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  1. phucng_10

    String Savers

    Today, my friend and I were heading home from a Spirit Rally at a friends high school. On our way home we were talking a bit about tennis and my friend said he was going to get string savers because he said it helps him create topspin. I told him that string savers are for players who...
  2. phucng_10

    College Majors

    Hey everyone, I'm into my 2nd to last year of Highschool (Junior Year) and I still can't really decide what I want to be when I grow up. I heard from my sister that after your 2nd year of college you need to know what you want to be so you can get your degree on it. It's a bit of a hard decision...
  3. phucng_10

    Ashaway Crossfire II came in!

    I'll be restringing my racquet with these fresh Ashaway Crossfire II's that came in today. I'll be trying nickb's 48/52 setup, but it seems like he didn't really like it because of arm problems I'm assuming. I was reading his thread on his Crossfire setup but I guess he doesn't like it. What...
  4. phucng_10

    Tennis in San Jose!

    Does anybody know any tennis courts in San Jose that has lights? Fowler Park (heard the lights were cut off by residents around the area), Seventrees (in construction), and Valley West Apartments (halogen lights which are a bit annoying to the human eye). Those are the only places around my area...
  5. phucng_10

    Where are our manners?

    A nice blog about manners. Seems like the world is corrupted with technology nowadays.
  6. phucng_10


    Well, I have a problem of not being able to shower without shampoo. I know some of my friends shower without using shampoo, but I feel disgusted if my hair isn't cleaned properly. Then again, using too shampoo will damage my hair and I don't want that to happen. It's probably happening already...
  7. phucng_10

    Show Yourself TTers!

    Sorry, didn't know there was already one. I'll be posting on the old one! ;)
  8. phucng_10

    Restringing my Racquet

    Well, I have fell in love with Kevlar strings because of it's dead feeling. I'm going to get Ashaway Kevlar 17g and Technifibre Pro Red Code 17g. Do you guys think it's a good hybrid setup or no? If it is, can I use half of it and save the half for later, or would there be not enough feet to do so?
  9. phucng_10

    The Fischer Racquet Thread!

    Well, I don't really see many people here on TW talking about Fischer Racquets so this thread will be dedicated to those who would like to know about Fischer Racquets. I myself own one and it's in my signature. I love how the grip handle is shaped and it's easy to manuever! Post pictures of...
  10. phucng_10

    Trying to find out which Kevlar I should get.

    Well, I lent my HS #1 Singles my racquet when his snapped in half while serving and after the season ended, he restrung the racquet for me. The crosses are Forten Nylon 16 but it's just the Kevlar I'm confused about. My friend told me that any type of Kevlar would do, but I never really used...
  11. phucng_10

    Forten Hybrid

    Anyways, I just snapped my strings about last week and I needed to string my racquet in a hurry because I had a game that following Tuesday. My friend had these strings,, and he used them as a Hybrid. Green and Black to be exact. Has...
  12. phucng_10

    Some tips

    Ok, well I've been having trouble with my consistency for awhile now and I've been finding ways to practice it. But everything I've tried hasn't seemed to work. I really think it's the way I'm swinging my racquet or I'm just putting way too much power into my shots. What ways would you guys...
  13. phucng_10

    Need some feedbacks!

    Does anybody here wear the Adidas Barricades II? If so, how long did it take for you guys to get it to break in?
  14. phucng_10

    What strings to use?

    Right now, I'm currently using Ashaway Monogut 16 in the mains and Gosen Super Micro 16 in the crosses. Whenever I hit, I can't feel the strings grabbing the ball and it seems to be slowing my pace down. Can someone recommend me some strings that I can feel when the ball makes contact with my...
  15. phucng_10


    Has anybody ever gotten a blister on their palm? Well I do and it's really bugging me. I have tennis practice and I can't play because of the blister. How do you get it to heal? I apply lotion to my hand so that it wouldn't go dry everyday, but that still gives me blisters. Can someone tell me...
  16. phucng_10

    Adidas Tirand III

    Well, I'm planning to get these but I don't exactly know which size to get. Is it like all other Adidas footwear? Because I have a pair of Adidas Superstars which is size 11 and a pair of Vans that is size 10.5. What I'm wondering is that, if I fit the 10.5 for Vans, should I get a 10.5 for the...
  17. phucng_10

    Grips, Grips, & Grips!

