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  1. Red Rick

    Rafael Nadal to win the World Tour Finals

    Matteo Berrettini is now 8th in the race to London Courts are practically indoor clay anyway
  2. Red Rick

    Murray receives WC into Shanghai

    Maffick for Muzzerruction
  3. Red Rick

    I can't wait

    For the 2020 Australian Open so I can once again hear Zverev talk about how he's one of the top favorites for the title.
  4. Red Rick

    Feds fabled longevity

    Has now been equalled by RAFA 57 Slams between the first and the last victory for both. Funnily enough they were both at exactly 9 years after RG 2014 Disgust....
  5. Red Rick

    Roddick's toughest loss wasn't Wimbledon 2009

    It was the USO that year. Losing to Isner ffs. Draw was wide open to the semis. He really needed an emphatic win to recover and instead got a soulcrushing loss he never got back from.
  6. Red Rick

    Grigor only won for one reason

    Nobody told him Stan wasnt waiting for him in the semi final
  7. Red Rick

    Medvedev was tired

    We all know it. He even had to play the day before. You can't expect a #nextgen player to put up a fight against a fresh Nadal after playing an hour against Khachanov the day before. Nadal still has to defend a HC tournament against REAL competition
  8. Red Rick

    Rafa won't defend a HC title today

    He won Toronto last year. He's not even playing Toronto this year. I don't understand what the fuss is about Disgust.....
  9. Red Rick

    Montreal semifinal: RAFA vs Monfils

  10. Red Rick

    ATP Cincinnati 2019 R64: Andy Murray vs Richard Gasquet

    2 old bois are back. Bask in Backhand Bliss with me @mightyrick
  11. Red Rick

    Montreal 2019 semifinal: Medvedev vs Khachanov

    Battle of Bullsheet Russian Blyats.
  12. Red Rick

    Cincinnati is the Real Slam confirmed

    Andy Murray playing singles BIG 4 IS BACK TOGETHER AT THE REAL SLAM BOYS
  13. Red Rick

    Alexander Zverev is top 3 on the ATP this year

    In double fault% He is 2nd in the total amount of double faults Only Benoit Paire likes Paire of faults bettaire Discuss or disgust.... @Meles
  14. Red Rick

    Kyrgios the Big Match Player

    His record in Bo5 matches is an astounding 42-27 (60.9%). Compare this to the walking joke that is Alexander Zverev, who's at 33-21. (61.1%) Disgust.....
  15. Red Rick

    Poor Pella.... Destroyed a Wimbledon finalist again... LOL

    Last year he came back from 0-2 in sets to beat Cilic. Last week he asswrecked Anderson, now performed another miracle by breaking down Raonic. Low key Wimbledon Legend. Grass Giant Slayer. Now I'm hungry for some sweet Paella Disgust...
  16. Red Rick

    #nextgen got destroyed again. ROFLMAO

    Tittie pas and Zviraffe future of tennis no?
  17. Red Rick

    Haase: "Practicing on grass is useless"

    "It doesn't make you better. The ball bounces really differently. " He's been preparing by playing on indoor HC lol Disgust...
  18. Red Rick

    All hail grass tennis

    The most entertaining tennis in the world.
  19. Red Rick

    Grass isn't for cows

    It's also not for tennis It's for football apparently Disgust.....
  20. Red Rick

    Grigor Dimitrov is the youngest active player

    To have made the Wimbledon semis. He's 28. The only other 90's players to have made the Wimbly semi's are Milos Raonic and Jerzy Janowicz. Disgust......
  21. Red Rick

    Fedalovic fans, there is only one enemy here

    And it's some rainy bois. They have a great matchup with Stuck in 80s Roland Garros
  22. Red Rick

    Poor Federer and Del Potro. Got destroyed again.... LOL

    @Federer and Del Potro
  23. Red Rick

    Interesting parallel between Federer and Zverev

    When typing like a normal person on a normal keyboard you type both names with only the left hand. Discuss/Disgust.....