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    Is a Net Strap Too Much To Ask For?

    So at districts today, the LC sent us out to play on a court with no net strap. I went to tell him and get another court, and he said it's OK, they measured the net and it was the right height. Seriously? You don't think it matters if the court doesn't have a net strap for a playoff match? Would...
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    Middle States 4.5 Sectionals This match is the difference between the top two teams in the MS 18+ 4.5 sectionals. What a roller coaster of emotions that match had to be.
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    UTR Customer Service Willfully Incompetent

    So this weekend, I played a 4.5 match against a younger guy who I know played for a local high school and recently played in college. I thought it would be interesting to see what his UTR is when the match was added and how that affected mine since he should have all kinds of non-USTA experience...
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    Funny NTRP Story

    So, I'm a captain of a 4.0 team in NJ. My co-captain met a guy this weekend who was interested in playing and invited him to come to practice with us last night. He was pretty good, so we decided to sign him up and have him play. Today I get a message from the co-captain today that the guy's...
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    Most Teams?

    What is the most teams you've ever seen a player register for in a single year? I was looking up a guy I didn't recognize from the last time I paid attention to 4.0, and he was on 33 different teams in 2017. How is it even possible to manage all that?
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    4.0 40+ Nationals

    Middle States on to the semis.
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    Middle States Early Start Ratings

    Bumped. Good riddance to 4.0.
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    Congrats, Chay

    Jersey strong, man.
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    How good is a 5-star 12-year-old?

    So, I'm playing the local tournament that I play every year. They have Open, A, and B draws. "A" is defined as 4.0-4.5 ("B" is 3.5 or lower), although it's not an official NTRP tournament because a bunch of local (mostly high school) kids play as well, and they obviously have no NTRP rating...
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    Rule Question

    I was playing a doubles match yesterday and the opponents mishit a volley with a ton of side & backspin that bounced on the sideline on our side about a foot or two from the net then bounced back to their side of the court wide of the net post. The question is, could I run past the net to their...
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    Once again, the folly of the 0.5 NTRP = 6-0 6-0

    On Saturday, I played in a local inter-club league. This is an open level league with 4 doubles lines per match. The top teams have 5.0 and high 4.5 caliber players. I play for the "B" team for my local club, which is 4.5 and high 4.0 level, and we're in the lower tier of the league. I was...
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    League Shenanigans? You Make The Call

    In our 40+ league, the league coordinator is also a captain, a captain of a very good team that many consider the "favorite" to win our league. On Saturday, my team went to their courts and beat them. Suddenly, today, I received an email from the district coordinator (who is in charge of...
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    Handicap the Middle States USNOP Men's Singles event

    OK, so the MS US Open qualifier is just around the corner. Here is a quick rundown of the top players. Anyone want to take a stab at who gets the spot? My money is on Kryvonos, although no one is as good as Nathan Healey 2 years ago...
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    TCNJ Tennis Player Missing If anyone has any information, contact the police above. I hope this is all just a misunderstanding.
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    dizzl, good luck in districts this weekend

    Good luck man (in DE and NJ...). Of course, after the whole season, it was our match in April that cost my team the league and kept us out of districts. We were clearly overmatched against you guys, so it's hard to be upset about losing that one, but losing in a 3-2 match always bothers the...
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    Rules Question - Racquet Spin

    If you win the racquet spin, are you allowed to choose the side you play on instead of choosing to serve or return? Or are you only allowed to choose whether to serve or return? I could not find an answer to this in the FAC.
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    Don't apologize too quickly.

    I had a somewhat surreal moment in a USTA doubles match this afternoon. When I see an opponent preparing to hit an overhead, I don't run from it. Rather I try to read/guess where he's going to hit it and get there to try to get a racquet on it. So my partner throws up a somewhat short lob and...
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    USTA League residency radius question

    I have become aware recently of a national grievance against a team from this area where another team is alleging that the team in question should not be allowed to play in a league because none of the players live within a certain radius of the club. Has anyone ever heard of such a rule...
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    County singles championship tournament semis...

    I'm in it. LOL. Feel the wrath of the 4.0 #1 singles, Mercer County, feel the wrath...
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    Question about self-rating strikes

    I'm hoping someone knows the answer to this. Can matches that were played early in a season become strikes later in the season if the dynamic ratings of the players involved change? For example, suppose player A and player Z are both self-rated. Z plays a match that is a borderline strike in...
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    Kids, kids everywhere, AAAAAAAAAAAAAARGHHHHHH

    One of the unintended consequences of the mass bump ups that I've seen this year is an influx of high school and college kids into the 4.0 ranks to replace the stronger adults that are now gone. It's like the winning captains have exhausted their list of adults who can get them to districts and...
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    So I broke a ball yesterday.

    I was playing a playoff match in a local league that I am in, and I was playing just horrible making UFEs all over the court and getting killed. Down 1-6 0-2, I was so angry about it that I just reared back and let loose on a first serve. It was out, but after the point, the other guy was like...
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    Played a pusher last night and ...

    All of you who say pushers suck couldn't be more wrong. Of course, I was the last court playing, and it was so bad that, at one point, my teammates started counting the shots in our rallies. In one, they counted 57. FIFTY-SEVEN. The guy wasn't going for anything, but anybody who can run down...
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    4.0 M visiting Scottsdale, AZ 3/13-3/20 - looking to play

    Anyone in AZ interested in hitting during that week? I'll be in Scottsdale on vacation during my son's Spring Break and would like to set up a match while out there. I'm a 4.0 level player in NJ. Thanks.
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    Need advice on ankle brace and/or shoes

    So last night, I rolled my ankle to the outside pretty good. It's a little swollen and sore this morning, but I can walk on it (or at least hobble), so I don't think there is anything serious wrong with it (I actually was able to finish out the set, although clearly not at 100% mobility, before...