    I've tried many overgrips but none seem to suit me. One may be too tacky, one may have no grip at all, some gets slippery when moist, some stays dry and gives me blisters. I've played with Wilson Pro Overgrip for awhile now, but it seems that the durability doesn't last so long. I usually play...
  18. phucng_10

    Changing to a new Racquet

    I've been playing with the Wilson nCode 6.1 95 for the past year or so, and now I'm thinking about switching to a new racquet. One of the racquet(s) that has been catching my eye is the Fischer M-Speed Pro #1 98 square inch UL version (it's the older model, not the 07 model). Has anybody played...
  19. phucng_10


    Well I've been playing for about a week or so, and I just got a blister while playing. Well no 1 but 2 blisters, one on my index finger and one on my palm. Is there anyway that the grip can cause this? Or what am I doing wrong that's having me to get blisters while playing? My other friends that...
  20. phucng_10

    I need a comparison

    Are there any owners of the Wilson nCode nSixOne 95 that has made a switch to the Fischer M-Speed Pro No #1? I'm about to switch and I want to see if there's a different feeling to it..
  21. phucng_10

    Haven't posted for awhile

    Well, I have a few questions about the Wilson nCode nSixOne 95. TW doesn't sell it anymore, why? Not a lot of people like this racquet? Just wanting some opinions on whoever plays with this racquet, because I love the way my forehand feels when I make contact with the ball. Just the thing is...
  22. phucng_10

    Elbow Pain

    Well, today while I was practicing some serves and out of nowhere on the 15th or 16th serve, my elbow started hurting. It was like every time I tried to flex it, it would hurt a lot. Do you know the cause of this elbow pain? It feels like my bones are rubbing against each other or something, but...
  23. phucng_10

    nPro Open or nPro Open X

    Has anyone played with either racquet? I'm planning to demo both of them and see how they play. My current racquet is a nSixOne 95 and it's been giving me a bit of wrist pain. I know it's nothing with my swings, stance, or form. Maybe my wrist isn't working out with a heavy Pro Staff? Well, if...
  24. phucng_10

    Switching out of nSixOne 95

    Well, I might be getting some money soon, so I was just wondering how the APD feels. I've played with the Babolat PD before and it felt great with topspins and power. Can the APD be compared to the PD or are they just about similar to each other?
  25. phucng_10

    SPPP on n6.1 95 [16x18]

    Alright, so right now, my current strings on my nSixOne 95 [16x18] are Gosen Polylon 17g @ 60lbs. I'm planning to switch to SPPP, and I'm wondering if anybody has this racquet and running some SPPP's. If any of you guys are, can you guys give me some info like the feel, comfort, control? Oh and...
  26. phucng_10

    Is there a Wilson Club out there?

    Well if there isn't one, I don't mind making one! :) Please list racquet and picture if possible! Wilson Club! phucng_10 - member #1 lilxjohnyy - member #2 Wilson nCode nSixOne 95 [16x18] : Gosen Polylon 17g @ 60lbs.
  27. phucng_10

    Leather Grips : What's so good about it?

    Is it because it feels more comfortable? More Durable? Why? :confused:
  28. phucng_10

    Choosing Strings

    Well, I've had my eyes on TF NRG2 18g and Luxilon's BB Ace 18. Can somebody tell me the differences between those 2 strings?
  29. phucng_10

    String Pattern

    I'm just wondering whats the difference between 16/19 and 18/20. My nSixOne 95 has a 16/19 and the strings moved a lot, but my topspins weren't so great. I played with my friends Völkl Tour 10 Mid 18/20 and it felt that it was very forgiving and that I felt I was able to control my shots.
  30. phucng_10

    Wrapping Overgrips

    Everytime I rewrap my racquet with a new overgrip it comes out fine, but when I play with it, it feels really weird. It's feels like one side of the overgrip suits my hand perfectly and the other side seems a bit off. Is it suppose to have this feeling? Or, is the way I wrap my overgrip is wrong?