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    Slam Title Streaks in OE to Fall First?

    6 at Roland Garros, because Nadal will have broken it himself by 2022 o_O
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    Tennis_pro averages almost 2 posts per day about Berrettini

    Bitterballen are the hoogtepunt of this already amazing thread.
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    Wedding of the Century :)

    Seriously man? Pathetic remark. The OP can fuss over whatever he likes. Maybe you shouldn't fuss over what guys or girls fuss, or should fuss, over.
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    Murray plans break from comeback

    You may want to rearrange those boxes now and then. :) Anyway, wow. Third one already, didn't even know they had a second child. He clearly wants to one-up the Federers in terms of reproduction.
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    Djokovic's signature shot

    There are no Rafa-bashing threads on the first page, Oh Insecure One.
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    Nadal skips Shanghai

    What? Any guy who wins two slams in a season is deserving of a YE#1.
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    Nadal skips Shanghai

    People already hand the YE#1 to Nadal, but I think Djoko still has a decent chance if he remains healthy. If he ends up having his usual great fall season, he could do it. He does have a lot of points to defend, but Nadal doesn't have many opportunities to gain points with his schedule and he...
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    GOAT is fictional thing - says Roger

    Next time old Fedr better read up on this topic here on TW before talking about it in another interview so he may offer a more thorough list of every little necessary accomplishment that he now so arrogantly skipped!
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    Peaky Blinders

    Just started with this series last Monday and try to watch an episode every night. I've seen three so far and it's absolutely amazing. I heard good things about it, but it's even better than I expected.
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    What is the biggest slam finale loss of a heavy favourite in the Open Era?

    I have only watched tennis since around Wimbledon 2003 (after seeing all the news about my countryman Verkerk making the RG final and seeing bits of that against Ferrero), so I can't really say anything about the years before. But I voted Safin, Fed and Coria. Safin's final I didn't see, but...
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    Balanced slam distribution is better? Think again

    Of course it is an amazing achievement, it's ridiculous even. I don't think anyone would dispute that.
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    Balanced slam distribution is better? Think again

    Nobody thinks that, because that means you have seven fewer slams. People tend to use at least the same number of slams to argue stuff like distribution, whether you agree with it or not. 5-5-5-5 sounds better because it means you basically beat the field in all possible conditions of that time...
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    Nadal's Eulogy was written by many after the AO final.....

    I do feel that again the draw helped him out a bit this year. I don't mean that in the sense of "lol no top 25 player, vulture" or "baghdatis lol, vulture", but I feel he has shown better personal levels in his previous title runs (and to make it fair, yes Fed was also helped at AO 2018 and...
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    Who Has The Greatest Name In Tennis History?

    Juan Carlos Ferrero Rocher Fernando Tabasco/Fiasco Tina Pisnik Anna Smashnova
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    How to put Fognini in his place

    Yes, he wants some more from Zed! And I also notice Thiem's approving little smile next to Fog as he inches a little closer hoping he can get some too.
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    How to put Fognini in his place

    Absolutely B. Look at Fabio smiling after that! He loves it.
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    Nadal/Fognini Relationship

    Also had a moment in Hamburg 2015:
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    Which is more mind-boggling? Nole is a 5-time Wimbledon champion or Nadal is a 4-time Us Open champion?

    Djokovic being a 5-time Wimbledon champion. Seems more logical that he should be a 5-time US Open champion and 3-time Wimbledon champion instead of the other way around. Guess he slightly overperformed at Wimby maybe and underperformed at Flushing.
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    Will Nadeul be remembered as having a greater forehand and volley than Feydorer ?

    Forehands are about the same, they work very differently and have different strengths and weaknesses. But I never got that stuff about Nadal being a better volleyer. Just because McEnroe spewed that once or something? I mean, I don't think Fed's a perfect volleyer but he goes for far more...
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    Nadal winning another Wimbledon or Federer getting #21

    Considering Nadal has only one chance every year to win Wimbledon, which is on probably still his worst surface, and #21 can be achieved at every slam, chances notwithstanding, Fed's 21 is more likely. However, neither are very likely at this point, even if both have been very close to achieving...
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    Rank Nadal's best clay seasons level-wise from 2005 to 2019.

    This is really difficult. Most of his clay seasons are copycats consisting of two M1000's titles, Barcelona and RG. These include 2005, 2007, 2008, 2012, 2013, 2017 and 2018. 2006 and 2010 he went unbeaten, and in 2011, 2014 and 2019 he had 1 M1000 and RG (although 2011 also includes Barcelona)...
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    Djokovic vs Borg - Who is the better grass court player?

    Borg as for pure grass game. But Djokovic is an amazing Wimbledon player. And yeah he didn't do great in 2016-2017, but still won four out of the last six, so that's still a reasonably dominant stretch. I never thought Djokovic was so successful at Wimby purely because he loves grass so much...
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    Novak Djokovic is the Rowan Atkinson of tennis

    Oh em gee I c wut u did ther. :cool:
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    Confession Time

    I confess, I pretended to be sick yesterday morning when work called me to substitute for another colleague because at that moment I was walking towards a roller coaster.
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    When will Djokodal fans fight against each other?

    They'll never fight. There is no need, because either Nadal or Djokovic can fulfill the true needs of many (not all!) of these fans: Federer not winning and not having records. If Nadal is closest, just become a Nadal fan. If Djokovic is on a roll, all support to Nole. And if they can work...
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    Do you see Nadal winning one more US Open title?

    Yes, but honestly, I think the fact there is such a big difference in his AO and USO titles is just bad luck, not just because he loves the USO specifically. Had he faced similar draws as the last two US Opens (not using this as an excuse to downgrade his wins, in case anyone thinks that) at the...
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    Dimitrov Better than Federer on Slow Hard

    Unfortunately, it really does!
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    So is a Fedal match at the USO destined never to happen?

    Well, no matter what anyone views as a bigger screw up, I'll definitely admit Fed screwed up this potential match more than Rafa overall, who only really screwed up 2008 and 2009 but played redlining opponents in those semi's. Maaaaybe 2006 if you really want to stretch it because he lost to...
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    Dimitrov Better than Federer on Slow Hard

    Like, literally the only thing Fed has over Dimitrov is his hair.
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    US Open 2019 Court Speed Indication Thread

    Since yesterday night, the court is clearly excruciatingly slow again after a decently fast start!