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    Head Prestige Classic 600 and Head Agassi Radical LE

    I have two racquets I'd like to sell as I'll be moving and just don't have space to take these on the flight. 1) Head Agassi Radical LE - Got it from TW when it was first released. Number 0662. Grip size looks to 3/8. I forgot, i'll see if I can dig up the old email. $50 shipped. Strung with...
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    Nike Global Control crew and Generic white polo medium....CHEAP!!!

    I have a Nike Global Control crew shirt, the same as nadal wore in the Aussie's (diff colour and with sleeves)..i think moya wore this colour though. It's size M and a bit too big for me. For that reason , i've only worn this maybe 4-5 times. I'd rate it 9/10! Nikefit. Price: $20shipped...
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    Bosworth Leather Plus + Strings, Shirts : Europe / US

    So, I used to play tennis regularly up to last year and then I suffered a serious injury and had to take a break for a while and I have these remaining I have Bosworth Leather Plus grips. They are replacement grips which are supposed to a feel like leather. I have 6 of them. €10/$15 +...
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    Luuey - Great Buyer

    Very fast payment, good-fast email responses. Great buyer. Would deal with again. -crazytennis
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    Prestige Classic Mid (PC600) Last offer 120$ shipped.

    PC 600 Grip size : 4 5/8 Condition: 8.5-9/10 For Sale. No trades, sorry. Price 120 shipped in the CONUS.
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    PC 600....Prestige Classic 600, 140 shipped, 8.5-9/10

    I have a PC600 is 8.5-9 condition. Has scratches on the CAPS grommet, one small scratch on the body(you'll have to search for it) and one on the buttcap. The racquet is in great condition and I'll ship it for 140dollars shipped within the continental US. Priority USPS. THe grip size is 4...
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    Nike Tennis shirt , excellent condition, 9/10, $22 shipped

    Nike shirt, only worn once. It doesn't fit me quite well as I usually wear S. Nike Medium. Price is 22$ shipped in the US.
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    Head Prestige Classic 600 PC600 5/8. FS

    I have a 8.5/10 Prestige Classic 600 for sale. Has scratches on the grommets, one tiny scratch on the body and one on the butt cap. It has Prestige Classic600 written on the side. Price is 160 firm , shipped within continental US with Delivery confirmation and USPS Priority. The racquet is...
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    Head Liquidmetal Prestige Mid for Sale 9/10 ***Pictures***

    I have a LM Prestige in 9/10 condition with only scratches on the Head. It has a custom balsa wood grip and the grip size is between 4 1/8 and 4 1/4. It is unstrung. Some pictures are here below. No trades please...
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    Customer with Bad TE, suggestions?

    Done Thanks guys.
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    Ace Rimmer, Great seller!

    Ultra fast delivery. Racquet in great condition. Highly recommended. - crazytennis
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    My post count is at triple Nelson

    My post count is on triple Nelson. ahhhh...
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    FS: Head Liquidmetal Prestige Mid 600 .. 9/10...60+shipping

    I have a LM Prestige Mid for sale. It is around 9/10 condition. The grip is a custom balsa wood grip and is between 4 1/8 and 4 1/4. Has scratches on the CAPs but doesn't have any other scratch on the body. Price is 60$ + Shipping from 97202. Please email at if interested.
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    Rafter is back!!!!

    Pat Rafter is back and playing at the Blackrock tour of champion events in Graz. So excited to see him back.!
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    Ryangoring is great!!!!

    Great seller. Really nice and extremely fast shipping. Also included a free set of strings. Awesome! Highly recommended.
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    Improving youtube picture quality

    If the picture quality of a youtube video is bad adding "&fmt=18" without the quote works in improving the quality most of the time. For example: And with &fmt=18
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    Great transaction with Tennis2001.

    Great buyer. Highly recommended.
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    For those of wanting a ball machine Very cool.
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    FS: Head Prestige Classic Mid (PC 600)

    I have a PC600, which is in 8.5/10 condition. There are scratches on the CAPs but the CAPS can be changed for 5 dollars and there are 1-2 minute scratches which you won't see unless you look for it. I'm shipping from 97202. Email me with your best offer. Please no low-balling, I may do...
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    Help on the serve, how do I stop these ?

    Hi, I have two major problems with my serve. Any help and drills removing these bad habits is highly appreciated. I have an abbreviated motion and will post videos as soon as possible. 1) I move my back foot way too much. I'm almost facing the net straight on when I'm hitting the ball...
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    TW : A question

    I got a couple of reels of string and a bunch of apparel from TW but when my strings came one of the reels was broken in pieces and gave me a bad cut. I have the return label, so do I just return it or do I need to fill forms and stuff ? Thanks.
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    Racquet recommendation Please!

    I'm currently using a PC660 and want to switch racquets because I want to buy a couple of new ones and switch. My criteria: Not too stiff. I have a forehand which is pretty consistent, OHBH and I slice as well. I love finishing my points at the net and try to serve and volley when I...
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    Bag: KPro & KTour & Head Bag Backpack straps help

    Do you know what exactly is different in these two bags except for the colourway? And also, any Head bag users and backpack straps users, can you also please tell me about the head bag backpack straps ? Thanks. I remember that I carried my friend's bag once and the straps aren't really that...
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    Dthomas: Great buyer!

    Nice guy, pleasure to do business with. Fast payment. Would surely do business with him again.
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    Rafa and McEnroe practising

    Couple of videos of Rafa and McEnroe practicing
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    ESPN360 help needed

    Is ESPN not showing live matches right now or is it just my feed ? ESPN was showing nothing, so I thought it got rained off, then I found that my BBC score update was updating. So,i Found another link to watch the Murray match. But, can anyone tell me if 360 is not showing any more matches or...
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    Wilson Pro Staff 6.1 95 4 5/8

    I got this racquet on a trade deal here on TW. The trade deal was amazing but having had 4 PS 6.1s in the past and selling it, I realized why I had done it. So, I'm sticking with my PC 660. It's in 7+ condition and strung with NRG2 mains and Ashaway Monogut crosses. Has scrapes and scratches but...
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    It's doto8's birthday again today ?

    What's going on and where are you mate ?
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    Dancevic's Racquet

    What was he using ? an I.Radical ? also, he was using a Nike racquet bag and not a head bag ? Does he have a sponsor ?
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    Excellent Trade with SlapShot

    Good and easy trade with Slapshot. Racquets were shipped quickly and were in better than described conditions. Even though, I've sold and bought on this boards a lot, this was my first trade and went very smoothly with SlapShot. Pleasure to do business with and would do business with him in...