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  1. Gamma Tech

    "Hello" from the new Gamma Tech

    Hello everyone. I'm sorry for the downtime from Gamma Tech on the Forum. My name is John and yes, I'm the new guy that has replaced Bret. He left very big shoes to fill, so be gentle. But I'm getting settled in and will try to offer suggestions and opinions when possible. What I don't know...
  2. Gamma Tech

    Bret as GAMMA Tech Resigning

    Hi All, I wanted to personally (as an internet post can be) let all of you know that i've resigned from GAMMA as of Dec 31, 2011. I'm moving on to a position working w/ railroad products. It has been good getting to know some of you over the years. Thank you for helping me out w/ posts and...
  3. Gamma Tech

    GAMMA Attending the 2010 GSS Symposium in Orlando

    Hi All, just wanted to let you know that GAMMA Sports will be at the GSS Symposium Oct 9-12th. My boss will be there the 9 & 10th and i will be arrive later on Oct 10th thru the 12th. we will have a 8800-6pt, 5003-6pt SC, Progression Els & Racquet Test Center on display along w/ many other...
  4. Gamma Tech

    Gamma's New Braking System

    Hi all, i just wanted to let you know that all of the machines shipping from the GAMMA warehouse now have the new gear brake system. We made the changes due to customer suggestion/complaint about the brake not holding well enough especially for the Prince O3 racquets. it is on the 8800, 6900...
  5. Gamma Tech

    GAMMA Spring Tensioner- black metal hang down piece (do-hickey)

    I've had questions (2 today) about the thin black piece of metal that hangs from the bottom of the Spring Tensioner. If you rotate it 90 degrees forwards or backwards and tilt the tensioner up in the front it allows you to move the tensioner on the track w/o engaging the teeth. so if you were...
  6. Gamma Tech

    Phone Message for Gamma Tech

    which TW member left a phone message for me on friday afternoon BUT didn't leave a call back name or number? thanks bret
  7. Gamma Tech

    Gamma Clamp Exploded Picture - Quick & Switch Action

    Hi All, here are pictures of the current Gamma base clamps hopefully to settle some of the arguments on different description of parts & clamps. Quick Action Base Clamp (MQAC) - found on table tops, 5003, 5800 & 6500. Switch Action Base Clamp (MSAC) - found on 6004 & 8800. they...
  8. Gamma Tech

    FYI: Gamma Tech on vacation

    Just to let everybody know i will be on vacation from 5/4/07-5/21/07. if you have any small issues or general questions you can email me and I will get back to once I get back. if you have an emergency my co-workers will be covering for me but not looking on the message board. thanks, bret
  9. Gamma Tech

    New GAMMA 6-PT & 2-PT Self-Centering Mounting System FAQ’s

    I’ve been following all of you questions about the New Self-Centering TT & Mounting systems. I’ve been trying to work on the manuals and haven’t had time to respond to all of your individual questions so hopefully this post will address them all. There are 2 different turntables; one is...
  10. Gamma Tech

    USRSA Article about lockout vs. constant pull

    here is a link to an article from the USRSA about lockout and constant pull machines. helpful this will help everybody. bret
  11. Gamma Tech

    Gamma Machines Shipping Weights & Dimensions

    Here is a link to the dimensions and weights of the Gamma machines. I thought I had posted this before but I couldn't find it doing a search. bret
  12. Gamma Tech

    Gamma Machine Manufacture

    I have read through the threads regarding this topic and I can only speak on behalf of Gamma machines. All GAMMA machines are produced by a factory in Taiwan that GAMMA has partnered with for nearly 15 years. After working with OEM suppliers in Taiwan for much of the '80's, about 15 years ago...
  13. Gamma Tech

    Differences between Gamma X-Stringers & Progression Mach

    I will try to post information that I think is useful now and also later if somebody is doing a search. X-Stringers have anodized extruded aluminum bases with drawers versus cast aluminum bases covered with polystyrene for the Progression machines. X-Stringers have anodized extruded...
  14. Gamma Tech

    Hi from Gamma Sports Stringing Machine Engineer

    Hi, I would like to introduce myself to everybody on the board or more specifically the stringing machine forum. My name is Bret and I am an engineer working for Gamma Sports with the stringing machines. My purpose on the board is to answer any questions you might have about our machines...