”
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    2018 ATP Finals RR: (1.) Novak Djokovic vs. (5.) Marin Cilic

    Two hudred precious points were on stake. Bunch of pro players are giving their best to win smaller ATP tournaments in order to get 250 points, so 200 points for a win in round robin phase are worth the effort.
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    Nike Vapor X Sandplatz Farben (Claycourt Colors)

    The best looking Vapor ever:
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    Volley practice ;)

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    Old man beating Kvitova

    You didn't have patience to watch 3 minute video to the end, and instead asked someone to tell you who is this guy? :)
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    Unexpected encounter on the tennis court

    Ah, I apologize, didn't know that a thread was already created on this :)