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  1. ak24alive

    Helsinki Masters

    Paris Masters should be shifted to Finland. Make it Helsinki Masters or the Finnish Open. For the last 3 years whoever wins the Paris Masters gets a free pass to Finland next year. That's Mury, Sock and Khachanov. You can even put Djokovic in there. After 2015 win in Paris although he won 2...
  2. ak24alive

    Your struggles

    Basic raw survival is rarely the problem for most of us here. Unlike other animals we often have to struggle for things that might seem senseless to others around us and certainly to the animals. Problems that not everybody shares. We have created a world full of complex problems that really...
  3. ak24alive

    If Fraud loses early in Madrid

    in the second or third round, will there be time left to take a wildcard for Rome??
  4. ak24alive

    The world has come to an end

    Supernatural is ending. @I Am Finnish The world is Finnish. Happiness is Finnish. Sadness is Finnish. Feelings are Finnish. Disgust. @Red Rick @Federer and Del Potro
  5. ak24alive

    Virat Kohli appreciation thread

    For all cricket lovers. This guy is ombellebel. Closest thing to the Don we ever had. Odi average of 133 for 14 innings is just mind blowing.
  6. ak24alive

    That's so cool

  7. ak24alive

    Rafa Nadal

    @Poisoned Slice my friend I can't thank you enough for finding this gem. VAMOS!!
  8. ak24alive

    Statistics needed

    Hey. I am looking for stats about percentage of rallies won by a player(in a match, in a tournament, in a year, in the career, against an opponent etc..) by rally length. For example: I want to look at the percentage of rallies(length>4) won by Federer against Djokovic in their USO final 2015...
  9. ak24alive

    What conclusions can be drawn from yesterday's Fedovic match?

    Conclusions that can be drawn about ROGI: Bad ones: 1) He is still not confident enough and it shows in his shot selection and how he felt uncomfortable in those tiebreaks which made him rush things up and go for something extra instead of the slice that was working so well throughout the 3...
  10. ak24alive

    We love you Fedovic!!

    You gotta love these two legends. None of them at their best and what a great match they gave us today. So tense and neck to neck. Absolute respect to both of them. Good luck to Djoker for the final. And hopefully the Fed express continues strong in London. Allez. Idemo.
  11. ak24alive

    Isn't this the first time that all the big3 were no.1 at some point in the year?

    The thread title says it all. It's so befitting that after 15 years of endless war all of them achieved the heights in one season. It's like the Universe claiming that all of them are no.1 in their own right. Now two of them may never return to the pinnacle ever again but this was an incredible...
  12. ak24alive

    A weird but unrealistic scenario

    This is not one of those threads where the OP wants to start a fan war. It's just about a thought I had while looking at the ATP race list so I wanted to post it here. Anyways I noticed that it's still possible for Roger to end as YE#1 even if Novak doesn't play particularly bad. Again as the...
  13. ak24alive

    Tallon Griekspoor News Thread

    No offence to the elders but I am much more a fan of the younger. Introducing Tallon Griekspoor. The future from the beautiful country of Netherlands. Unlike many legends of the game Tallon has conquered Finland(winner of the Tampere Open in Finland) at the very young age of 22. The future is...
  14. ak24alive

    Its not the end

    Cringeworthy fans talking about the end. Its not the end. IT. IS. NOT. IF YOU CAN MEET WITH TRIUMPH AND DISASTER AND TREAT THOSE TWO IMPOSTORS JUST THE SAME... Roger Federer will rise. This is not the end.
  15. ak24alive

    Zverev is out again

    Mischa:( DISGUST
  16. ak24alive

    Golden Quarter

    2nd Quarter is absolutely gold. Pardon me for posting about it so late but I haven't had the time to post about it. Didn't even look at it properly when the draw came out. So many interesting players. So many interesting match ups. Delpo Mury 3rd Tsits Coric 3rd Medvedev Tsits 2nd Tsits Delpo...
  17. ak24alive

    Great serving by Rog

    Wimbledon Male Record for most consecutive points won on serve: 35.
  18. ak24alive

    Zverev will win Wimbledon

    In a parallel universe where it's a Masters 1000 event played on red dirt. Disgust..
  19. ak24alive

    Did you see this epic pic yet?

    It's world cup time and our ATP pros love it Lol :D what a great picture. What team is Fabio supporting here?:p
  20. ak24alive

    The Final Good Luck Thiem Thread

    I ask all of you to come forward this one last time and bless Dominic the last warrior so that he can save tennis or as many want, Finnish the slam race. It is now upto The Dominator to give @vive le beau jeu ! and @Meles the best orgasm of their lives by far. As an Austrian (not really) it...
  21. ak24alive

    Nadal is one of a kind

    Rafael Nadal adopts one tactic to beat players - Patrick Mouratoglou Tennis - Serena Williams's coach analyzed the Spaniard's game MAY 30, 2018 14:45 by LUIGI GATTO | VIEW 2943 Patrick Mouratoglou analyzed Rafael Nadal's tactics on clay, admitting that Nadal's position in return games is...
  22. ak24alive

    Anyone but Zverev

    There was an idea. The idea was to bring together a group of remarkable people, see if they could become something more. See if they could build together a haven for peace and love. A place for old plain simple tennis. A place where there is no hatred for Federer or Nadal. Where @Sabratha and...
  23. ak24alive

    Will we ever see this Beasterer again?

    Roger was just a different beast altogether at IW 2017. Ridiculous Serve, Mind-blowing Backhand, Peak-esque Forehand, some Godly movement, always going for kill mentality, line licking shots, ridiculous volleys and pure 100% confidence made for a monster of no match. That was like Peak...
  24. ak24alive

    What can you do for your favourite pros??

    As a Zverev fan(not really but Fedr)... Amidst this hate wave lets see how your love and loyalty stands. A simple question I ask! What will you do for your favourite pro(s) if need be! Will you give a kidney for them? Will you give an eye? Your life? Yes will you die for them if necessary? Yeah...
  25. ak24alive

    Favourite ttw word

    What is your favourite word which is often used here at ttw? Mine is Vamos. A small 5-letter 2-syllable yet larger than life word. Outside of the dump that is ttw Vamos maybe a simple word but here it almost sacred. Here Vamos expresses all a human has ever felt since the inception of the...
  26. ak24alive

    What if Fed is here??

    What if one fine morning while diving in the deep sea of web Federer came upon a madhouse where live lonely tennis fans desperate for attention (like myself maybe), full of rage, devoit of love and drenched in hatred. The madhouse called talk tennis warehouse. What if he decided to create an...
  27. ak24alive

    Stan the man is back

    Stan the man will be back at Madrid Open. Now this is one man I have faith in. Who do you find solace in these difficult times? This desert of clay is thirsty for a shower of Swiss Milk and as the mighty Fed is serving the third world in Africa the universe now demands his brother to stand up to...
  28. ak24alive

    What is Federer gonna do

    In this post I am gonna ask all the Fed related questions I have been having for the last few days. Now that Roger is on a break for at least 2 months(in case he plays Stuttgart) when is he going to start practicing for the Grass Court season and where?? I know his go-to place is Dubai but not...
  29. ak24alive

    Fed's chances in Miami

    Considering what happened in IW, what are Roger's chances at the title in Miami? With his age and all there are a lot of things to be considered like is he out of gas or are there any back issues etc.. And surely Delpotro is a factor now. I am posting it before the draw gets out just to see how...