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  1. Towny

    Djokovic Wimbledon 2011 vs 2019

    Most likely 2011 wins. 2019 didn't play all that well; he was just clutch in the tiebreaks, which Federer wasn't. I would say it wasn't as good as his performance last year. For best performance overall though, it's got to be 2015
  2. Towny

    Djokovic-Nadal in 4 straight Slam finals

    This was at the height of their rivalry. This is during one of the periods in which Nadal was making finals on all surfaces, hence it was possible. Fortunately for Nadal, he was able to reassert himself on his home turf to stop Djokovic from winning a NCYGS against him. Fedal came close to this...
  3. Towny

    To Federer Fans , you guys Thank you for novak Djokovic?

    There's been a recent thread where I think it was reasonably demonstrated that Djokovic had denied Federer more slams than he's denied Nadal. So in that regard, I'm not thankful for Novak. With no Novak, Nadal might be past 20 slams but Federer would be past 25 slams. In the context of him...
  4. Towny

    Nadal Wimbledon 2010 vs W 2011 vs W 2018

    Fed showed up 6 times to face Nadal at RG, including this year. And he's 3-1 against Nadal at Wimbledon, with Nadal's only win being 9-7 in the fifth in his best Wimbledon title run, so why you think Nadal would have got several more wins at Wimbledon against Fed had they played between 2009 and...
  5. Towny

    Remember AO 2018 ? Stop writing off young players

    No one under the age of 31 has won a slam, including Medvedev. There's a limit to how patient we can be with them. We were told with Dimitrov, Raonic, Nishikori, Tomic, Young et al to just wait a few more years. Well, we've waited and they haven't delivered. I'm sure one of the young guns will...
  6. Towny

    Federer is now 1-9 against #1 at Slams

    Oh certainly, most Djokovic fans are very reasonable. It's the minority who aren't, bit a vocal minority at that. But that goes for Fed and Nadal fans too. I certainly agree the numbers are skewed. I'm largely playing devil's advocate to Lew here. But the fact that Nadal is 12-1 against Fedovic...
  7. Towny

    Federer is now 1-9 against #1 at Slams

    Yes, which leads me to question how much it is about supporting/liking Djokovic and how much of it is just about hating Federer.
  8. Towny

    Federer is now 1-9 against #1 at Slams

    Yes so 6 wins there and then 2 wins outside. Djokovic has one win at his pet slam and 2 wins outside This highlights Nadal's supreme dominance at RG, surpassing both Federer at Wimbledon and Djokovic at the AO. Then factor in that Nadal's 2 wins outside RG came against Fed at Wimbledon (8 time...
  9. Towny

    2017 AO - 2018 IW

    He played well, especially in the first few months of the year. IW was especially impressive. The whole period was overall a bit better than 2015. But clearly not at the same level as 2004-06
  10. Towny

    Federer is now 1-9 against #1 at Slams

    Yes, but Nadal has quite the case doesn't he? Ahead in slams and masters. Better winning percentage in slams and overall. Leads the slam H2H against Novak. Now you have demonstrated he is far better playing against the number 1 than Djokovic. I know you make these threads to denigrate Federer...
  11. Towny

    Federer is now 1-9 against #1 at Slams

    If you were consistent on this point, you'd hail Nadal the GOAT. 8-6 is far better than 3-5
  12. Towny

    2005-2007 Nadal vs 2017-2019 Nadal

    Agreed, those middle two sets especially was exceptional stuff from Nadal and I don't think 2019 Fed would have the answers
  13. Towny

    2005-2007 Nadal vs 2017-2019 Nadal

    2007 Nadal may well take 2019 Federer in 4. Even 2006 Nadal would have done better, although not sure if he would have won
  14. Towny

    2005-2007 Nadal vs 2017-2019 Nadal

    Definitely better at the masters. 2017 Nadal was damn good at RG though. Similar level to 2007 (arguably better but I'd probably disagree). 2005/6 a bit better than 2018/19 at RG but I don't think there's a huge amount in it. A lot faster back then but is more aggressive now. Probably less...
  15. Towny

    2005-2007 Nadal vs 2017-2019 Nadal

    2005-07 Nadal superior on clay (just about). Superior on grass too (again, not a lot in it) 2017-19 Nadal vastly superior on hard courts Overall, 2017-19 Nadal takes it, given how prevalent hard court is. Significantly better results at slams too
  16. Towny

    GOAT + ATGs of GPPD

    GOAT: Sewretch Tier 1: 90's clay Tier 2: Clarky, Chico Tier 3: NadalAgassi
  17. Towny

    Medvedev to finish 2019 as #3?

