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  1. Noleberic123

    Djokovic, don't even play for the rest of the yeat

    I'm sorry but I have not agreed with your methods this year. I have been disappointed with you for a few months now. You have convinced yourself that only slams matter and nothing else. You won Australia, then probably didn't pick up for a month. You didn't get back into shape till Madrid. Your...
  2. Noleberic123

    Is Federer's slice bothering Djokovic?

    I have noticed that in the last two matches that they have played Federer has been using a lot more slice than in the years prior. In Paris he used a lot of slice and in the Wimbledon final too. Now he might have used it a lot more than he should have. It wasn't really bothering Djokovic in the...
  3. Noleberic123

    This is what they need to do at RG

    They should hold an opening ceremony where they just give Nadal the trophy at the start. This way the rest of the players can fight it out for second place which is essentially what they are doing now, but atleast it would be a little more interesting. I'm not even joking. This has to be done...
  4. Noleberic123

    2019 Rome FINAL: Novak Djokovic (1) vs Rafael Nadal (2)

    Who will take their 34th masters 1000 title?
  5. Noleberic123

    French Open 2019 Power Rankings

    Got this idea from a youtuber named Gil Gross. I will give my list of the top 10 favourites for the French Open and I will change it the closer it gets to the French Open. You guys can make up your own power rankings for the FO 2019 and give your opinions on mine. Here goes. 1. Rafael Nadal-...
  6. Noleberic123

    Murray vs Roddick Official Thread

    Murray leads in just about every category known to man. So I won't post the stats. Who is better? Who is greater? You guys decide Personally I will take Murray.
  7. Noleberic123

    I respect Rafa. But Djokovic is better

    I still think Rafa is greater than Djokovic. But as a tennis player, outside of clay, I don't see how Rafa is better. Djokovic has a better serve and return, better defender off of clay, better backhand, more aggressive on average. I have thought this for years. But I would have been attacked...
  8. Noleberic123

    New Yorkers please explain something to me

    Surely there are some people from New York here. I want you guys to explain to me why you hate Djokovic so much. The crowd really got under my skin last night. It just isn't sinking in. Do you really that most serbs think that it's because of his nationality and where he is from. Just so that...
  9. Noleberic123

    Djokovic couldn't find his car

    Someone please tell how they can like Federer more than this guy :D:p
  10. Noleberic123

    Football: Club vs Country

    Do you guys love your club or country more? Would you rather see your club win the UCL or your country win the World cup?
  11. Noleberic123

    Last 8 GS winners have been 30+ year olds

    USO 16: Wawrinka AO17: Federer FO 17: Nadal Wim 17: Federer USO 17: Nadal AO 18: Federer FO 18: Nadal Wim 18: Djokovic Amazing. The last player to win a slam who was under 30 was Murray in 2016
  12. Noleberic123

    If Djokovic wins today....

    Is it the worst version of Djokovic that has ever won a slam??
  13. Noleberic123

    Some people are just meant to be alone

    Enough said :(
  14. Noleberic123

    Djokovic 2011 vs Djokovic 2015

    Since I like Djokovic and I'm biased as hell. I will make Djokovic thread. Now let's compare the Djokovics from both years in every grand slam and masters based on his level. AO: Djokovic 2011 Indian Wells: Djokovic 2015 Miami: Djokovic 2011 Monte carlo: Djokovic 2015 (2011 he didn't play...
  15. Noleberic123

    Congratulations to the good Federer fans out there

    As much as I don't like the guy and like 85% of his fans. What he has done in his career is unbelievable. Nor Djokovic nor Nadal will ever catch him. His GOAT status has been sealed for decades IMO. Someone bump this thread in 50 years..... He will still be the GOAT That being said. AJDE NOLE!!!
  16. Noleberic123

    Roger Federer- Is Novak over 30!?!

    Oh Rog!!! 1:00
  17. Noleberic123

    Wimbledon 2017 R4: Djokovic (4) vs Mannarino

    Will say Djokovic in 3.
  18. Noleberic123

    Rank RG champions since 2010

    And to top it all off :D Maybe the hardest one due to Nadals dominance. Nadal 2012 Nadal 2017 Nadal 2010 Nadal 2011 Nadal 2013 Nadal 2014 Wawrinka 2015 Djokovic 2016
  19. Noleberic123

    Rank USO champions since 2010

    Because why not. :D Djokovic 2011 Nadal 2010 Djokovic 2015 Nadal 2013 Cilic 2014 Murray 2012 Wawrinka 2016
  20. Noleberic123

    Prediction: Djokovic will win the 2019 Australian Open

    Think about it both Nadal and Federer won their favourite slam again after 3 years at the age of 31. Thats all I have to say. Feel free to bump this thread during January of 2019.
  21. Noleberic123

    Tennis Elbow 2013 is the best tennis game

    Just sayin. I feel like it is far superior to Virtua tennis 4 or Topspin 4 which I haven't played in years. Just feels more realistic to me. I only recently started playing this game thanks to my good old friend @Doctor/Lawyer Red Devil. I am kinda obsessed with it now. I lost to Djokovic at the...
  22. Noleberic123

    Turkish Airlines Euroleague 2016/2017 season general discussion

    I didn't see that there was a thread for this. So here it is basketball fans. Obviously my favourite team is Red Star Belgrade. Which is yours!? Which team will win the euroleague this season!? Go Red Star!! Napred Zvezdo!!
  23. Noleberic123

    Djokovic is too skinny

    He has gotten even skinnier this year. I didn't know such a thing was possible because he has always been a stick but he has done it. Do you guys think that lack of protein has affected his fitness!? I'm not blaming this slight decline to solely that. But god damn! The guy how overdone it.
  24. Noleberic123

    My problem with watching tennis on tv

    What I have tried telling people on this forum before too
  25. Noleberic123

    Rafael Nadal should have gotten the 2013 ITF world champion award

    Deal with it. I can be nice #thuglyf No but seriously. Nadal won 2 slams. Djokovic 1. Nadal won 5 masters titles. Djokovic 3. Djokovic has overall consistency and the WTF over Nadal. But there is no way Nadal was not the best player of the year. Thoughts? :eek:
  26. Noleberic123

    Boris Becker criticizes Novak Djokovic

    Djokovic getcha head back in the game!!! http://www.**************.org/Boris-Becker-criticizes-Novak-Djokovic-He-did-not-prepare-well-enough-after-Roland-Garros-articolo34444.html
  27. Noleberic123

    how long before someone else wins 10+ slams?

    We have been spoilt in this era having to witness 3 players win 10+ slams. After this era is done will we have an era where the best players go back to winning 7 or 8 slams or do you think we might have another player or two winning 13,14,15 slams in the next generation. Not like this is easy to...
  28. Noleberic123

    Do we post too much on here??

    I am almost on 10,000 posts now and am just wondering if all us in general are posting too much on this forum? Anyone feel like there are days where you could have done something better than made 100 posts in 1 day. Or is it normal in message boards like this to have 20,30 thousand plus posts...
  29. Noleberic123

    Is it just one bad day??

    Is this when Djokovic will begin to slide a little bit or is it just one bad day at the office?? The last 18 months has taken alot out of him. He might not ever dominate to the extent he has. Hopefully he wins another 3 or 4 slams.
  30. Noleberic123

    Djokovic makes Federer play worse

    Why its so hard to beat Djokovic right now