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    Medvedev will be world #1 in 2020

    Not sure if it's a bold prediction or not but the way he is playing right now he is on track to get to world #1 next year and his style is sustainable. He can get to #1 without even winning a slam lol. All he has to do is go deep in every tournament.
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    US Open court speed

    Mary Joe Fernandez just said on ESPN NEWS that courts are playing faster than last year. I am watching the Young vs Jung match and it looks like a medium hard court to me. If I have to take a guess the CPI would be around 36. Of course it's not a show court but last year was slower than normal...
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    Should this be used as a legitimate strategy?

    1. It's legal. 2. You win the point. 3. You force the opponent to stay back which increases your chance. 4. This was just a 75 mph serve and it was unintentional, many players can easily do this at 130 mph and perhaps injure the opponent as well which is like a double bonus. Discuss.
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    Cincinnati- RIP court level view

    With the new south building the TV cameras have gone up considerably and the old court level view will no longer be there. In fact, I think the current view is slightly higher than most tournaments. Old view New view
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    Shot clock observation

    I watched the second set of the Zverev Tsitsipas match (it was my first tennis match since Wimbledon semis) and the umpire wasn't really starting the shot clock immediately after a point. He was constantly taking a few seconds before starting the clock. The players effectively had almost 30 secs...
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    Bold Prediction: Djokovic will....

    get back to #1 rank in 2019, provided he remains injury free.
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    Would the 25 sec shot clock be actually counterproductive?

    With the introduction of the shot clock, the average time taken between points has become meaningless. At present, players who like to take their time between points still stay around the 25 sec average mark. They do go over 25 secs after long points and on important points but to keep the...
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    Djokovic's NCYGS should get more appreciation

    I am not a Djokovic fan but people hardly recognize this amazing achievement. If Federer had a NCYGS it would have been considered greater than Laver's two CYGS (3 surfaces vs 2) and it would have featured right at the top of Federer's achievements but I hardly see anyone talking about...
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    Is Federer the fittest athlete ever?

    I am dumbfounded by what I have seen this year. Does this guy ever get tired? People used to talk about Nadal and Djokovic's stamina. Federer at 35 seems to have more stamina than Nadal and Djokovic at 30 and 29. Hats off!
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    New Australian Open logo poll

    I personally hate it. Why did they have to ruin that iconic logo? :mad: Both logos side by side you decide.
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    Impossible to hit through Djokovic here

    After watching the Berdych match, it is clear that despite the scheduling screw up, the conditions are favoring Djokovic a lot. The courts are not slippery at all as they would be in sunny conditions, so he is even sliding into shots like he does on hard courts. That and slow conditions are...
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    Credit must be given to Djokovic

    Anyone who has been following tennis for a while can see how much his rivals, especially Nadal and Federer have declined. In fact most of the guys in the top 20 are past their primes. Even dangerous floaters like Tsonga etc have declined massively. However we must not forget that Djokovic...
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    I am feeling similiar to

    how I felt before the Wimbledon 2012 semi final between Federer and Djokovic. Djokovic was the #1 player, he was in the final of 4 previous slams, winning 3 of them losing only the French and he was the clear favorite in that game; same as now. It was indoors (there is a strong chance of that...
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    Djokovic's name is not on the Wimbledon trophy

    They ran out of space in 2008. R.Nadal is the last name on the actual trophy. They added a new detachable plinth in 2009 and started engraving names there. Kinda sad if you're Djokovic. :( Discuss It's just not the same, here is Djokovic holding the trophy without his name on it. :(
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    I love the banter

    on this forum. Keep it going. It is quite friendly. Also don't judge me as I am drunk looooool. :):twisted::( :?:-|