    If Medvedev finishes number 3, he will deserve it for how hard he has worked post-Wimbledon. 6 finals in a row is a fantastic achievement, when you consider that this includes a slam and 3 masters. I'm hoping he wins tomorrow. I'm hoping this summer swing hasn't just been a flash in the pan. I'm...
  18. Towny

    Federer was 3 points from having 23 slams (and Nadal having only 18, Djokovic only 13)

    Yeah, Fed was just one point away :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing: I highly doubt Fed beats Nadal at the USO 2010. Nadal was at an extremely high level and Federer didn't tend to match up well with him back then. If he couldn't get past Djokovic, who lost in 4 to Nadal, I doubt he gets...
  19. Towny

    Federer was 3 points from having 23 slams (and Nadal having only 18, Djokovic only 13)

    Wimbledon 2019 - Yes AO 2005 - Almost certainly US Open 2011 - Possibly (around 50/50) US Open 2010 - Almost no chance
  20. Towny

    I simply cannot be mad

    Great post, although I wouldn't count out Berrettini just yet. It's nice to see the younger guys making deep runs. Now if we could just see this at the slams...
  21. Towny

    Djokovic strong competition in 2011 and weak competition in 2015 myth.

    Federer 2015 Halle-post USO Davis cup play-offs Sets won: 64/72 Matches won: 24/26 Titles won: 2/4 (Masters + 500) H2H against Top 10: 4-2 Federer 2011 USO-WTF Sets won; 53/63 Matches won: 22/23 Titles won: 3/4 (YEC + Masters + 500) H2H against Top 10: 7-1 He played well in both periods but I...
  22. Towny

    Djokovic strong competition in 2011 and weak competition in 2015 myth.

    I disagree actually. Yeah, Fed folded in the tiebreaks in the Wimbledon final but he also fought back from a break down in the 5th. He also took it to 5, something he failed to do in 2015 (admittedly, this was a weaker Djokovic). He also played him very close in Paris, again losing in the...
  23. Towny

    Djokovic strong competition in 2011 and weak competition in 2015 myth.

    Slams Fed 2011: F, SF, SF, QF Fed 2015: F, F, QF, 3R YEC Fed 2011: W Fed 2015: F Masters Fed 2011: W, SF, SF, SF, QF, QF, 3R, 3R Fed 2015: W, F, F, 3R, 3R, 2R, 2R I agree that there isn't a massive difference but Fed 2011 is quite clearly ahead (Fed 2015 did better in 500s/250s though). More...
  24. Towny

    Who is the most *under*rated OE ATG (Big 3 not included)?

    Depends what you mean by underrated. On this board, or in general? As for this board, I'd say Connors. The guy won 8 slams in spite of only playing the AO twice and skipping RG 5 consecutive years in his prime. Oh, and his favourite slam, the USO, was switched to clay for 3 years. He still won 5...
  25. Towny

    Fed to play another 5 years

    Good to see you back
  26. Towny

    Match Stats/Report - Djokovic vs Federer, US Open semi-final, 2011

    Thank you for this wonderful summary of the match, Waspsting. A great read!
  27. Towny

    My fave up and coming top 300 NextGen player

    Looks good. Will reach 3R at Queen's
  28. Towny

    Hypothetical question for Big 3 fans...

    I'd rather watch Federer play for longer without the slam record rather than see him crippled for life. Not least for Federer's own sake. Having the slam record is small comfort when you won't ever be able to play tennis competitively again
  29. Towny

    The 10s: GOATs per slam.

    Well this further evidences the weakness of LostGen. Total inability to break through the Big 3 dominance. Wawrinka and Murray managed it 3 times each; there's no excuse. And the clock is ticking for NextGen too. Hopefully we'll see something (maybe from Med) next year, but this decade is a...
  30. Towny

    Roger Federer - KING of heartbreaking losses. Every year toughest loss from 2000.

    Not surprised because it's a match he believed he should've won. I think Nadal AO 09 was the tougher opponent and the more difficult prospect. Maybe Roger thinks he would've lost regardless. i still regard it as his most 'heart-breaking' loss that year though. I mean, he literally cried at the...