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  1. ericsson

    Lacoste Equijet and Guy Forget

    Forget ended his career not with the famous Equijet but with a first generation Babolat Pure Control...
  2. ericsson

    Babolat first generation

    That's what i've heard too but to be honest i can't confirm that it was actually a PK destiny... The first pure control on the other hand is indeed a copy mold of the famous "Supermidsize" Donnay Pro One.
  3. ericsson

    Babolat first generation

    Thank you, As you can see on the pictures the paintjob is slightly different as are the specs: 1994 edition (the Original, 280gr unstrung) 1995-96 double line edition (290gr unstrung) 1997 edition (300gr unstrung and most common) The swirly is a different mold. The first soft and pure drive...
  4. ericsson

    What do Henin and Davenport's racquet today?

    You can't buy it no more cos they don't make it no more, even Justine had to switch to Babolat VS late in her career after using all her stock of MS First Gold...
  5. ericsson

    What do Henin and Davenport's racquet today?

    Justine uses the same racket as Svitolina (old steam 99 with Burn 100 pj) these days.
  6. ericsson

    Let's see who's playing with the most flexible rackets?

    Völkl T10 mp gen. I RA: 64 The best racket i've tested with very low RA is the Vantage Bastcore 30. That is actually a racket i could still use today or play tournaments with...
  7. ericsson

    Babolat first generation

    Yes, if they are not brand new i'll play them (mostly a brief hit). The soft controls were 80% graph / 20% Fiberglass. As i had too many of these older Babolats over the years i've sold a bunch of them, the rest is now in boxes waiting to be hanged together with the rest of my collection...
  8. ericsson

    Babolat first generation

    Thank you for the kind words, happy to help...
  9. ericsson

    Snauwaert Hi-Ten

    Hi-Ten 50 = 103
  10. ericsson

    Babolat Jet

    Much appreciated!
  11. ericsson

    Babolat Jet

    @Babolat Official can you please spread the word that we are waiting for a "jet" a like shoe but with a wider toe box and a zero drop or close to that... Thank you
  12. ericsson

    The Snauwaert fanclub _/¯

    Ok for once and for all, the correct number should be somewhere between 600.000 and 800.000 (max.) rackets per year! The only one that made more then 1 million rackets per year was Donnay, not Snauwaert. My apologies for the bad info coming from the Belgian press, my info now comes directly from...
  13. ericsson

    The Snauwaert fanclub _/¯

    You are correct, it should have been 3 million rackets/year. Fixed it ;-)
  14. ericsson

    Snauwaert again?!

    They really did, the person in charge for the rackets is Roberto Gazzara, he worked for Prince for a long time but there were problems at Prince so Snauwaert got him.Together with Frank Goethijn (product development university Antwerp) they have a team with experience. The first 1500 rackets...
  15. ericsson

    Nicolas Almagro New Raquet and Gear

    No he dont, he plays a Volkl PB10 pro stock...
  16. ericsson

    Boris Becker's current racquet.

    Yes but only 1 or 2 times, it was in a Masters tournament back in 2007 if memory is correct, started with the BB11SE but ended with his old BB10 custom...
  17. ericsson

    Boris Becker's current racquet.

    No he's not, he is using a custom mold (only made for him), also his racket is a little longer then standard...
  18. ericsson

    Nadal is no longer using RPM Blast

    Hmmm, the fact that some long time (and trusty) members confirmed that he actually plays BB Original doesnt count as proof? what's wrong with the world... ;)
  19. ericsson

    Rafa to Pure Aero

    Nope, it's Luxilon Original.
  20. ericsson

    Snauwaert again?!

    The new Snauwaert Europe rackets will be available for the public (online) in a couple of months. The new rackets can be tested at some clubs and some events in the near future... ps: HQ will be in Leuven, Belgium.
  21. ericsson

    Snauwaert again?!

    Hi VS, yes it is and it has nothing to do with the Belgian site, nada.
  22. ericsson

    My PUMA Holy Grail!

    Yes i do but note that the lead was not always placed at the same places, as you may know on the BB World Champion racket the lead places are painted on, the reason is because at that time (1995) he put the lead on those places so it's just a mark on the BB WC (Boris used single layer lead tape...
  23. ericsson

    Rafas made the swap!

    It's still the old frame underneath.
  24. ericsson

    eye-glasses suitable for tennis

    I'm maybe in the minority here but i don't like my Oakley's (FJ's), my eyelashes touch the glass, they fog up like hell, too tight around my face. Oh and too expensive! much better alternatives out there...
  25. ericsson

    Snauwaert again?!

    Hi Auto, hope all is well, its been awhile... Anyway, you are correct, that is his Prince with a Snauwaert stencil. He is testing new frames as we speak though, he will be the new ambassador for the "new" Snauwaert Europe brand. A Belgian businessman and investor started in 2013 by taking over...
  26. ericsson

    boris becker before puma?

    1978-1982: Adidas Hurricane
  27. ericsson

    Chardy to Tecnifibre!

    Tecnifibre T-fight 305 mold with softer lay up...
  28. ericsson

    Snauwaert ATP Tour 85 & 93

    Very solid rackets with great feel and weight, thin constant beamed so giving that extra old school feeling and control. Love these sticks!
  29. ericsson

    Vapor 9 IDs wide fit?

    The strange thing about Roger's custom shoes is that they are not very wide at the toes but they are very wide at the ball of the foot...