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  1. Steve Williams

    Hybrid stiffness question

    It seems agreed that the playing characteristics of a hybrid setup reflect the main string but are tempered by the cross. I have a question about stiffness of the string bed as a whole with each option and the resulting shock to the arm. Would a poly/multi setup be stiffer than a multi/poly if...
  2. Steve Williams

    Isospeed Cream 1.23

    Hi there I notice that Tennis Warehouse has Isospeed 1.23 tennis strings on order. (due May 9th). Would you be able to stock that string too as well as the 1.28 you currently offer. I'm after multiple packets or even a reel if that is possible. The main TW site doesn't seem to do reels in the...
  3. Steve Williams

    Zenzo Shimizu Apparel

    I like this guy's style
  4. Steve Williams

    The nature and value of sport (including tennis)

    I thought this article was interesting and I think I agree with the writer on the main points. Any thoughts?
  5. Steve Williams

    Court surfaces

    Hello all I'm not sure whether court surfaces should be classed as equipment but here goes. Has anyone any experience of playing on a plastic Swiss-Flex court? How might it compare with carpet. My club is looking for an easy-maintenance and joint-friendly surface. Swiss Flex...
  6. Steve Williams

    Old racquet specs

    Does anyone know the specification of an old racquet, especially head size, flex, material (eg graphite) and balance The raquet is: Prince CTS synergy 24 I had one until recently (I lost it!) and want to get something similar. The head size seemed to be about 98 sq in, though I'm not...
  7. Steve Williams

    KSWISS preventor

    Does Tennis Warehouse still stock the KSwiss preventor shoe? I cound't find them in your KSwiss stock list. I looked on the KSwiss website too and couldn't find them there either.