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    Why no World Team Mic ups on the sideline?

    Does anyone have any? So Pro Europe but of course that has to be expected. Also Im assuming its difficult to translate Australian to Canadian to English back and forth would need subtitles or professional translator.
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    Why Serena is a victim if her own success and why she is the GOAT

    If you watch the match you see that Andreescu is not deferential to Serena at no point in the match. She has no respect for her on the court(only off). Shes screaming, shouting and celebrating as she pleases. A lot of this seems to be a product of her being a huge fan of Serena. And you gotta...
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    How did Medvedev survive in no mans land

    Admittedly I only watched a couple of his matches but he seemed to anticipate and move extremely well in no mans land for many points. Dont think I ever seen a 6 6 guy move so well like that. Wonder if this is a trend once people see his success
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    What did Medvedev say to Rafa at the end?

    Did they mention in the presser? Looks like Medvedev apologized for something. This is maybe why players lose to big3 guys. They respect them too much
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    Why do these weird touching rules exist?

    Why does touching the net result in a loss point? Can someone explain the significance of it? Is it to discourage someone to reach over the net? Cant understand that either - why that is that bad. Also why does the ball touching a body part result in a lost point? Wouldnt it be fun if a player...
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    Is Tiger the new Rafa?

    : @usopen | #USOpen
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    Tsitsipas calling out french people as weirdos

    Stefanos, Stefanos, Stefanos you have much to learn. This may come back to bite you more than Nick and his comment under his breath in the Warwrinka match. But in the meantime I guess Monfils or Mahut wont be playing doubles. I think there is real Nick 2.0 potential here. But if he can be just...
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    Jenson brooksby?

    The kid just took out berdman. Has anyone seen him play? Any good or just another overhyped american junior. Yes hes the same age as FAA but for the US up and comers even a 23 yr old is something to get excited about.
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    Sock telling Federer he is not smooth

    I know this is old and probably a joke but seemed to be a slight pinge of saltiness/shade in Socks voice thrown Feds way
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    Jung Beats DY at US open qualies

    Great match- was mostly on ESPN, altho they did go away to another match during a tiebreak which was so typical of them. I think this really hurts DY as he wont play in a major at all this year first time in about 10 years IIRC Jung on the other hand has Jiri Vesely up next. No idea why he is...
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    Who is invited to Nadal's wedding?

    Guy is pretty popular I would think he invites all the Spaniard players and has at least has a couple tables for them in the back. He would probably invite all the top guys as well, I guess Novak would be the biggest question. But all the other top guys he seems very chummy with. If he had a...
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    Kyrgios received coaching during the match

    Here is the proof.
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    Boris Johnson’s tennis skills

    At least a 5.5? What you guys think? He got that open stance and eyes on the ball with his head still. Should be able to make it to the 3rd round of Wimbledon
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    The more Djokovic wins the more he is hated

    I know this is nothing new, pretty much since 2012 this has been the case. But wanted to know if the latest win brought all the haters to yet another level.
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    Match stats from RF/Nole 2019 Final

    Insane. More point won by Federer and almost 2x the winners.
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    Nada graduation speech

    Not a bad speech by Rafa. But He refers to bad people and to stay away from them. I wonder who he is referring to? Rosol, Soderling and Darcis?
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    Which player would benefit most from a long tennis layoff?

    With Barty winning the FO its clear that taking time off from tennis really does help in certain cases. There have been others as well such as Agassi that led to a lot of success. Nadal also has taken long stretches off(due to injury). Which player would benefit the most from taking a long...
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    Novak overhead solved

    Watch out people
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    Matches where the loser won more points?

    Does anyone have a list of matches where the loser has won more points? 2008 Wimbledon was obviously the most popular one and I know Fed and Rafa have been involved in many of these by virtue of playing so many matches and also Fed getting a lot of four point games on his serve Thanks
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    Tennis live radio on Roland Garros app

    Ive seen this year over year on the RG app. Has anyone ever tried to listen to tennis on a radio? What is it even like? Is it like better on radio like baseball or is it worse? Have I been missing out this whole time? Do they talk during the points or only in between?
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    Who are the players signed by Federer and Nadals agency?

    If you remember about 5 years ago Federer/Godsick and Nadal/Costa launched their own agency to sign pros. Does anyone know their client list? Have heard these so far Federer: Del potro Grigor(left last year) Coco Gauff Nadal: Pico Monaco(retired) Christian Garin(has since left) Anyone know?
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    What are the unwritten rules of ATP/WTA?

    What are the unwritten rules of pro tennis? Thought about this due to baseball and how dumb their unwritten rules are, like no bunting on a no hitter, no bat flips, dont take more than a minute to round the bases on a HR, retaliation by plunking of breaking the unwritten rules . Anyway, What are...
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    How many points does Federer have to defend for clay?

    Zero! Any chance he is #1 by YE as a 38 yr old? Has anyone done the scenarios and the math with Nadal, Djokovic and Sasha in the 3 spots above?
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    Who is the equivalent of Su-Wei- Hsieh on ATP?

    Now that Santoro is gone who is the equivalent of Su-Wei on the mens side
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    Why does Federer lose almost every practice match

    When you watch many of his sparring sessions on youtube he seems to lose most of them. Of course most videos dont show the full set but you can tell hes behind in many. Saw him at the USO a few times live and he was not himself in many of those as well. He does seem to slice more and play more...
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    20 “Thug life” tennis shots

    Simply amazing
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    For those that hate Nick Kyrgios...

    If any other player did what he is doing the press would remark on how smart he is, what a great tactician, he wants to win so bad, he is doing everything he can to win, guy is overachieving etc. So to say he is cheap with the underhand serve I think is unfair to him Santoro basically played...
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    If Nadal played in the smaller outer courts

    How different is Nadals record if he plays on a non stadium size court. On the outer courts he really cant stand that far back on the return and its less room for him to run to get that sharp angle serve. Yes of course he would adjust and learn eventually but I just wonder how much different...
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    Nick destroying Rafa second serve

    Nick put Rafa’s second serve down his throat at least a few times last night and most famously in Wimbledon that year in the 4th round. Why cant more players do this. Is it because they “respect” Rafa too much? Its gotta be mental to a degree because other players can def hit just as hard as...
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    17 Year old Challenger winner Jannik Sinner

    We have another young challenger winner at 17. Jannik Sinner, has anyone seen him play? Whats his game and does he have promise? Yes he could definitely be Clezar winning a challenger at 17 or he could be Nadal ripping thru the tour at 17 and grabbing titles at Segovia and Bartaletta most...