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  1. SpinToWin

    Clash 98: underrated racquet of 2019.

    Urgh I was trying to look for excuses NOT to try the 98 after liking the 100, you’re doing this wrong guys!
  2. SpinToWin

    help me with find thin beam

    Pop on serve, a big head, and a thin beam? You can't have it all man. The first two Speeds would fit the bill I think, but those were some stiff frames. Not sure about Head's new Gravity, though that may be worth a look?
  3. SpinToWin

    US Open SF : (5) Daniil Medvedev vs Grigor Dimitrov

    I feel like he’s trolling me on this matter. You stop believing in him and then he makes a GS SF, but start believing in him and he’ll somehow lose all matches and draw Wawrinka in R1 of every damn tourney smh
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    The gut/poly thread

    Eh depends on the frame and your preferences. 1.25 is a healthy starting point from which you can adjust though
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    Another tough Slam for Novak

    It is a mystery why players other than the big 3 have not yet retired. Don't they see that they are insignificant?
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    Another tough Slam for Novak

    Time is a myth. Form is a myth. Every Big 4 is peak big 4. If Murray got a wild card and faced Fed in round 1, that'd automatically be the hardest R1 eva. Fed's hardest early round at a slam was when he faced a really young Djokovic at the AO one year.
  7. SpinToWin does Federer beat Djokovic?

    Serve well, take the ball early to take time away, attack the net occasionally, change the pace if it ends up being effective on the day. We all know the drill by now, and the two players in question especially so. There's no real secrets here, whoever performs better on the day will take it.
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    Nadal looks scary

    I love the not so subtle hint that this is a “Born Again” previously banned poster. Welcome back, will be SUCH a shame to see you go again soon lol
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    Are Grigor Dimitrov fans masochists?

    Surviving. Barely. My psychiatrist has locked me out lest he loses his mind as well
  10. SpinToWin

    Are Grigor Dimitrov fans masochists?

    Bump. Discuss/disgust
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    Can we just appreciate...

    True, what’s up man? Studies are burying me in workload, so I’ve largely tuned out from here to cope unfortunately
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    Can we just appreciate...

    How hot Hantuchova still is? Do you see dem legs? :love:
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    How to customize wilson clash 100? Please help

    Depends on you. I have 6g at 12 and that’s it. Works like a charm for me
  14. SpinToWin

    OK, I also want a 100mph serve! Suggestions please

    Right. That’s exactly what you should be doing for now. try keeping your arm loose and “launching” your right shoulder into the court. It should feel like your arm is releases into contact somewhat like a whip. Another image that might help is a baseball pitch - though you will do the notion...
  15. SpinToWin

    OK, I also want a 100mph serve! Suggestions please

    Ball toss. Inconsistent as all hell, you keep adjusting your body in response and hence it looks like you’re arming the serve rather often. Fix that and then you can start thinking about speeding up the rest of the motion. One thing that helps: first serve while standing. Don’t jump or lean...
  16. SpinToWin

    Reasonable swingweight?

    Reasonable depends on the player. I myself struggle playing against good players with anything under 330. The higher it gets the harder the timing becomes in turn. The swingweight thus should be hefty enough that you don’t find yourself pushed around, yet whippy enough to maintain good timing...
  17. SpinToWin

    Any News ~ Wilson Ultra Tour (Open Pattern)

    Have you tried dropping the tension with livelier polys?
  18. SpinToWin

    The gut/poly thread

    I’d say stick with YPTP in the cross. You can do much worse. Tonic 15L+ will last significantly longer than a multi main. If I got 2 hours or less out of multi/poly I got around 8 hours out of gut/poly. Hard to say how it will fair for you, but I think it’s fair to expect around 20 hours at...
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    Was Thiem tired?

    Thiem was tired by the third set and it’s his own fault for making the semis as hard on himself as he did.
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    Official Wilson Clash thread

    That said, I have related worries. I tried dropping the tension to 23kg, which worked fine at the start but made me lose control once the tension settled I found. 24kg worked better. And then I agree that this frame goes through strings quicker than others. So I’m waiting for the 98 to come...
  21. SpinToWin

    Official Wilson Clash thread

    Snapping faster and wearing out faster signals MORE string movement to me rather than less as you imply.
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    So either some machine needs calibration or the variance on swingweights is craaaaaazy
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    This is a tease to XL frame users if I’ve ever seen one.
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    The gut/poly thread

    Then I guess you’ll appreciate a livelier string that’ll make the gut bite more. I found 4G was a low powered option that added bite, while Lynx was a more lively option that did the same. YMMV though. Hope it helps anyhow :)
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    Official Wilson Clash thread

    The Wilson Featherthin grip is the lightest grip I have found. It may make the grip feel thinner though. But if that doesn’t work, nothing will.
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    Your greatest WORST string of all time is...

    Head Master or what the hell that basic poly was called. No feel, no control, no spin, ****ing horrible
  27. SpinToWin

    The gut/poly thread

    Hm not sure how it’d pair with the PL Rough tbh. In general, it’s rather hard to predict how hybriding two strings will end up. What was it about the hybrid with Max Power you didn’t like?
  28. SpinToWin

    Looking for a string recommendation

    Kirschbaum Black Shark sort of fits the bill.