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    Can we just appreciate...

    How hot Hantuchova still is? Do you see dem legs? :love:
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    Khachanov with Head

    Swinging what looks like a Speed PJ down under
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    Struff with Head

    Sporting a new Extreme PJ. No idea what that really is though.
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    Zverev will get to #1 next year

    I'll lean out of the proverbial window and predict that one of my least favorite players on tour will reach the pinnacle of the rankings next year, displacing Djokovic. That's all folks. Thx for dropping by, pls check out my soundcloud @ fmlidontwantzverevat1 . You'll find my fire trak...
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    LOL no wonder Rog left Nike

    What is this? WHAT IS THIS?!?! LOOOOL You've got tennis shirts looking like Pokemon, I'd be running for cover too rather than wearing this :D
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    What happened to Fog's head

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    "He wants attention or what?"

    "He wants attention or what does he need?" Nice that you should ask, but I think all he wants is less abuse from ye. Snobbish entitled brat, Who gave you the right to speak like that? Little know-it-all but know-no-manners, High expectations but got no standards. Yet you talk down to others...
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    STW’s Tier One Strings Playtest Thread

    many thanks to the awesome guys at @TierOneSportsOfficial I had ordered a set of three of their offerings that interested me, yet got a full demo pack! As a thank you from my side, I’ll try to post some detailed reviews of the strings as I play them (as promised). All strings are either 1,23 or...
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    Best tennis gif of 2018 so far

    Rofl :D
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    Wilson Kaos 2.0 FST

    Hey guys, Just saw that TWE has this new shoe on offer, and it seems rather interesting. However, I can't find much information on it in terms of performance, durability, fit, etc. and I generally like to inform myself before buying any shoes. Will you get these shoes in stock and test...
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    Nishikori changed his service motion

    Don't have time for analysis or anything right now, will revisit.
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    The real tuffest draw

    all right ladies and gents, trolls and fanbois, pearls and swine (@NatF )... get in line to see who has the true hardest draw you n00bs! A tennysplayer from a tennysfamily, once a tennys journeyman playing tennys in qualies, now playing tennys to beat top 10s in Aussie heat - the man, the...
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    We need more Auckland....

    ... Camera angles. The camera angles at the event are better than the vast majority on tour (slightly lower it seems to me at least), especially the occasional switch to a court level perspective. Excellent match by the way.
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    How bad is Zverev's net game?

    Vote and discuss.
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    Extending Head racquets through pallet use?

    So I’ve removed the pallets of my Flexpoint Rad Tour (which was a lot easier than I thought by the way). I’ve got other pallets on the way, and my question is, can I cut these current pallets to length, cut the tip of the newer pallets too (so there’s no groove) and attach the pallets so that...
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    Eminem uses Revive!

    It's here.... OR Discuss!...
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    Hearsay: Thiem going the Grigolo route

    Now an item with Mladenovic. Heard through personal contacts that know the team, not too sure about the veracity though
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    Help me out y'all

    Stalking two bay offers. 2 Flexpoint Prestige MP XL and 2 Wilson Hammer 6.1 Stretch. Aye or nay
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    Ungodly frames on the internet

    Share your ugliest finds. The following garish golden Wilson profile with a rainbow stringjob inspired this thread, you’d catch me dead before I hit the courts with this thing:
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    What is this Prestige Mid?

    Certainly not the Prestige Mid I’m accustomed to, that string pattern is rather unique... Edit: no, they’re not mine!
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    Rafa the true moral victor of WTF

    1:12 It was Rafa’s friendship and his boat (but really the latter)!
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    Calculating pure first serve strength and reliance (attempt)

    So I saw the ATPs Serve Rating Stats and thought I'd try my hand at creating my own metrics and comparing the values (how the f does the ATP calculate its almost arbitrary metric anywho?!). I used data from the ATP site - to be precise, the data shown on the stats leaderboard(s). Now, to...
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    “Cause the hat is the obvious reason”

    I still don’t like you, but well done lad LOL :D
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    Talking diet and healthcare

    So I listened to this podcast while commuting today. Haven’t had the time to check the veracity of all of the claims within (I’m sure there’s at least something questionable, as always with these topics), but it certainly was interesting and raised some points I hadn’t considered before...
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    Nishikori using a 27.7" frame? Can't say I thought it was THAT long! :eek:
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    Free will and determinism, aye?

    What say you? Do we have free will, or no? Must we be deterministic, or no? Compatibilism or non-compatibilism? Where do you stand on the issue? I’m agnostic about it, I’m a cheap copout lol
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    Spin friendly dense string patterns

    It’s a bit of a modern fad to have very open string patterns that make it easier to play with a lot of spin due to a lot of string movement mainly... However, there are dense string patterns that produce surprising amounts of spin, though with superior control and a more manageable launch angle...